Despite anti-Israel protests worldwide, a long history of Palestinian terrorism


“The Palestinian terrorists made a point of spraying the child-hostages with machine gun fire and throwing grenades at small groups of little girls huddled together in fear…”

In the backdrop of Israel’s hammering of HAMAS targets in the Gaza Strip, despite of Israel’s success on the battlefield, the Jewish State is arguably getting crushed in the court of public opinion. As reported by the Jewish-centered news portal on July 28, 2014, anti-Israel protests are springing up in Europe as well as here in the United States.

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British Army deploys ‘pocket drones’ in Afghanistan

1-youtubescWhat was born and raised in Scandinavia, loved by the British, and still looked upon with a jaundiced eye by the Americans? No, not the latest incarnation of Ace of Base or ABBA, but the latest in military robotics; the so-called pocket drone.  As reported by Fox News and also by Russia Today, both on July 26, 2014, our British allies have taken a Norwegian bit of technology and already successfully deployed the ultra-miniature spy helicopter to the battlefield in South-Central Asia.
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In backdrop of Gaza War, the intra-Muslim war rages on

13183319794_681232c493_bEgyptian Foreign Minister slams Muslim Brotherhood-friendly Qatar, Turkey of torpedoing Gaza peace plan…

Already tagged as The Gaza War, to many Americans the Israeli Defense Force’s (IDF) air, sea and ground attack into the Gaza Strip very well could be nothing more than the latest chapter in the almost three quarter’s of a century old battle between Israel and her Arab Muslim neighbors. Yet as reported by the pan-Muslim news portal Al-Arabiya (of Dubai, United Arab Emirates) on July 19, 2014, and also the Reuters news service Africa bureau on July 17, 2014, the in-fighting in the Muslim World in regards to the most recent Israel-HAMAS fight has largely gone unreported in the United States.

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Lady angler takes Political Correctness fishing with Fredo


To say that so-called Political Correctness has taken its toll on on anything and everything with even a whiff of traditional or conservative values just might be a bit of an understatement. But it seems that professional angler Delayne Collins (@DelayneNicole) takes pride in having such titles as the “Bikini Bassmaster” and also “the Kate Upton of bass fishing” with pride. As reported by The Washington Free Beacon on July 17, 2014 and also by the sports-centric Busted Coverage news portal on July 16, 2014, the native Floridian doesn’t quite shy away from flaunting her nine and a half pounders for the camera.

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Michiganders rally against becoming illegal alien dumping ground

16aWe’re not against kids. We have sympathy for the kids being used and exploited by the feds.

Despite sensationalist headlines warning of armed thugs marauding eastern Michigan intent on intimidating already traumatized children, other news organizations are covering the situation in a more objective tone. As reported by the left-leaning news portal The Raw Story on July 16, 2014, an “armed mob” is on the loose. Yet the Associate Press via the San Francisco Chronicle on July 15, 2014, has a more sober headline noting “about 50” people stand in protest. One of the few things both articles have in common is that a small group of citizens in rural Michigan don’t want to see their rustic town turned into a federal government drop-off point for illegal aliens.

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Marvel Comics changes Thor to a woman

The fraud of thunder…

In the wake of comic book aficionados everywhere still in a state of shock from the assassination death of Riverdale’s favorite son, the demise of Archie Andrews who took a bullet in the defense of his homosexual friend may have triggered a rash of politically correct changes in the world of graphic novels. As reported by the Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald (SMH) on July 16, 2014, and also by Fox News of July 15, 2014, Marvel Comics isn’t playing fast and loose just with gender-bending the pagan Viking deity, but the major publisher is also are taking more than one liberty with the proper usage of the English language.

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Korans, Muslim prayer rugs found at Texas-Mexico border

1ats34197_terrornet1With tens of thousands of illegal aliens swarming across the Rio Grande into Texas, certain items are washing up to the riverbank that normally aren’t associated with Central American children fleeing ultra-violent MS-13 drug gang as many on the left have been asserting. As reported by the Independent Review Journal news portal and also by the right-of-center The Blaze, both on July 14, 2014, various Islamic sacramentals as well as various cultural accoutrements relating to Pakistan and Afghanistan are beginning to make their appearance known in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.

