Verified; Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil was crucified by ISIS on Good Friday

abba6d756f822034901d85f3842691d0According to the teachings of the Catholic Church, any Christian who is faithful to Christ even unto death is regarded as a martyrs who’ve displayed what Catholics call Heroic Virtue. And that same accepted death rather than renouncing Christ is understood technically as a Miracle of Grace. Continue reading “Verified; Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil was crucified by ISIS on Good Friday”

Like Syria, Iraq and Libya, Belgium now a ‘failed’ nation under ISIS control

belgium-sharia4belgiumAs the entire civilized world is already well aware of, a total of four Islamic jihadists have effectively shut down the de facto capital of Europe. Only a few short days ago did the handful of ISIS terrorists launch simultaneous suicide assaults on the Maalbeek metro station and Zaventem airport, both serving the Belgian capital city of Brussels. Continue reading “Like Syria, Iraq and Libya, Belgium now a ‘failed’ nation under ISIS control”

Kamikazes then dwarfed by number of violent Islamic jihadists now

abba6d756f822034901d85f3842691d0In the wake of the Islamic jihadist attack in Brussels that killed or wounded over 300 innocent civilians, word is bubbling to the surface that hundreds of suicide-minded terrorists are looking to multiply the bloodshed. As reported by Lori Hinnant and Paisley Dodds of the Associated Press on Mar. 23, 2016, an estimated 400 ISIS terrorists are either already in Europe or well on their way. Continue reading “Kamikazes then dwarfed by number of violent Islamic jihadists now”

Latina receives death threats for supporting Donald Trump

betty_rivas_s878x483Perhaps best exemplifying the charge of left-leaning news organs manipulating the news to best fit their particular agenda would be the case of Betty Rivas. As it turns out, the US citizen of Mexican heritage has been on the receiving end of death threats for appearing onstage with GOP presidential contender Donald Trump. Continue reading “Latina receives death threats for supporting Donald Trump”

Democratic Plantation Disorder rears its ugly head

970466_552673464799926_1127296949_nBefore Stockholm had its own stick-up syndrome, and prior to Georges de la Tourette figuring out frenzied foul-mouthed Frenchies, the Democratic Party has long ago planted the seeds of the DPD (Democratic Plantation Disorder) in the minds of more than a few blacks. Continue reading “Democratic Plantation Disorder rears its ugly head”

Ex-subway spokesman Jared Fogle on receiving end of prison justice

maxresdefaultJared Fogle went from a 425 pound college student to a 175 pound multi-millionaire hawking sub sandwiches for a restaurant chain. Now the same Jared Fogle may not have to worry about putting all that weight back on, especially on his new regimen of prison food and avoiding beat downs in the yard of the Federal Correctional Institution, Englewood in Colorado. Continue reading “Ex-subway spokesman Jared Fogle on receiving end of prison justice”

Despite Democrat accusations against Trump, Dems have own history of violent vitriol

2BF0DEAE00000578-0-image-a-1_1441289836845Both the Democratic Party’s frontrunner as well as a combined pair of hard left-leaning groups are ratcheting up their rhetoric against Donald Trump. As reported by David M. Jackson of USA TODAY on Mar. 15, 2016, and also by The Washington Post’s Continue reading “Despite Democrat accusations against Trump, Dems have own history of violent vitriol”

ACLU defends Trump throwing protesters out of his venues

120316flagReporter Colin Dialeda of the new media portal Mashable notes on Mar. 13, 2016, that despite the heat presidential frontrunner Donald Trump is taking for his forceful and rather in-your-face admonition to give the old heave-ho to protesters at his rallies, he has the law on his side. And who does Dialeda cite as the fiery Trump being in the right? The American Civil Liberties Union. Continue reading “ACLU defends Trump throwing protesters out of his venues”

See the face of the Democrats vision of America

Everyone already knows that some crazed individual attempted to rush the stage at today’s Trump campaign stop in Dayton, Ohio. According to of Dayton, the individual identified as the would be assailant is Thomas Dimassimo, reportedly a student at nearby Wright State University, located in nearby Fairborn, Ohio.

As it turn out, the wannabe thug also has quite the history of being somewhat of a professional troublemaker. As reported, “In April 2015, Dimassimo, then a Wright State University junior, helped lead an anti-racism protest that included students standing on American flags and holding signs saying, ‘Not my flag.'”

sddefault is also reporting that “Dimassimo was charged with disorderly conduct and inducing panic, according to Montgomery County Jail records. Dimassimo was released from custody and is due in court on Monday.”

Also noted was that he is “an avid supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement and Vermont Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on social media.”

