Small slice of ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ money actually goes to treating ALS


Somewhat of a cross between the national temporary insanity better known as the Macarena craze of the mid-90s, and the status symbol worthiness of being the first kid on your block to get a confirmed kill, à la Full Metal Jacket, the rich and famous are all agog to be publicly dared to participate in the latest cultural phenomena – the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. As reported by the Associated Press via the Miami Herald on Aug. 28, 2014, the ALS Association has raked in nearly $100 million since the advent of the muy frío fundraiser.

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‘Sexual jihad’ makes a disturbing comeback for ISIS terrorists

hermosos-ojos-arabes08Sodomy authorized to “widen the anus” of would-be human bombers…

Making itself known last summer, the fatwa-authorized sex jihad is making a strong comeback throughout the Muslim World. As reported by the right-of-center news portal Big Peace on Aug. 27, 2014, Muslim women from Great Britain to Australia are either heading to or already in ISIS-controlled areas in Syria and Iraq to “perform their duty in jihad” to ISIS terrorists of the sexual gratification kind.

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‘Incest cult’ discovered in Australia’s isolated hill country


“A disturbing account of a dirt encrusted and deformed clan living generations of sexual relations between brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts with their nieces and nephews, and first cousins with first cousins …”

Ordered by an Australian Children’s Court to use the pseudonym of the Colt family to protect the identification of the children, authorities have discovered a band of very closely related family members living in the rugged hills of Southeastern Australia, as reported by both News Corp Australia and The Daily Mail (of London, England).

While marriage between second or third cousins is frowned upon in modern Western society, Australian authorities have made public a tale normally reserved for the scripts of Hollywood horror films.

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The face of jihad now known to America, meanwhile Foley was ISIS ‘whipping boy’

coward“Reportedly a devout Catholic with a special devotion to the Rosary, Foley was crucified at least once to a wall at the hands of his ISIS captors…”

To the horror of almost every civilized human on the planet, the al-Qaeda allied terrorists known by the acronym ISIS left little to the imagination when it comes to dealing with their captives. As reported by Fox News on Aug.24, 2014, the jihadi terrorist who savagely carved American journalist James “Jim” Foley’s head off before the camera has been identified.

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ISIS makes its presence known in Chicago, DC


Despite the mixed messages coming from the Obama Administration, the international terrorists from ISIS have announced to the world not to worry of them possibly making it to the shores of America – they’re already here. As reported by the right of center news portal on Aug. 22, 2014, as well as ABC News on Aug. 14, 2014, ISIS has taken to social media to give the American people and government notice they’re moving about unmolested at least in Chicago and Washington, DC.

Initially looked upon as mere chest puffing rhetoric, the al-Qaeda allied ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) jihadists have been making more than a few threats of launching attacks on the American heartland with the sanguine promise of “we will drown all of you in blood.” In the terrorists recent doubling down on their threats, they sent via twitter two separate photos; one in front of the White House, the other at the entrance to Chicago’s historic Old Republic Building.

American Commander in Chief Barack Obama has downplayed the threat posed by ISIS, famously referring to them as the “JV” (Junior Varsity) of international terrorism. While Obama paid ISIS rather short shrift, his Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel was quoted by the government centered news site The Hill as stating the Islamists aren’t “just a terrorist group.”

“This is beyond anything that we’ve seen,” Hagel exclaimed. Further sounding alarm bells, the SecDef added that the 10,000 strong “ISIL is as sophisticated and well-funded as any group that we have seen,” using another acronym for the group.

Despite Hagel being a former United States Senator as well as having served a hitch in the US Army, the current Secretary of the Department of Defense missed that the United States forced the downfall of the former Soviet Union, as well as being instrumental in the defeat of Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan and Fascist Italy during the Second World War.

Prior to WWII, the US Army was ranked 34th in the world. Right behind the Kingdom of Romania.

Al Sharpton further illustrates his ig’nance


As someone of mixed race, but not of any Sub-Saharan Black African heritage, I’m at a loss to understand why so many Blacks and White liberals gravitate to the rather Jupitarian orbit of the minister without a church; the reverend without a Divinity Degree – one, Alfred Charles “Al” Sharpton.

