Coptic bishop found dead; head hacked open ‘with a sharp, heavy object’

ISIS terrorists in Egypt.

It’s simply a matter of historical fact that Christianity predates Islam in Egypt by at least 600 years.
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Drug cartel puts $70,000 bounty on this dog’s head

It’s said that the average dog has a sense of smell 1,000 times greater than we puny humans. But Sombra, a German Shepherd police dog with the Colombian National Police, doesn’t have your average canine sniffer.

In fact, Sombra (Spanish for “Shadow“), is so adept at sniffing out cocaine, she has a price on her head somewhere between $7,000 and $70,000 — dead or alive — courtesy of the Urabeños gang, also known as the Gulf Clan cocaine cartel.
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Normalizing pedophilia: ‘Rick and Morty’ co-creator tweets drawing of nude Barron Trump

While I do consider the adventures of the always inebriated super-genius Rick Sanchez and his über-nerdy grandson Mortimer “Morty” Smith as one of the funniest shows on television, some of the real life actions of the show’s co-creator Justin Roiland are flat-out disgusting, if not criminal.
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McDonald’s beatdown: You know you’ve lost when one of your boobs falls out

My normally peace-loving South Carolina-born-and-bred wife just had her inner-Confederate emerge.

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EU surrenders to Trump, Paul Krugman eats his words

I wonder if any Leftie #Resistance kooks will chase down NY Times op/ed doofus-in-charge Paul Krugman when he goes out to a restaurant/catch a movie/writes another Chicken Little op/ed.

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Latest Islamic Fatwa: Plucking eyebrows and waxing are sinful

(Photo: It’s probably a good thing for Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai that she isn’t Muslim. She might be damned to hell for plucking her eyebrows.)

I can’t help but wonder if everything in Islam is considered haram (forbidden). Everything from flying kites to eating vegetables that may resemble the male sexual organ (such as carrots) have been deemed by as sinful by various Islamic clerics.

After all, it was Iran’s Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini who once famously stated, “There are no jokes in Islam. There is no humor in Islam. There is no fun in Islam.”

But what would you expect from a guy who lived on nothing but raw milk yogurt, onions and plain rice? More like Ayatollah Buzzkill.

Anyhow, the word from India’s East Coast Daily is that it’s strictly verboten for chicks to pluck their eyebrows or to have body hair plucked, shaved of waxed;

The Darul Uloom Islamic school at Deoband in Uttar Pradesh’s Saharanpur district is known to issue several fatwa, many of which go on to create quite some stir. After banning the use of CCTVs and saying that women mustn’t pluck and shape their eyebrows, the school has now issued a fatwa against waxing and shaving.

The seminary was replying to a query by a local named Abdul Aziz, who wanted to know if it was acceptable for a man or a woman to shave their arms or legs. The seminary said barring armpits, mustache and lower part of navel, removing hair from any other part was “against culture”.

Posted for no other reason that Ashwarya Rai is really, really good looking. And yes, she really does have blue eyes.

As it turns out, the Darul Uloom seminary has quite a history if issuing fatwas (Islamic rulings) that seem rather curious, if not downright Stone Age, to Western sentiments.

As reported by the Time of India, Muslim women shopping at “bangle shops” must never allow male shopkeepers to attend to their needs… only female employees are allowed to serve them.

After all, a male stranger even touching a woman’s naked arm is “wrong and a big sin”.

All Rai… all the time.

Video: Lil’ Chuckie Schumer bowing to Putin

New York’s Senator Chuck Schumer certainly didn’t waste any time “calling for immediate hearings with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and other top officials to learn more about President Donald Trump’s private meeting on Monday with Russian President Vladimir Putin.” Continue reading “Video: Lil’ Chuckie Schumer bowing to Putin”

Comey admonishes American people to ‘vote for Democrats’ — Dem response not what he hoped for

The #Resistance and #NeverTrump crowd has long considered the fired ex-FBI director James Comey as their very own saint who suffered martyrdom for their very (liberal) salvation.

But when Comey went full circle with his “I hate Trump” narrative, he found himself hoisted on his own petard, which is just a real fancy way of saying he made himself look very, very stupid.

However, Brian Fallon, current CNN commentator and former Press Secretary for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 run for the presidency, shot back a seven-word response that pretty much sums up the Democrats opinion of the man who Hillary blames (among dozens of others) for her loss.

As it turns out, Fallon wasn’t the only one to tell Comey to pound sand.

Zak Petkanas, the always highly-caffeinated ex-Director of Rapid Response for Clinton 2016, was even more blunt than Fallon.