Antiquated aircraft resurrected by Obama administration to fight ISIS

DN-ST-00-03628If the OV-10 Bronco were an automobile it would qualify for “Antique” classification license plates. Nonetheless, Barack Obama’s Department of Defense is recalling the 50-year-old turbo-prop aircraft to be used for close air support combat missions against the ISIS terrorists in Syria and Iraq. Continue reading “Antiquated aircraft resurrected by Obama administration to fight ISIS”

Islam expert OK’s capturing and having sex with slaves, nixes selling them

Yazidi child who escaped from being an ISIS sex slave.

In what very well could be the prime example of a nation having one foot in the 21st century and another in the 7th, an Islamic scholar of some repute is speaking quite highly of how to treat slaves captured as the spoils of war. The same individual also happens to be a citizen of the same nation whose nuclear arsenal consists of approximately 110-130 nuclear warheads, if not more.

As reported by the Lahore-based publication Daily Pakistan on Mar. 10, 2016, former government bureaucrat, newspaper columnist and religious scholar Orya Maqbool Jan has flatly stated that the tenets of Islam allows the faithful to engage in sexual congress with female slaves, even without any formal marriage (Nikah). However, Jan also did stress that Islam does strongly suggest, but doesn’t officially mandate, that that human chattel be given their freedom.

In a twist of logic that arguably many of the Western mindset would find at a minimum of qualifying as bizarre, Jan went on to claim that Islam condemns the sale or purchase of even a single male or female battle captive. But with that qualifier issued and out of the way, Jan made sure it was understood that Islam dictates that while buying and selling human beings is strictly verboten, Muslims are instead suppose to take their prizes of war “to their own houses and treat them as their own slaves.”

With Jan insomuch as authorizing slavery throughout the Islamic World, he found time to wag his finger at the Islamabad government for not being Islamic enough. The religious scholar emphasized that slavery is “Allah’s principle,” and it’s the responsibility of the Pakistani government to “fully implement as being an Islamic State.”

Not his first brush with controversy, Jan made headlines when Rana Tanveer of The Express Tribune (of Pakistan) reported on Feb. 27, 2015, that in regards to the nation’s oppressed Amhadi religious minority, Jan stated in no uncertain terms that oppression against the 5 million Ahmadis residing in a nation of 182 million is not only legal, but the government isn’t doing enough and should instead ramped up.

Seen by mainstream Islam as a heretical offshoot, the Pakistani Constitution had officially declared Ahmadis as non-Muslim. Jan related his fond childhood memory of when there was “the most effective movement against Ahmadis.” As he further reminisced, “Then there was no one to defend them on television…today, you will find many who speak up for them.” Not quite done yet, he opined that the practice of people speaking up for Ahmadis “is a dangerous trajectory which must be nipped.”

Complete list of names: GOP leaders, liberal billionaires, sole Dem at #NeverTrump meeting

siGAAccording to the venerable Encyclopædia Britannica, the word cabal is defined as a private organization or party engaged in secret intrigues. In the wake of Donald Trump’s near clean sweep of the March 8 GOP primaries and caucus, the anti-Trump secret meeting recently held in Georgia certainly fits the definition. Continue reading “Complete list of names: GOP leaders, liberal billionaires, sole Dem at #NeverTrump meeting”

Ex-sex slaves take the fight to ISIS thugs who tortured, raped them

56db1ed4c461889b328b4576Some call them ISIS, others call them Daesh. Still others refer to them as either ISIL or simply IS. Whatever these particular Islamic jihadists terrorists are called, one group they’ll not soon forget a certain Peshmerga battalion with the enigmatic name The Force of the Sun Ladies. Continue reading “Ex-sex slaves take the fight to ISIS thugs who tortured, raped them”

Russian documentary; Afghan elders still recruiting ‘bacha boys’ for sex

56db1ed4c461889b328b4576Due to the Obama Administration’s long standing official policy of looking the other way while our Afghan allies rape young boys, one of Russia’s largest news organizations is releasing a documentary on the plight of “bacha boys” in the war-torn Central Asian nation. As reported in the Moscow-based news portal on Mar. 5, 2016, their just under 30-minute long documentary entitled “They Don’t just Dance…The Afghan tradition of recruiting young boys for sex” has just been released and comes with the warning at the very beginning of the film that the documentary contains “images and subject matter that viewers may find disturbing.” Continue reading “Russian documentary; Afghan elders still recruiting ‘bacha boys’ for sex”

Fact check: Trump never called for ‘murder’ of terrorists’ families

Pro_Hamas_Rally_in_DamascusAs it turns out, hyperbole isn’t just an extreme actor from the Indian subcontinent.

With one of the trademarks of the Trump for President campaign being the claim that the media is either hard left leaning or nesting comfortably in the hip pockets of the establishment political parties, or both, the latest from the Fourth Estate just may be proving Trump’s point. Continue reading “Fact check: Trump never called for ‘murder’ of terrorists’ families”