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Obama inks $11 billion arms deal with Qatar

1qatarcamelsIn the biggest arms deal so far this year, the Obama Administration finalized a multi-billion dollar weapons deal with the Persian Gulf nation of Qatar. As reported by the Agence France Presse via The Daily Star (of Beirut, Lebanon) on July 15, 2014 and also by the Reuters news service via The Fiscal Times, on July 14, 2014, some of the most advanced American military technology will soon be signed over to the Middle Eastern nation.

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Federal agent opens fire at pro-Israel rally

DHS agents in an emergency preparedness drill in Nashville, Tenn. - 2012.
DHS agents in an emergency preparedness drill in Nashville, Tenn. – 2012.

Despite confusion among news organs as to which department the agent is question is answerable to, one thing for sure is that a federal agent opened fire during physical violence at a pro-Israel rally. As reported by KNBC (of Los Angeles, Calif.) on July 14, 2014, and also by the Los Angeles Times on 13 July, 2014, gunfire erupted at a pro-Israel peace demonstration that was loudly interrupted by pro-Palestinian protesters.

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Swastikas fly high over New York City


Most American history buffs are familiar with the images of the swastika in the skies over New York City, but those were the days just prior to World War Two when the United States was, at least on paper, neutral towards the National Socialist government in Berlin. Yet as the New York Post reported on July 13, 2014, the Crooked Cross has again made itself known in The Big Apple.

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Animal rights activists slam Steven Spielberg for ‘killing’ extinct dinosaur

jurassic_park_steven_spielberg_triceratopsAnimal rights activists have long been known for having big hearts as evidenced for their often hard-core defense for all living beings. Yet as reported in the International Business Times and also Yahoo News, both on July 11, 2014, it seems as though many activists still defend certain animals that haven’t roamed the planet for the past few million years.

Hollywood Übermensch Steven Spielberg has drawn the ire of a few thousand internet surfers due to some creative Photoshopping on Facebook. Well known social media prankster Jay Branscomb superimposed an image of Spielberg seated Great Hunter-style in front of a downed Triceratops dinosaur. Ever the joker, Branscomb added the caption to his faux-pic: “Disgraceful photo of recreational hunter happily posing next to a Triceratops he just slaughtered. Please share so the world can name and shame this despicable man.”

Apparently, the faked photo itself was all that was needed for a number of Facebook visitors to launch verbal attacks against the movie director. As irate anti-hunters viewed the site, Spielberg was branded as “inhumane”, an “animal killer,” and the film director belonged in prison for being a “sicko” who in the commenter’s opinion was guilty for causing the extinction of dinosaurs.

Possibly an indictment of the American education system, another overly irate Facebook visitor commented: “Disgusting! I bet he only kept the horns!” Disturbingly, one individual called for the death of the movie maker:

He should be killed instead. Beautiful creature innocently living millions of years ago then this monster [Spielberg] comes along.

Unfortunately for the individuals who came down hard on him, it was simply impossible for Spielberg to have killed the dinosaur in question. They seem to have missed that the triceratops went extinct 63 million years ago.

Yet the accusations of animal cruelty didn’t end with animals that don’t exist anymore. KSDK in St. Louis, Missouri took note recently that “the photo also lead to some heated exchanges: ‘That’s Steven Spielberg, director of Jurassic Park!’ one person wrote. ‘I don’t care who he is, he should not have shot that animal!’ a defender all of animals (even extinct ones) wrote back. This outrage led to a second Facebook post: this one, condemning Spielberg for brutally murdering a giant shark (note: Spielberg is the man responsible for ‘Jaws’).”

Interestingly enough, Triceratops-Gate comes on the heels of two separate Facebook inspired animal rights outrages. The Washington Times reported on July 9, 2014 that 19-year-old Texas cheerleader/trophy hunter Kendall Jones founder herself the target of death threats after she posted photos of her trophy kills after a family safari to Africa last month. Nonetheless, a Facebook page quickly surfaced entitled “Kill Kendall Jones.”

Also topical is the curious case of the seventeen-year-old Belgian beauty Axelle Despiegelaere (see video). The soccer stunner was discovered by L’Oréal cosmetics while the roving eye of one of the cameras at the World Cup couldn’t help but take notice of the flawless fußballverband belle.

