ISIS ‘fighter’ wails and moans when captured by Kurdish Peshmerga forces

isisThe ISIS terrorist network has never been camera shy, just as long as they are the ones posting the video footage to social media.

While the same Islamic jihadists have delighted in flooding the internet with videos of them slitting the throats of bound and blindfolded Egyptian Christians, or proudly displaying what passes as military prowess by burning alive captured Royal Jordanian Air Force pilot Lt. Mu’ath al-Kaseasbeh, the same terrorists simply aren’t as tough as they’d like the world to believe. Continue reading “ISIS ‘fighter’ wails and moans when captured by Kurdish Peshmerga forces”

Pakistani ex-Muslim warns Europe; ‘deport anti-democratic Islamists’ or face more attacks

1526544_660761393982357_1781873633_nSabatina James escaped death at the hands of her Muslim family for daring to refuse a life filled with beatings, incest, brutality and misery.

She left her native Pakistan for Germany via Austria, changed her name, converted to Catholicism, all the while escaping becoming just another statistic that’s all too often glossed over by the Western media.

As reported by Donna Rachel Edmunds of on Nov. 24, 2015, Sabatina James – not her real last name – is warning Europe of the Trojan Horse that is ISIS and al-Qaeda operatives swarming into the continent, all the while hiding in plain sight.

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The new face of ISIS; the club kid nicknamed ‘Cowgirl’

cowgirl facebookFor those who thought all Islamic jihadists were exclusively bearded Muslim males between the ages of 16 to 35 and not so nattily attired in all back dishdasha thobes, of course with the occasional female sporting the latest in burka haute couture with a bomb vest secreted beneath, you better guess again. The stereotypical look of Islamic jihadists just made a seismic shift, much to the chagrin of security personnel everywhere attempting to protest their respective people and nation from the sanguine goals of jihadists across the globe.

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Milquetoast-in-Chief: No We Can’t

Barack Obama stops to salute to the crowd before the rally on the UO campus.

“Let’s assume we send 50,000 troops into Syria. What happens when there is a terrorist attack generated from Yemen? Do we then send more troops into there?” – Barack Hussein Obama, 16 Nov. 2015.

I know the Oba-Drones believe no matter where he goes, this guy is automatically considered the smartest person in the room. But does the alleged Constitutional Law professor realize that we’re the same nation that won the Second World War?

For those who may have forgotten, without this nation, Britain would have fallen, China would have fallen, Russia would have fallen, Australia would have fallen. Every reputable military historian fully understands that the United States truly was the Arsenal of Democracy. Between Lend-Lease and over 16 million Americans in uniform – yeah, we really did save the world.

Without a doubt, the Brits and Chinese and Russians and the Aussies would have fought like hell. Yet they still would have lost without the same good ol’ US of A that President Pantywaist seems to think couldn’t fight its way out of a wet paper bag.

Obama whines that deploying 50,000 troops to Syria AND the same to Yemen is somehow a non-starter and well… let’s be honest, he implies that’s something we just aren’t capable of.

Why is it that in 1945 a nation of 150 million could field a military of more than 16 million? But in 2015 a nation of well over 300 million can only man an armed forces (both active and reserve) of slightly over 2 million?

Oh, I know why. Most American youth are more worried about “safe spaces” and imaginary racists who wear sombreros on Halloween. How sad only a small percentage of American males actually have what it takes to stand-up for their country.

People of America, you need to nut up or shut up. We need to either kick the dog snot out of these ISIS, al-Qaeda and Taliban savages, or start ordering our womenfolk to wear burqahs, throw homosexuals off buildings, and slowly carve the heads off anyone who refuses to hit the prayer rug five times a day and chant “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his Prophet.

If this nation expects to win, the change begins by getting rid of the Kenyan-born, woman-hating interloper currently residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

If that idiot was around on Dec. 7, 1941, he would have surrendered to Japan on December 8th. Oh, and then he would have apologized for the Hawaiian Islands sailing right into the middle of the peaceful Japanese Imperial Fleet.

In Praise of Cigarette Commercials

We banned cigarette commercials for this?

I’ll readily admit I’m not advocating cigarette smoking, especially with me being a contented ex-smoker and all that. But with that said, I want cigarette commercials back on the air.

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HRC’s problems with the WTC, the WSJ, and the USMC that the media’s ignoring

In what many on the right categorize and criticize as CNN confusing vetting with vendetta, both Eric Bradner and Sunlen Serfaty of CNN have reported on Nov. 8, 2015, that GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson has renewed “attacks on media scrutiny.” In a very public verbal donnybrook between the retired neurosurgeon and the Cable News Network that flared up late last week, the news network has been digging deep into Carson’s past. Continue reading “HRC’s problems with the WTC, the WSJ, and the USMC that the media’s ignoring”

Has CNN found Obama’s cocaine dealer yet?

CO2bOEgWUAAJoaJThey did it to Pat Buchanan in 1996. Just as they did to Sarah Palin in 2008 and also to Herman Cain just four years later. Yes, the media is at it again.

The long knives of the alphabet networks are out for Republicans running for president… especially the ones in the lead.

