Video from the $700K Climate Change Musical: You Paid For It – Enjoy It



Just about everyone has seen the news report of Office of Management and Budget Director and all-around bad-ass Mick Mulvaney calling out a reporter in regards to the Obama Administration dropping a hard-earned taxpayer-shafted-again $700,000 on a musical production centered on the burning question of climate change (see video at the very end of article).

While no one… and I mean no one… from the Left called out Mulvaney on his accusation, I decided to look into this for myself.

Guess what — the federal government’s National Science Foundation (NSF) really did write out a $700,000 check for said musical. Well, not really. It was a check for $697,177.00.

Says who? The National Science Foundation, that’s who.

As seen on the NSF’s official website, a Brooklyn, NY,  theater company known as The Civilians, Inc. (of 138 S. Oxford St. 3C, Brooklyn, NY 11217.  718-230-3330), was given the hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce a theatrical extravaganza entitled “The Great Immensity“.

But Wait, There’s More…

OK, so the hipster SJWs had over two-thirds of a million dollars thrown at them. Did the story/hilarity end there? Of course not. The cluelessness was strong with these ones.

As Science Magazine noted in their Oct 2, 2014 issue, Texas Republican Rep. Lamar Smith was quoted;

“There are many grants that no taxpayer would consider in the national interest, or worthy of how their hard-earned dollars should be spent. … The public deserves an explanation for why the NSF has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on musicals about climate change, bicycle designs, and a video game that allows users to relive prom night.”

Also cited by Science Magazine in the same issue, other examples of NSF spending included;

  • “Oppression and Mental Health in Nepal.” The 3-year, $160,000 award supported a study of how social status affects the mental health of Nepalese adolescents.
  • $19,684 for a doctoral dissertation on “culture, change & chronic stress in lowland Bolivia.”
  • $5.65 million, is for a project that aims to use innovative education methods to educate Arctic communities about climate change and related issues.

Six months prior to Science Magazine reporting of the truckloads of cash thrown at questionable spending, researched if Rep. Smith’s accusation was true.

Not only did they find the Texan’s claim to be true, but also published the NSF bragging of the spending;

A foundation spokeswoman, Dana Topousis, said by email the grant was awarded in 2010, adding: “The Civilians, Inc., a Brooklyn, N.Y., theatre company, developed an innovative, out-of-the-box approach to exposing U.S. citizens to science. The project represents the unique cultural leverage of theater in its attempt to inspire the public’s imagination and curiosity about basic science and its relation to their everyday lives.”

But like most scary stories, this one has a happy ending. The Washington Times reported on Sept. 17, 2014 that things didn’t exactly go all that well during the production’s run; (emphasis mine)

A taxpayer-funded musical on climate change is closing its curtains early amid a storm of criticism from reviewers and lawmakers.

“The Great Immensity,” produced by Brooklyn-based theater company The Civilians Inc. with a $700,000 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF), has ended its run after reaching just 5 percent of its anticipated audienceFox News reported.

The play also opened a year late and failed to produce a buzz once it did.






News Flash: Russian spying on the United States since 1850s

Democrats respond to Russian spying.

Russian spying: Should I dare bring up the Soviet spies that infiltrated the Democrat Administration of Franklin Roosevelt?

This may come as somewhat of a shock to the Democrats, but Russia has been spying on our beloved America since at least the middle of the 19th century. Way before Boris Badenov tried to rig the outcome of the football game between Wossamatta U. and the Mud City Manglers, the Russians have been knee-deep in America’s affairs of state.

In spite of the Democrats recent clutching of pearls and near apoplectic drama when the cameras are on, those nogoodniks in Mother Russia have been snoopin’ and poopin’ on us since at least 1851.

As noted in the book The Treaty of Portsmouth and Its Legacies, edited by Steven Ericson and Allen Hockley, the American ambassador to Czarist Russia, Neil S. Brown from 1851-1853, reported back to Washington that the “most disagreeable features of Russia were its secrecy, surveillance, distrust, undue ceremony and delay, overbearing police, censorship, and espionage, including opening communications and spying.” Sounds like the Obama Administration.

It’s a fair bet that the same espionage and spying Ambassador Brown decried was also pointed directly at the American embassy in the then Russian capital of St. Petersburg.

By the way, the definition of espionage is “the practice

Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale, the DNC’s boogyman. (Youtube)

of spying or using spies to obtain information about the plans and activities especially of a foreign government”.

Speaking of fair bets, our own CIA notes in their official website that a little sumpin’-sumpin’ called the Zagranichnaia okhranka (fancy Russian talk for the House of Romanov’s Imperial Police) opened their Paris office in 1883 to keep an eye on Russian troublemakers who’ve been booted from the Land of the Rus.

And yes, it’s a fair bet that the butt-in-skis at the unpronounceable Zagranichnaia okhranka poked their collective noses into the goings-on at the American embassy regarding the status of Russians who had recently emigrated to the States.

But if Czarist Russia isn’t your cup of tea, there’s always the re-branded Russians, also known as the Soviets.

In the Edward Mickolus book The Counterintelligence Chronology: Spying by and Against the United States from the 1700s through 2014, the author notes that the former-USSR posted their first (that we know of) intelligence officer in the United States.

As it turns out, standard spy-craft wasn’t enough for the Soviets. Even the dependably left-leaning PBS cited on their website;

The Amtorg Trading Corporation is an American company based in New York that was founded in 1924 by the Soviet Union to serve as its buying and selling organization in trade between the USSR and the USA. It handled the bulk of Soviet-American trade until 1935, and continues to exist today. Working as an Amtorg employee served as a convenient cover for Soviet spies, such as Morris Cohen.

That’s right. The same Morris Cohen who turned his back on the land of his birth, and later against Great Britain, for the Soviet Union.

They’re called the RED Sox for a reason