Never one to shy away hucksterism and shameless self-promotion, be it at the expense of Tawana Brawley or hawking erectile dysfunction snake oil, count on Reverend Al to have the shine of the camera lights on him. But here’s what I consider the most glaringly obvious first clue to anyone with even half a brain as to what a complete fraud this guy is – his inability to intelligently speak the English language.

Case in point…

During the recent Trayvon Martin shooting controversy, the good Rev was quoted as eruditely stating: (see video)

“Don’t talk to us like we stupid, don’t talk to us like we ig’nint.”

Ahh, but this isn’t the first time Sharpton dazzled the world with his ig’nince of the Queen’s English. As opined at New Jersey’s Kean College in 1994:
“White folks was in caves while we was building empires. We [blacks] taught philosophy and astrology and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek homos ever got around to it.”

I’m not exactly sure why the good Rev would be bragging about Blacks teaching paganistic astrology. You think he might have meant ‘astronomy’ Who knows… who cares?

Doesn’t this make him a bigot?
One thing I’m certain of… Dr. William H. “Bill” Cosby said it best:

“You used to talk a certain way on the corner and you got into the house and switched to English. Everybody knows it’s important to speak English except these knuckleheads. You can’t land a plane with, ‘Why you ain’t…’  You can’t be a doctor with that kind of crap coming out of your mouth.”

Well, Dr. Bill… maybe you can’t be a doctor with that kind of crap coming out of one’s mouth, but you sure can get a job at MSNBC with it.

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Bottoms up: New Spider Woman riles politically correct with overt derrière


“It is a prime example of why people continue to think superhero comics are for horny men only…”

Only in the fantasy world of comic books could the impossibly sexy seem possible. Yet even when it comes to a bit of escapism, there’s always the proverbial Captain Buzzkill to bring that to a screeching halt. As reported by The Guardian (of London, England) and the news portal, both on Aug. 21, 2014, the first released image of the upcoming cover of the Spider-Woman comic book depicts the femme web-slinger in a hyper-sexualized pose that leaves little to the imagination.

With the comic book effete preferring the pulp publications be referred to as graphic novels, the latest incarnation of Spider-Woman (aka: Jessica Drew) displays the definitive derrière, much to the consternation of the politically correct that reside in the Comic-Con world of fantasy. And the evil doer at the core of the problem is Italian “erotic illustrator” Milo Manara whom many take offense to what they consider unnecessary über-sexualization simply for the sake of unnecessary über-sexualization.

Possibly the result of a Grand Plié Elvis Squat regime that would kill mere mortals, Spidey-ette is depicted sporting a set of gluteus maximus muscles that very well should be capable of cracking walnuts. The very sexual rendition of the new Spider Woman is drawn by Manara with her head and torso low, whilst her posterior is depicted high as a Georgia pine.

As if the overtly sexual pose wasn’t enough to infuriate comic book purists, the new and improved Spider Woman is depicted with an equally impossible zero percent body fat percentage. As angrily explained by the science fiction website io9, “If you’re wondering what the hell Jessica Drew, aka Spider-Woman is doing, I believe it’s what’s known in the animal kingdom as ‘presenting.'”

Other than the hopelessly attainable perfect body, Manara also sees his version of Spider Woman clad in a fabric not found in nature. With the heroine clad in an outfit as thin as the cutting edge of a razor, more than a few of the Italian illustrator’s critics have sarcastically and rhetorically ask if her costume was painted on. As Rob Briken opined on io9, presumably with a straight face: “First of all, even the dumbest, horniest teenage boy on the planet knows there’s no fabric on this earth that could possibly cling to Jessica Drew’s individual buttocks like that. She looks like she’s wearing body-paint…”

Yet the harshest criticism may have come from Laura Sneddon of the vowel challenged comic book blog, “women do love superhero comics, and we even love a bit of cheesecake here and there.” Sneddon added, “but this cover and the lack of thinking behind it is a prime example of why people continue to think superhero comics are for horny men only.”

