California’s cop-hooker sex scandal grows

California sex scandal mushrooms.
California sex scandal mushrooms.

Going by the nom de prostituée of Celeste Guap of Richmond, California has found herself at the center of a massive police criminal investigation. Not so much because she’d had sexual relations with dozens of LEOs (law enforcement officials), but much like their zippers, they couldn’t keep their mouths shut.

As reported by Dan Noyes of KGO-ABC of San Francisco, CA on June 27, 2016, and also by the staff of the news portal on June 28, 2016, Guap is at the center of seven different Internal Affairs (IA) investigations involving various police departments, sheriff’s offices, and at least one federal agency. The comely 18-years-old plainly admits she’s engaged in sexual relations with more than 30 LEOs, but that’s not the main reason the IA boys are looking into her horizontal activities.

While Guap claims to have bedded – or in some cases, back seated – dozens of the San Francisco Bay Area’s boys in blue, what has investigators curious is that among other things, tongues are wagging. Despite Guap stating she only charged three of the police officers for her sexual favors, she did mention other “perks” that have no set monetary value.

As Guap admitted to KGO reporter Dan Noyes, “‘Their perks become your perks, you know.’ Celeste showed me texts in which officers appear to tip her off to police operations. One exchange from this past March with a cop she nicknamed ‘Superman’ reads, ‘Want some advice?’ Celeste answered, ‘Tell me handsome.’ The response was, ‘Stay off E14 from Fruitvale to 42 tonight. There’s a uc (or undercover) operation.’ Celeste also tells me on at least 10 occasions, officers provided police reports or inside information on criminal cases for her and her friends.”

While not yet substantiated, Guap claims she initially started having sex specifically with cops at the age of 16. Which happens to be well under the Golden State’s 18-years-old age of consent law.

While all seven of the identified law enforcement agencies have launched investigations, only the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office has cleared the four deputies who’ve engaged in sex with the self-professed prostitute. It was eventually determined that the sexual relations were not only consensual, but there was never an exchange money, as well as she was 18 at the time.

So far, the LEOs and number of officials involved are as follows:

  • 16 officers from the Oakland Police Department
  • 6 Richmond police officers
  • 4 Alameda County Sheriff’s deputies
  • 3 San Francisco officers
  • 1 Contra Costa Sheriff’s deputy
  • 1 Livermore officer
  • 1 police officer from the U.S. Armed Force’s Logistics Agency

Mexican model executed in front of family, drug cartels implicated

Mexican-model-640x480South of the border is arguably less of a 21st century nation, and more of a cross between the Wild West and Al Capone’s Chicago. Case in point would be the latest high profile murder that very well could be linked to Mexico’s notoriously savage drug cartels.

As reported by Tony Aranda of the Texas edition of the news portal on June 27, 2016, a Mexican model was just gunned down by unknown assassins in Nuevo Leon. What makes the border state somewhat unique is that many political and law enforcement experts consider Nuevo Leon no longer governed by any civil government or authority. Instead, there are many drug cartels that de facto rule the northern part of the nation with all the subtlety of ISIS.

As reported, model and aspiring television personality Karla Karina Garza Garcia, 23-years-old, was murdered in her home in the Monterrey upscale suburb of Apodoca. In what was confirmed by an unnamed Mexican official, the killing wasn’t just a random act of violence, but a targeted hit.

A group of gunmen stormed into a house in the La Hacienda neighborhood, then demanded to know “Who is Karina?” As various relatives were held at gunpoint, when Garza Garcia was eventually identified, she was dragged into the kitchen.

Despite begging for her life, she was dispatched by a single gunshot wound to the head. The manner of execution is the standard modus operandi of Mexico’s brutal narco-terrorists.

According to the accompanying Spanish-language video, the comely Mexican model didn’t immediately die from the gunshot wound, but actually passed away in the arms of her younger sister. Possibly not totally a coincidence, Garza Garcia’s boyfriend was also executed recently. It’s widely believed he had ties to organized crime.

But Garza Garcia isn’t the first high profile beauty to die a violent death in Mexico’s seemingly never ending drug wars. Maria Susana “Susy” Flores was killed in a 2012 gunfight between gunmen of the Sinaloa Cartel and Mexico’s incorruptible and very hard-core Corps of Marines.