Las Vegas cop takes out murder suspects Bonnie and Clyde style (Video)

Three cheers for Las Vegas police officer William Umana. It was Officer Umana who, in the words of Sheriff Buford T. Justice, was in high-speed interstate hot pursuit of two murder suspects on the mean streets of Lost Wages.

As reported by David Hookstead of the Daily Caller’s, Officer Umana’s bodycam video “is one the craziest things you’ll ever see on the internet.”

Fidel Miranda was shot and killed by police July 11 during a chase that started after a man was killed. Miranda and Rene Nunez, who were taken into custody alive, sped away from police and fired 34 rounds at the officers in pursuit, according to Fox 5 Vegas.

That turned out to be a fatal decision for Miranda because Officer William Umana responded by firing 31 rounds from his Glock handgun. The video of the pursuit and gunfight is one the craziest things you’ll ever see on the internet.

Dem congressman dangerously close to calling for military overthrow of president

As actor John Vernon’s character of Captain Fletcher stated so eloquently in the film, The Outlaw Josey Wales, “Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.”

That’s pretty much the impression I had when I read today’s tweet shot out by Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN).

You remember Steve Cohen, don’t you? He’s the yutz that stupidly stated that disgraced FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok deserved the Purple Heart medal.

In response to President Trump’s Helsinki presser with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the congressman from Memphis let his felling known via Twitter;

Now’s the time to insert the line from Vernon;

Now Cohen is making noise claiming he never called for a military coup;

In true liberal fashion, Cohen thinks the American people are utterly and completely stupid. I can’t speak for anyone else, but Mr. Cohen, I know exactly what you meant.

In the meantime, enjoy the response to Cohen by the aptly-tagged @Justin_Case;

Perhaps medically retired Marine, SSgt Johnny “Joey” Jones who lost both legs in combat, giving his thoughts on Cohen stating how much Strzok “deserves” a Purple Heart said it best;


Atlanta Applebee’s: Four thug women beat, slash waitress over bumped knee

Four women were caught on surveillance video of an Applebee’s restaurant in an Atlanta suburb of beating, and eventually slashing with a knife, a waitress who accidentally bumped the knee of one of the four as she served them their dinner.

As seen in the video report from FOX5 Atlanta, things actually turned uber-violent when the server accidentally brushed-up against the same offended customer’s knee a second time.

With an obvious physical appearance belying the fact that all four of the thug women could stand to skip a meal or twenty, the felonious clean plate club in unison attacked the hapless waitress.

Applebee’s staff and a handful of patrons were seen on the video attempting the impossible, separating the half-ton plus of violent femmes from the waitress, who appeared to weigh all of a buck and a quarter.

Only when someone shouted, “The police are coming!” did the Flab Four casually retrieved their purses and waddled out of the restaurant.

But prior to exiting, one of the ass-a-plenty assailants took a swipe at the waitress’s arm with a steak knife.

To add insult to injury, the hungry, hungry hoodlums also swiped from the server’s apron somewhere between $200 to $300 of her tip money.

Illegal aliens hurl stones at Border Patrol agents attempting to save pregnant woman

The Rio Grande Valley Section of the US Border Patrol reports that as USBP agents were attempting to rescue a pregnant women who was making an attempt to illegally enter the United States, the very same agents found themselves pelted with rocks.

As reported by Bob Price of;

Rio Grande Valley Sector agents observed a group of illegal immigrants climbing a tree to attempt to climb onto the Progreso Port of Entry bridge on Saturday. The agents observed two people on the bridge and a woman who appeared to be in distress at the base of the tree, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials.

Agents said the woman claimed to be pregnant and was suffering from back pain. As the agents started emergency medical treatment on the woman, one of the subjects began to throw rocks from the bridge.

The Weslaco Station agents quickly moved the woman to a safe location and continued taking care of her until a local ambulance arrived and transported her to a hospital where she will be evaluated and treated as necessary before being turned back over to Border Patrol agents for processing.

The attackers were not apprehended as they quickly fled back across the bridge into Mexico.

Attacking USBP agents isn’t exactly something new.

As seen below, KGTV of San Diego reported in 2015 of hundreds of Mexican nationals made a concerted effort to bait the USBP by throwing stones, then making mad dashes for the border, to then retreat back to the Mexican side.

Possible Haitian bloodbath: US government orders American citizens to ‘shelter in place’

The UN’s very own vassal state and the Western Hemisphere’s basket case of a country, better known as the République d’Haïti, is literally in a state of self-destruct.

