(VIDEO) Give It Time; Eventually, Even Neil Armstrong Will be Villainized

Poor Christopher Columbus. All the poor guy wanted to do was find a quicker route to China, something that would have been advantageous to both the Spanish Empire as well as the Ming Dynasty. Continue reading

Washington State Ferries and School Buses: Vax Mandates Trigger More ‘Sick-Outs’

Biden’s well practiced “tough guy” look.

In all fairness to that idiot Inslee, he’s just taking cues from that idiot Biden…

With the effects of this past weekend’s sick-out by pilots and air traffic controllers at the Jacksonville, Florida, international airport still reverberating as of the time and date of this article, it certainly appears as if sick-outs and work slow-downs are spreading across the nation. Continue reading

Stand Your Ground: Brave Federal Workers Stage ‘Sickout’ to Protest Biden’s JAB Mandates

Nicht mein Führer.

Major disruption. Nearly 2,000 flights cancelled in just two days.

Perhaps proving the power that We The People actually have against unconstitutional dictates emanating from an overreaching central government, an unknown number of pilots and federal workers essentially shutdown north-eastern Florida’s Jacksonville International Airport. Continue reading

(VIDEO) Whooza Goo Boi? Pit Bulls Kill Georgia Home Invader

Caution: Mess with my baby brother at your own risk.

Roughly 20 miles southwest of Atlanta’s outer suburbs, lies rural Coweta County. If Southern Charm, sweet tea, and oppressive summer heat and humidity are your thang, Coweta County could be your own personal Shangri-La. Continue reading

Buried in Official CDC Report; Deaths Amongst the VACCINATED Have DOUBLED

With the rather wordy title of “Monitoring Incidence of COVID-19 Cases, Hospitalizations, and Deaths, by Vaccination Status — 13 U.S. Jurisdictions, April 4–July 17, 2021“, a scholarly article on the official CDC website might make more than a few raise their eyebrows. Continue reading