In what seemed initially a storybook ending, Despiegelaere was offered a contract by L’Oréal to be one of their bevy of high fashion models. But as her beloved Belgian soccer team, nicknamed the Red Devils, was scheduled to compete against the American kickball team, a patriotic Despiegelaere possibly made an unwitting mistake she’ll regret for the rest of her life.

Excited for her geographically small but soccer strong nation scheduled to take on the USA, the comely lass posted to Facebook a year-old photograph of her posing with a dead Oryx Gazelle she had presumably shot while in Africa. Jokingly, Despiegelaere also made mention that it was time to “hunt” Americans. It was then that L’Oréal decided to dump make-up madamoiselle. Possibly the shortest modeling contract in history, the teen’s contract with L’Oréal lasted all of three days.

Gallup poll: Obama approval among U.S. Muslims sky high

Results of the latest Gallup poll have hit the streets and the results show that Barack Obama’s approval ratings are through the roof with adherents of his father’s and step-father’s religion. As Russia Today described on July 11, 2014, American Muslims represent Obama’s last bastion of support.

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Texas Congressman threatens to stop paying Obama, Homeland Security

obama_laughing“Either enforce the law or they’re not gonna get paid. Period. That’ll work…”

A member of the Texas delegation to the US House of Representatives made it abundantly clear that he’s a firm believer in earning one’s pay. As reported on the Fox Business network’s on-line news portal on July 10, 2014, Representative John Culberson (R-Texas) took to the airwaves to openly call for no more paychecks for either Barack Obama or the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) until they start to “enforce the law” regarding the veritable tsunami of illegal aliens that have been streaming into the Rio Grande Valley as of late.

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MSNBC host calls Obama impeachment talk ‘treasonous’

Apparently not quite correctly understanding the true definition of the word, a noted host on the hard left-leaning MSNBC declared on the air that any discussion of impeaching Barack Obama was tantamount to treason. As reported by the National Review Online on July 10, 2014, and the Media  Research Center on July 9, 2014, part-time host on the Lean Forward network Michael Eric Dyson made sure there was little doubt that he considered Sarah Palin’s call for the Constitutional impeachment of the Chief Executive as an act of treason against the United States.

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British ‘Jihottie’ faces charges; hid terrorist cash in skivvies

20k-euro-in-underwearThe cash was discovered “further hidden inside her body.”

As reported by The Rakyat Post (of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) on July 9, 2014, and by both The Arab Times (Kuwait edition) and The Evening Standard (of London, United Kingdom) on July 8, 2014, a British university student is facing charges of funding terrorist activities after being busted with a small fortune found stashed away in her knickers. Yet Nawal Msaad at least gives the outward appearance more of a high fashion model than that of an Islamist money mule.

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Hillary changes story on kiddie rapist defense

In an unfolding story that isn’t getting all that much attention by the American mainstream media, the right-of-center news portal is reporting on July 7, 2014 that former US Secretary of State, former US Senator from New York, former First Lady of the United States, and the current presumed front runner for the 2016 Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, has amended her re-telling of her lawyering days when she managed in 1975 to get a convicted child rapist off with time served.

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Report: Global warming threatens Redheads

Believers of man-made global warming have issued yet another dire consequence due to the human race being technologically advanced. As reported by Fox News on July 7, 2014, and also by The Daily Record and Sunday Mail (of Glasgow, Scotland) on July 5, 2014, the purported increase in world temperatures very well could pose a direct threat to the future of redheads, at least in Ireland, Scotland and the north of England.

According to Doctor Alistair Moffat, head honcho for the genetic testing company ScotlandsDNA, with the rise in global temperatures come a corresponding drop in redheads in Britain and Ireland. According to the Caledonian chemist’s theory, “the gene that causes red hair is thought to be an evolutionary response to the lack of sun in Scotland.”

Undoubtedly pleasing to adherents of the belief that the rise in global temperatures is caused by industrial and commercial use of fossil fuels, Dr. Moffat also noted the correlation between Scotland’s dreary weather and those sporting scarlet tresses, “We think red hair in Scotland, Ireland and the north of England is adaptation to the climate. We do not get enough sun and have to get all the vitamin D we can. If it was to get less cloudy and there was more sun, there would be fewer people carrying the gene.”