So much so, that the US Embassy in the nation’s capital of Port-au-Prince just issued a Demonstration Alert to American citizens in-country;

Event: Embassy personnel are still under a Shelter in Place order. Roadblocks are continuing to pop up throughout the city and being manned by people throwing rocks. Some roadblocks have armed demonstrators that will shoot at vehicles trying to run through the roadblock

Actions to Take:

• Shelter in place. Do not attempt to travel at this time.
• Avoid protests and any large gathering of people.
• Do not attempt to drive through roadblocks.
• If you encounter a roadblock, turn around and get to a safe area.

In a separate notification, the embassy also advised that things just went from bad to worse;

Event: Due to continuing demonstrations, roadblocks, and violence across Port-au-Prince and throughout Haiti, U.S. citizens should continue to shelter in place. Do not travel to the airport unless you confirmed your flight is departing. Flights are cancelled today and the airport has limited food and water available.

In true diplomatic-ese, the embassy failed to paint a true picture of just how bad things really are.

Fox News is reporting of deaths caused by out of control Haitian police;

At least three people have been killed, including two protesters who were fatally shot by authorities and a security guard who was beaten to death by demonstrators after attempting to disperse a crowd by firing his gun into the air.

In the meantime, United Press International is reporting of direct threats against Americans;

Demonstrators tried to set fire to a Port-au-Prince hotel where about 120 Americans and 100 Haitians are staying. The protesters also tried to penetrate security and enter the hotel, which among the guests include children and missionaries.

UPI also cited;

Fires were set to police stations in Gonaives and Carrefour on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince and gunshots were fired during demonstrations in the capital city and town of Cavaillon.

Haiti’s Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant on Saturday appealed for calm and announced a temporary stop to the price increases, which were rise by 38 percent. Diesel prices were to go up 47 percent and kerosene by 51 percent.

The fuel hikes were part of an agreement between the Haitian government and the International Monetary Fund as part of an assistance package. The country could lose up to $96 million in budgetary support from international donors if [either party] fails to meet the agreement.

In 2004, the United Nations took it upon themselves to embark on a military occupation of Haiti with an initial military force of 6,700 troops. As cited from UN documents, the globalist organization even cited that the Haitian transfer of power was in keeping with their constitution, but still invaded, nonetheless;

“taking note of the resignation of Jean-Bertrand Aristide as President of Haiti and the swearing-in of President Boniface Alexandre as the acting President of Haiti in accordance with the Constitution of Haiti.”

During the United Nations military occupation of the Caribbean nation from 2004 until 2017, officially tagged the United Nations Stabilization Mission In Haiti (UNSTAMIH), there were at least 5,000 soldiers and police officers from dozens of member nations running the country under the UN banner.

While troops came from such diverse nations ranging from Canada to Nepal to the Philippines, the bulk of the solders were from Brazil and Chile, and the UNSTAMIH commander was always a Brazilian army general.

The high water mark for deployed troops reached a whopping 9,000 in 2007 when lynching’s became a commonplace occurrence, as noted by the BBC.

In 2007, the BBC also reported of a major battle between 700-800 UN troops and a street gang known as “The Evans” that took place in the largest slum on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince, Cité Soleil, population 300,000.

The true definition of “shithole country.”

In 2010, a cholera epidemic swept Haiti, afflicting 812,000 Haitians, killing an additional 9,600 as reported by the Miami Herald.

The BBC cites “the source of the outbreak was a Nepalese peacekeeping base, whose toilets contaminated the Artibonite river…”

There were also a number of rape scandals perpetrated by UN troops against Haitian citizens, usually children;

  • Four Uruguayan troops raped an 18-year-old man, then ran the video taken of the drunken crime on social media
  • “Several” Pakistani troops were accused of the gang-raping of a 14-year-old boy, but only two were found guilty, then sentenced to a 1-year prison term each
  • Of the 950-strong Sri Lankan contingent, 110 were sent home following numerous rape charges involving children
  • The rape of a Haitian minor female by soldiers from Nepal resulted in an “internal investigation the UN declared that it would punish and remove the guilty parties.”

Morbidly obese hurl insults, threats at Sen Mitch McConnell

When the morbidly obese attack… very slowly.

The only things out-flapping their mouths were the sheer number of back-boobs, ass-flab and navel-gazing-nipples.

Making its way across social media as well as the hard-leftie Establishment Media is a cellphone video of a handful of 1960s rejects who took it upon themselves chide Senate Majority Leader, Sen. Mitch McConnell, as he dawdled his way to his SUV.