It was initially believed that Flores was just an innocent person caught in the cross-fire, but further investigation revealed something much different. As noted, “Ms. Flores was fleeing a safe-house with a group of henchmen associated with Orso Ivan Gastelum ‘El Cholo Ivan’ of the Sinaloa Cartel, and was shot in the neck and killed by Mexican Marines while trying to escape. One report states that neighbors heard her trying to surrender, saying ‘Don’t shoot.’ But official reports by the Federal Police say they found an automatic weapon by her side and that forensic tests showed residues of gunpowder on her skin proving she was shooting at Marines.”

Commentary: Muhammad Ali was no hero










There aren’t many people I want to see dead. It’s a sad thing to see just about anyone pass away, including Ali. I understand my opinion probably infuriates many, but the First Amendment is suppose to defend unpopular opinions, right?

Now that I have that particular qualifier out of the way, I certainly don’t want to see someone portrayed as a hero when the same someone clearly wasn’t. That’s right, I said it. Muhammad Ali was no hero, and I’m not the only one who feels that way.

I believe that Muhammad Ali was in life a hypocrite, a coward, an ingrate, and a clown. Gosh, why do I have the funny feeling that whoever is reading this either loves me or hates me?

But I digress. Keep in mind that this is the same individual who threw his 1960 Rome Olympics Gold Medal into the Ohio River in a fit of childish rage. But fret not, he was re-issued another brand spanking new one at the 1996 Atlanta Olympiad. How nice.

The same individual born Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. turned his back on his county when he dodged the draft in ’67. Or as Ali flexed his brain muscle at the time, “I ain’t got no quarrel with them Viet Cong.”

Oddly enough, hundreds of thousands of other young American males answered their nation’s call when it came time to perform their patriotic chore. Ali could have petitioned for a Conscientious Objector status or even possibly joined the Reserves.

Here’s a crazy idea… how about serving like all those hundreds of others did at the time? But not Muhammad Ali. I guess Captain Ted Williams (USMC fighter pilot/Boston Red Sox), Spec 4 Rocky Bleier (US Army infantry/Pittsburgh Steelers), Tech Sergeant Joe Louis (US Army Cavalry/Heavyweight Champion of the World), and Lt. Colonel Jerry Coleman (USMC fighter pilot/New York Yankees) were chumps, huh?

By the way, upon his death Ali’s personal fortune was estimated at between $50 million to $80 million. Yes, evil America had oppressed and treated so badly poor Muhammad. Even in 1967 when he turned his back on his nation, Ali was quite the wealthy young man.

I can’t help but wonder how many Vietnam Vets spent their final moments on this Earth attempting in vain to stay warm over a steam exhaust grate in the middle of a New York City winter. You can bet Ali’s declining years were nothing like that.

Yet another famous statement that many considered decisive and a swipe at his country, Ali once famously quipped, “Cassius Clay is my slave name.” Ali was born in 1942, not 1842. Perhaps his ability to read a calendar was in direct parallel to his grammatical prowess.

After all, not many slaves were ever millionaires. Maybe he was just pitching another fit, temper tantrum, whatever.

Even if I put aside his ingratitude and hypocrisy, here’s a modern condition I’ll lay directly at his feet – Ali was the catalyst for sucking almost all of the class out of professional sports. While I’m at it, let’s be honest and admit he’s the godfather every self-aggrandizing baseball player who’s ever hit a homer, and instead of showing some class and just running the bases, instead decided to stand there and admire the tater soar out of the park. That’s the Ali Effect.

Whatever happened to just downing the football in the end zone? Nah… instead we now see routines that would make the Soul Train Dancers and the entire ensemble of the Bolshoi blush with envy. That’s the Ali Effect.

Certainly understandable when a pugilist wins that he’s exuberant when celebrating, but when did conducting yourself like one of those painted frauds from professional wrasslin’ become acceptable? Since Ali, that’s when.

Actions speak louder than words. Screaming your “The Greatest” doesn’t make you so. Conducting yourself as a champion is what makes one the greatest.

Most of us have had a parent or coach tell us that when we triumph during a sporting event, “act like you’ve been there before.” That’s a phrase that really, really needs a comeback.