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Obama called out; 16 times he vowed no troops in Syria

090703-M-6159T-116        U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Ryan Pettit (left) and Cpl. Matthew Miller with 2nd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment fire their service rifles during an operation in the Helmand province of Afghanistan on July 3, 2009.  The Marines are part of the ground combat element of Regiment Combat Team 3, 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade.  DoD photo by Sgt. Pete Thibodeau, U.S. Marine Corps.  (Released)
U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Ryan Pettit (left) and Cpl. Matthew Miller with 2nd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment fire their service rifles during an operation in the Helmand province of Afghanistan on July 3, 2009. The Marines are part of the ground combat element of Regiment Combat Team 3, 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade. DoD photo by Sgt. Pete Thibodeau, U.S. Marine Corps. (Released)

While the ballyhoo and huzzahs at both the 2008 and 2012 Democratic National Conventions greeted Barack Obama’s promises to end America’s combat involvement in both Iraq and Afghanistan, not only has neither been honored, but now the same man who won the Nobel Peace Prize has ordered American combat troops into another Middle Eastern nation. As reported by Gregory Korte of USA TODAY on Oct. 31, 2015, and also by Nancy A. Youssef of The Daily Beast on Oct. 30, 2015, the campaign promises of Barack Obama are quite different from the orders given by Commander-in-Chief Obama.

During the coarse of his years in the White House, the community organizer from Waikiki has just shattered his oft-given pledge not to have the proverbial boots on the ground in Syria. While the Western media heaped über-homage on Obama during the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq in 2009, the same military exit was reversed by 2014, but not quite as well covered by the same media.

On the heels of it being publicly announced that “less than 50” American troops designated as Special Operations Forces will be deployed onto Syrian soil to “train and advise.” As The Daily Beast’s Youssef cited, the phrase “train and advise” is “the very same language the Pentagon used when it first sent a few hundred troops to Iraq a year ago. There are now 3,000 troops there…”

As previously covered by on July 2, 2014, multiple sources were cited and linked to detailing upwards of 600 hundred Marines and Army Special Forces were sent to Iraq to beef-up security for the massive US embassy in Baghdad’s famed Green Zone. Curiously, it was also quietly revealed that of the 600 additional troops sent to augment the embassy’s Marine Security Guard Detachment, 200 of the Leathernecks were assigned specifically to provide perimeter security to the nearby Baghdad International Airport.

As USA TODAY’s Korte dug deep into the news archives, he uncovered a full 16 different occasions when Obama promised in public that no ground combat troops would ever be introduced into the middle of the Syrian civil war/terrorist invasion:

  • So again, I repeat, we’re not considering any open-ended commitment. We’re not considering any boots-on-the-ground approach.” – Remarks before meeting with Baltic State leaders, Aug. 30, 2013
  • “We would not put boots on the ground. Instead, our action would be designed to be limited in duration and scope.” – Remarks in the Rose Garden, Aug. 31, 2013
  • “So the key point that I want to emphasize to the American people: The military plan that has been developed by our Joint Chiefs — and that I believe is appropriate — is proportional. It is limited. It does not involve boots on the ground. This is not Iraq, and this is not Afghanistan.” – Statement before meeting with congressional leaders, Sept. 3, 2013
  • “I think America recognizes that, as difficult as it is to take any military action — even one as limited as we’re talking about, even one without boots on the ground — that’s a sober decision.” – News conference in Stockholm, Sweden, Sept. 4, 2013
  • “The question for the American people is, is that responsibility that we’ll be willing to bear? And I believe that when you have a limited, proportional strike like this — not Iraq, not putting boots on the ground; not some long, drawn-out affair; not without any risks, but with manageable risks — that we should be willing to bear that responsibility.” – News conference in St. Petersburg, Russia, Sept. 6, 2013
  • “What we’re not talking about is an open-ended intervention. This would not be another Iraq or Afghanistan. There would be no American boots on the ground.” – Weekly radio address, Sept. 7, 2013
  • “Tomorrow I’ll speak to the American people. I’ll explain this is not Iraq; this is not Afghanistan; this is not even Libya. We’re not talking about — not boots on the ground. We’re not talking about sustained airstrikes.” – Interview with the PBS Newshour, Sept. 9, 2013
  • “What I’m going to try to propose is that we have a very specific objective, a very narrow military option, and one that will not lead into some large-scale invasion of Syria or involvement or boots on the ground; nothing like that.” – Interview with CBS Evening News, Sept. 9, 2013
  • “Many of you have asked, won’t this put us on a slippery slope to another war? One man wrote to me that we are ‘still recovering from our involvement in Iraq.’ A veteran put it more bluntly: ‘This nation is sick and tired of war.’ My answer is simple: I will not put American boots on the ground in Syria.” – Address to the Nation, Sept. 10, 2013
  • “We are doing everything we can to see how we can do that and how we can resource it. But I’ve looked at a whole lot of game plans, a whole lot of war plans, a whole bunch of scenarios, and nobody has been able to persuade me that us taking large-scale military action even absent boots on the ground, would actually solve the problem.” – Interview on Bloomberg View, Feb, 27, 2014
  • “With respect to the situation on the ground in Syria, we will not be placing U.S. ground troops to try to control the areas that are part of the conflict inside of Syria.” – News conference in Newport, Wales, Sept. 5, 2014
  • The notion that the United States should be putting boots on the ground, I think would be a profound mistake. And I want to be very clear and very explicit about that.” – Interview with Meet the Press, Sept. 7, 2014
  • “I want the American people to understand how this effort will be different from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It will not involve American combat troops fighting on foreign soil.” – Address to the Nation on Syria, Sept. 10, 2014
  • “Right now we’re moving forward in conjunction with outstanding allies like Australia in training Iraqi security forces to do their job on the ground.” – News conference in Brisbane, Australia, Nov. 16, 2014
  • “The resolution we’ve submitted today does not call for the deployment of U.S. ground combat forces to Iraq or Syria. It is not the authorization of another ground war, like Afghanistan or Iraq. … As I’ve said before, I’m convinced that the United States should not get dragged back into another prolonged ground war in the Middle East.” – Remarks at the White House, Feb. 11, 2015
  • “It is not enough for us to simply send in American troops to temporarily set back organizations like ISIL, but to then, as soon as we leave, see that void filled once again with extremists.” – Remarks at the Pentagon, July 6, 2015