Coming to a mall or movie theater near you: The drug cartel’s new favorite weapon, hand grenades



“Recently four hand grenades were found at a murder scene in Rio Grande City, Texas…”

It’s an interesting commentary on the ship of state when a major metropolitan area has to rely on the largess of a comedian just so their police department can keep up with the overwhelming firepower of Mexican narco-terrorists. As reported by the Catholic Online news portal and also by The New York Daily News, both on Aug. 19, 2014, one of the favorite weapons of the American Fighting Man for the past one hundred years has now started to appear in the heartland. The difference is that this time, hand grenades are being introduced to the streets of this country as just another weapon in the already impressive arsenal used by the drug cartels invading this country.

With names such as the Sinaloa, the La Barredora, the Knights Templar and the Jalisco New Generation, a number of vicious drug cartels have essentially laid claim to large swaths of land not only in Northern Mexico, but also tracts in many Southwest American states. Like any other reigning sovereign, the drug barons have quite the stockpile of arms at their disposal.

Now narco-terrorists are bringing with them fragmentation grenades in their fight to expand their empire. Recently four hand grenades were found at a murder scene in Rio Grande City, Texas where three Hondurans were found murdered. Law enforcement officials are also deeply concerned that in the sleepy border town of San Juan, Texas, law enforcement officials conducted a sting operation in 2009 which resulted in the arrest of a man who sold almost 200 grenades to an undercover federal agent posing as a cartel member.

Along with frags, the drug lords are also armed with M16s, AK47s, according to Time magazine they now have RPGs (Rocket Propelled Grenades) at their disposal. Also of grave concern to police is that the favored sidearm of choice is the Belgian-made Fabrique Nationale (FN) Five-seveN pistol well known for its armor piercing capabilities.

Adam Housley of Fox News reported on Dec. 23, 2008 that comedic actor David Spade took it upon himself to donate $100,000 to the police department of his adopted hometown of Phoenix, Arizona. The specific reason the comic gave the rather large chunk of cash was to arm the PPD with 50 AR-15 semi-automatic rifles. The Phoenix cops were notoriously outgunned by drug smugglers swarming throughout The Valley of the Sun.

Via his publicist, Spade explained “these guys need to be able to do their jobs, and I am just happy I could help.” As reported, “‘Mr. Spade has stepped forward and has given a gift to our officers of increased safety,’ said Police Chief Jack Harris. ‘I am thrilled that we were able to accept that money that will hopefully bring us to 300 rifles on the street.’ Phoenix Police Sgt. Alan Hill says 50 AR-15 rifles to be purchased with the donation will be given to patrol officers.”

The star who made his bones appearing on the likes of “Saturday Night Live,” “Tommy Boy,” “Just Shoot Me” and “Rules of Engagement” has a history of helping out the boys in blue. In 2007 Spade very quietly donated $25,000 to the family of a fallen Phoenix police officer killed in the line of duty.

Latest fatwa authorizes peeping perversion, but only if you put a ring on it


On the heels of an Egyptian Brotherhood supported fatwa reported by India Today Nov. 28, 2013 that ruled that Muslim women swimming in the ocean equates to adultery and deserve to be punished accordingly, the latest Salafist decree has just hit the streets of Cairo. As reported by the right-of-center news portal Front Page Magazine on Aug. 19, 2014, an Egyptian cleric has ruled that it’s allowable for faithful Muslim men to become the proverbial Peeping Tariq, just as long as the wafa’-challenged watcher intends to wed the object of his hidden voyeurism.

Hard-core cleric Usama al-Qawsi of the Salafist uber-puritanical branch of Islam handed down a fatwa (Islamic theological decree) ruling that a devout Muslim man can legitimately peek in on any given Muslim woman in her most intimate and private moments without her knowledge nor permission. Only two caveats were cited: The peeper must promise marry the woman whose privacy was violated, and that the offending ogler must be “pure” in his heart while sneaking a peek.

Arguably creepier than the “swimming is adultery” fatwa, the Muslim Brotherhood-friendly Imam al-Qawsi’s edict states in part, “If you were really honest and wanted to marry that woman, and you were able to hide and watch her in secret, see the things that she wouldn’t usually let you see before marrying her, then it is acceptable as long as your intentions are pure.”