In the meanwhile, Canadian comedian Shawn Hitchins is reportedly taking the lead in the worldwide “Ginger Pride” movement. Hitchins took to the streets of the Scottish city of Edinburgh last year seemingly with little regard for those who would disparage his head of flaming red locks. But noting the overt Gingerphobia displayed by more than a few, the Canadian funnyman lamented:

It seems like everyone is coming up with new ways to eradicate the Gingers.

The punking-out of John Boehner

How many of you would send your child to a day-care center that didn’t allow you to make unannounced visits?

When Neville Chamberlain went toe-to-toe with Adolf Hitler, the British PM was the first to look away. When Jack Kennedy went eyeball-to-eyeball with Nikita Khrushchev, it was the Soviet Premier who blinked first. When John Boehner went up against Barack Obama, the Chief Executive laughed in the face of the Speaker of the House. For his part, Boehner carried on in a very Washington-DC-business-as-usual-style. Apparently, Boehner still doesn’t understand that we the people are plainly sick of that attitude.

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ISIS five miles from Baghdad International Airport, closing fast

A handful of American troops between thousands of ISIS forces and the American embassy …

With events happening faster than they can be reported, terrorist fighters are rapidly closing in on Baghdad’s International Airport and its adjoining al-Muthanna Iraqi Air Force base. Both reporting on July 4, 2014, the Israeli news portal The Debka File and alsoCNN (via WCSC CBS of Charleston, SC) cite the al-Qaeda-allied terrorists have broken the military stalemate outside of Fallujah and are now much closer to Baghdad than previously reported.

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Democrat worship and Democrat heresy

“You’ve just committed blasphemy and you deserve to be treated like the heretical scum that you are…”

Want to see a Democrat go into complete and total melt-down? And by that, I mean a raving fury foaming-at-the-mouth melt-down. Simple, just say something critical of Barack Hussein Obama. It doesn’t have to be one of his more noteworthy faux-pas, such as lying about keeping your doctor or even the doubling of the coast of gasoline. No, nothing as grandiose as factual, irrefutable facts. Just express an inconsequential personal opinion contrary to President Wonderful.

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White House lays out combat scenarios for troops vowed not going into combat

“The Obama administration would consider engaging ISIL forces if the U.S. believes it can make ‘a positive difference…’”

With the Iraqi National Army running away from ISIS faster than the proverbial scalded dog, Barack Obama has made it clear that he has no intentions of committing the hundreds of additional American troops he’s ordered to Iraq to participate in combat operations. Yet as reported by The Washington Times on July 2, 2014, one of the more senior White House security honchos has been laying out a number of scenarios in which U.S. military personnel would engage in direct contact with the al-Qaeda-allied terrorists.

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Right Wing News of the Day

Katherine Timpf knocks another one outta the park.
Katherine Timpf knocks another one outta the park.

Activists pretend to be dead at UC Berkeley to protest animal testing

Fox News Hits 50-Quarter Ratings Streak With Megyn Kelly on the Rise, Benghazi Still a Hot Topic

Mexican helo crosses border, opens fire on two Border Patrol agents

Medical staff warned: Keep your mouths shut about illegal immigrants or face arrest

VA Offers Vietnam Vet Appointment Two Years After His Death

Study: Feeling ugly makes you more likely to donate to the Occupy movement


MSNBC’s Chris Hayes: ISIS in ‘heroic romantic struggle’

Obama Lies (again) to the American People – More Troops Ordered to Iraq

Virginia Democratic Lawmaker Indicted for Sexual Relationship with Teenage Girl

The Kick Ass Song of the Day

Despite promise not to, Obama orders more boots on the ground in Iraq

Despite his personal vow that there would be no American boots on the ground in the wake of the ISIS terrorist army crushing the Iraqi National Army at every turn in recent weeks, Barack Obama has since ordered hundreds of additional members of the Armed Forces into Iraq. As reported by Fox News on July 1, 2014, the government-controlled Voice of America on June 29, 2014, The Military Times newspaper (despite the name is independent of the Pentagon) on June 15, 2014, and CNN on June 13, 2014, since the Obama proclamation, there has been a slow, steady and very quiet increase in the numbers of uniformed personnel in the embattled nation.

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