Not that I have any support or sympathy whatsoever for the top RINO in the upper chamber, I do, however, bemoan the utter lack of civility and class regarding the political Left.

Obviously caught at the special moment when their oral cavities weren’t filled with sticks of butter or frozen lardsicles, the crowd (numbering almost as many as a dozen individuals, or 30 people by sheer weight) could be heard wheezing their way through “Where are the babies?” or “Abolish ICE!” along with “We know where you live.”

As I see these folks cankle-deep into their childish antics, two questions come to mind;

  1. Where were you in 2014?
  2. How many illegal aliens have YOU taken in?

British war dog rips throat out of offending jihadist, saves lives of six SAS troops

Adversaries of the British Army’s SAS (Special Air Service) find death awaiting them in the most creative ways.

Quite possibly, these special operators may consider dispatching their enemies with the standard bullets, bayonets, and bombs to be somewhat passé.

After all, it was just a few short weeks ago that the British MoD (Ministry of Defence) decided to make public that an SAS sergeant stationed in Afghanistan killed six Taliban, three with his pistol, then the remainder with a claw hammer.

Now the word on the street is that an SAS war dog single-pawedly thwarted a jihadi ambush in Syria.

While the ISIS Islamists once controlled nearly half of Syria, the terrorist organization is now reduced to holding a smattering of villages in the nation’s north and east.

It was during a six-man SAS sweep of a nondescript village in the north of Syria that a yet to be publicly identified Belgian Malinois became a one-dog army.

The Belgian Malinois is closely related to the German Shepard. Both breeds are favored by the military for their fierce loyalty to their handlers as well as their savage ferocity in battle.

As reported by London’s The Daily Mail;

They had just entered a small village in a convoy of armoured vehicles when they got out to continue the recce on foot.

But soon after they left the safety of the convoy, they were attacked on all sides by waiting jihadis in what was described as a ‘360 degree ambush’.

The SAS men returned fire but the jihadis began closing in and tried to outflank them.

The animal was said to have leapt to the defence of the struggling British soldiers, tearing the throat of on gunman who was firing at the patrol.

It then turned on two other jihadis, leaving them seriously injured before the other six ambushers all fled.

Furthermore, the Daily Mail quoted an unnamed source (via Britain’s the Daily Star);

‘The initiative was with the terrorists and the only hope for the British was to try and make a run for it.

‘The handler removed the dog’s muzzle and directed him into a building from where they were coming under fire.

‘They could hear screaming and shouting before the firing from the house stopped.

‘When the team entered the building they saw the dog standing over a dead gunman.

‘His throat had been torn out and he had bled to death,’ the source continued, ‘There was also a lump of human flesh in one corner and a series of blood trails leading out of the back of the building.

‘The dog was virtually uninjured. The SAS were able to consolidate their defensive position and eventually break away from the battle without taking any casualties.’

The SAS commander in charge of the patrol credited the dog with directly saving the lives of all six of the men.

Texas mom shoots would-be carjacker/kidnapper in the head

As the bumper sticker says, “Don’t Mess With Texas”. Besides having an express lane to the Pentobarbital Ride at HuntsvilleLand State Penitentiary, the average Texan is fairly well armed.

Twenty-two time loser Ricky Wright, 36, had to find out the hard way.

As it turns out, Michelle Booker-Hicks of Dallas must have had her Mamma Bear instincts kick-in when she witnessed Wright attempting to steal her SUV.

Did I mention that her 2 and 4-year-old toddlers were in the back seat?

It was then that Booker-Hicks somehow managed to get into the vehicle’s backseat, assumedly while still moving. Amazingly enough, from the backseat she reached into the glove compartment to snag her pistol.

At that moment in time, Wright found out what it was like to be shot in the head.

As reported by CBSDFW Channel 11 (of Dallas-Fort Worth);

The mother, who does not want to be identified, left her children in the SUV while she ran inside the convenience store. Before she returned a man jumped into her vehicle and tried to drive away, but the woman saw what was happening and jumped in the back seat.

The woman told CBS 11 News she tried to get the man, later identified as Rickey Wright, to stop but he refused. At that point she was able to open her glove box, pull out a gun, and shoot Wright in the head.

“I should have just have emptied the whole clip but I didn’t. I didn’t. I just wanted to give him a warning shot that was it,” she said. “I’m not a killer or anything like that, but I do believe in defending what’s mine.”

The mother said she had just put the gun in the SUV hours before after her husband helped her with reloading. “I told him that I needed some bullets for my gun and he told me that he was going to go get it.”