Not done yet, al-Qawsi citing actual precedents within Islam:

Book 11, Number 2077: Narrated Jabir ibn Abdullah:

The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: When one of you asked a woman in marriage, if he is able to look at what will induce him to marry her, he should do so. He (Jabir) said: I asked a girl in marriage, I used to look at her secretly, until I looked at what induced me to marry her. I, therefore, married her.

Since last summer’s ousting of the Barack Obama-allied Muslim Brotherhood government, the North African nation has moved away from Islamic extremism seemingly as fast as it can. The nation’s Minister of Religious Endowments Mohammad Mukhtar quickly rejected the ruling:

Would you allow this to happen to your daughter? If it was okay with you then it isn’t with the conservative, civilized Muslim and Christian societies — they disapprove of it.

Possibly one of the more bizarre in the long list of fatwas issued by the Egyptian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood was the 2013 “swimming is adultery” fatwa. Much like the European Romance languages, certain words are inherently masculine, some feminine. The Arabic word for “sea” is masculine, therefore, if and when sea water comes into contact with a married woman’s pelvic area, she literally and figuratively has just committed adultery.

According to the fatwa, the offending beach-goer is effectively an adulteress and should be punished accordingly. The standard Sharia Law punishment for adultery for a woman is either by slowly stoning her to death or by hanging. The new Egyptian government has actively and aggressively spoken against many, if not all, of the former government’s issuance of fatwas.

Captured and pregnant Yazidi teen begs Americans to bomb, kill her

Iraqi_insurgents_with_guns“Let those jets come to bomb us and save us from this situation by killing all of us.”

On the heels of a myriad of world-wide reports of al-Qaeda allied terrorists capturing, torturing and in many cases killing anyone who even slightly disagrees with them, reports are now leaking out of occupied-Iraq of a pregnant Yazidi woman begging that American warplanes kill her to end her horrific treatment at the hands of jihadist terrorists. As reported by the New York Post on Aug. 18, 2014, and also by The Daily Bhaskar news portal (of Ahmedabad, India) on Aug. 17, 2014, an ISIS sexual war trophy captive woman has begged that U.S. Navy fighter attack jets bomb and kill her rather than continue to live as a prisoner of the terrorists.

As cited by both referenced sources, a pregnant Yazidi teen-aged bride was able to covertly communicate with her husband, and her death wish only gives a hint to the hellish conditions she and other Yazidi teen-ager females face. With her name yet to be released to the general public, the pregnant captive begged of her husband “Let those jets come to bomb us and save us from this situation by killing all of us.” The woman also added that a quick death at the hands of the Americans would be better than a future that consisted of nothing more than to “be forced off with a strange man.”

Held in an ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) prison somewhere in recently conquered Iraqi territory, upwards of 96 captive Yazidi female teens are being held and groomed for sexual slavery. According to reports, ISIS chiefs have bragged of authorizing a Jihad al Niqah (Arabic: جهاد النكاح‎, loosely translated as holy war waged by sexual pleasure), which is supposedly the most extreme form of Islamic holy war. According to the tenets of Jihad al Niqah, jihadists are authorized to take women captives as war prizes for either their own personal use or to sell into slavery for a tidy profit.

War trophy women taken by the Sunni terrorists are given four opportunities to convert. The prisoners are supposedly asked politely twice to convert. If still refusing, captives given a third chance. Refusal on the third go-’round result in a whipping across the buttocks and the back with a heavy leather strap. A fourth refusal results in death, usually by either hanging, stoning or beheading.

The New York Post is also reporting that “Female captives are subjected to degrading conditions, including virginity tests to make sure they are ‘pure’ enough for sale or to be given as a reward to Islamic State fighters, according to the imprisoned, their families, activists and a leaked United Nations report.”


Ferguson, Missouri: When apathy, entitlement and arrogance collide


Things went wrong in Ferguson way before Michael Brown was shot by Officer Darren Wilson. The situation may have been out of control before the infamous Swisher Sweets were stolen from the QuikTrip convenience store. The Ferguson Riots very well may be the perfect example of what happens when equal parts of apathy, the entitlement mentality and arrogance meet.

Pigeon-holed by the Washington Post to their Monkey Cage category (their words, not mine), the good folks at the WaPo don’t exactly pull their punches with an article entitled “How Ferguson exposes the racial bias in local elections.” Little is left to the imagination as to why the town’s mayor as well as five out of six city council members are all white in a city that’s almost 70 percent black – it’s all a plot by white folks designed to keep the black folks down. At least that’s how I take the WaPo’s manipulation of dubious charts and alleged facts.

Now just to make sure I understand things correctly, more than a few are asking why the Ferguson Police Department, as well as the aforementioned elected officials, are overwhelmingly of the Caucasian persuasion. Especially in a city where blacks have been in the majority of the population for over two decades, why isn’t there a greater representation on the FPD than a measly 6 percent? In all honesty, that’s a fair question.

Yet according to the Washington Post the problem lies in local elections being held during odd years, as well as the elections are defined as non-partisan (where party affiliation doesn’t appear on the ballot). Or as the wisened writers for the Post tell us, when the equation involves odd numbered years and candidates not telling us if they’re Democrats or Republicans, the inevitable result is that the losers are “people with less education and less income.” Ummm… isn’t it just a wee bit prejudiced to automatically insinuate that the blacks are the ones who are stupid and poor? That’s just how I read the Post’s strong suggestion thereof.

Again, I just to make sure I understand things correctly – There’s no poll tax in effect in Ferguson nor are there any Jim Crow laws or any literacy requirements on the books. If the oppressed blacks of Ferguson, Missouri want change in the complexion of their police department (instead of making sure the best cops available are hired), then why don’t they demand such of their local officials?

As the Post pointed out, black residents of Ferguson essentially stayed home during the April 2013 municipal elections. Despite whites being roughly a third of citizenry, whites showed up to the polls greater than blacks by a 3-1 average. Now if it’s due to odd years and no party affiliation being the reason, then why does Memphis, Philadelphia and Jacksonville all have black mayors? Why does Los Angeles and El Paso have Latino mayors? All those cities also happen to have their elections on odd numbered years.

What’s happening in Ferguson now is exactly what happens when We The People just don’t care anymore. But now that someone’s been killed, the tear gas is flying, and agitators of all colors take take to the streets, are we suppose to throw out a slew of legitimate and transparent elections because of the threat of mob violence? That’s not the way we do things in America.

If those so interested in burning down their own neighborhood because they don’t like the way things are, now want immediate gratification in the wake of Michael Brown’s killing, then maybe if they were more interested in voting instead of throwing Molotov Cocktails, maybe … just maybe Michael Brown would still be alive right now. Just a thought.

By the way, just this weekend alone, there’s been one killed and 26 wounded in Chicago shootings. No word if Barack Obama, Eric Holder or Al Sharpton will be mentioning or investigating or visiting the Windy City anytime soon.

Are blacks insulted by Obama’s fake ‘Street’ accent?

“Stop jus’ hatin’ awl de tahm…” – Barack “Uncle Remus” Obama, 2014.

Growing up in a military family it was normal to have neighbors in Base Housing from all corners of the nation. South Boston, South Carolina, the South-Side of Chicago, Southern California and every place in between. At an early age I could tell only a few words into a conversation if a Marine or sailor with a Spanish surname was from the Rio Grand Valley of Tejas or from East L.A.

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Ginsburg ignores the judicial women who sided with ‘the five male justices’


“A wise old woman and a wise old man will reach the same conclusion.” – Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, 1991

Despite nominees to the third branch of government consistently testifying before Senate confirmation hearings promising in their most convincing voice that they could separate their personal feelings from the legal facts placed before them when it came to rendering decisions, Justice Ginsburg may have tipped her hand concerning the hot-button topic of gender politics. As reported by Yahoo! News on July 31, 2014, and also by the Cybercast News Service on Aug. 1, 2014, Ginsburg more than slightly alluded that due to gender, the five male justices who formed the majority opinion in the recent Hobby Lobby case are somehow incapable of rendering a correct judicial decision regarding members of the opposite sex. Continue reading “Ginsburg ignores the judicial women who sided with ‘the five male justices’”