Wright crashed into a light pole and was later taken to a local hospital. Thursday morning he was said to be in serious but stable condition. As he recovers the mother wanted to tell Wright something. “I wish I would’ve killed you, if I didn’t already,” she said.

Wright has been charged with two counts of Unlawful Restraint and Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle. Court records show he has been arrested more than 20 times on a variety of charges — including unauthorized use of a vehicle, possession of marijuana, evading arrest, assault and theft.

Trump to meet European ‘allies’: EU raises own military while USA pays for NATO

President Trump will be winging his way to Europe next week, reportedly to demand that the leaders of the majority of  NATO member nations start kicking-in their previously agreed upon 2 percent of their GDP to their NATO commitment.

To date, only the United States, the United Kingdom, Greece and Estonia have paid their dues in full.

In fact, it’s been the US that’s been doing all the heavy lifting.

Despite the US being just a single member, American taxpayer pays between one-fifth to one-fourth the total operating costs to protecting Europe from a possible Russian invasion.

Just in Fiscal Year 2010 alone, the United States dropped nearly three-quarters of a billion dollars on NATO ($711.8 million).

The number of American troops permanently stationed in Europe is usually between 60,000 – 65,000.

In the meantime, the EU has nearly 2 million active duty personnel in uniform.

At least on paper, the other 28 member nation of NATO are suppose to fight with the United States against the decades-old fear of an invasion from the Soviet Union/Russia.

How soon before French or German troops are marching down Whitehall to “keep the peace”?

Despite the American largess, the powers to be in Berlin, Paris, London and all the other leaders of the EU (European Union) have decided to stand-up their own EU military.

But the EU’s secret plan is just don’t call it a military.

Not to be confused with the Justice League or the Legion of Doom, the EU army shall be known forevermore as the European External Action Service (EEAS).

Even our stalwart British allies, who voted to leave the EU not all that long ago,  have verified they’ll saddle-up with Team Euro Excitement Squad (or whatever the hell they’re called).

Dutch warship under the command of the French Navy to intercept Somali pirates in the waters off Africa.

In spite of the EU swearing up and down they have no intention of starting a standing army for the European, there are 18 “Battlegroups”. Examples include;

  • The Nordic Battlegroup (Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Ireland and Norway)
  • Battlegroup 42 (United Kingdom, Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden and the Netherlands)
  • The Balkan Battlegroup (Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus and Ukraine)
  • Visegrád Battlegroup (Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine)

Speaking strictly for myself, if the member nations of the EU so desire to create their own armed forces, that’s their call. But for the life of me, I just don’t understand why we continue to pump billions of dollars for the defense of Europe, especially in light that the Berlin Wall came down decades ago.

Maybe President Trump will fix that once and for all.

Irish PM warns of danger to Europe: Not from migrant invasion, but from patriots

Like tens of millions of Americans, I’m of Irish blood. Suffice it to say, it pains me to state that the Irish Republic has already past the point of no return.

  • Since the disastrous Second Vatican Council, Ireland has long since abandoned its Catholicism
  • Joining the Irish armed forces means you’ve really signed up with the United Nations’ Ministry of Defense
  • A huge majority of Irish citizens literally danced in the streets to celebrate killing the next generation of Irish men and women

The fond feelings many Americans of Irish lineage have in their hearts belongs more to the likes of Michaleen Oge Flynn of The Quiet Man fame, or Father Charles O’Malley crooning his way through “Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral“.

Well, maybe watching Jerry Plunkett slugging his way through German lines under the watchful eye of Father Duffy could kick-start the heart of any 5th generation Irishman pining for the Auld Sod.

But in all fairness, that Ireland never really existed. With that said, seeing how far Ireland has degraded itself to secularism, atheism and multiculturalism makes me sometimes scratch my head in disbelief.

After all, there must have been at least a kernel of truth to those tales we were raised on. But you’d never know it by looking at Ireland in the 21st century.

Case in point, as reported by Virginia Hale of Breitbart London, Ireland’s first openly homosexual prime minister, Leo Varadkar, recently bemoaned the crisis facing Europe.

No, not the hundreds of thousands of usually illiterate and unskilled so-called “migrants” from the Middle East and Africa. His complaint is with those pesky Europeans who have the bad manners to love their respective nations.

As reported by Hale;

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has declared that the crisis facing the EU is not mass immigration, but European resistance to importing large numbers of migrants from the third world.

“This isn’t so much a migrant crisis as it is a political crisis,” the Irish Taoiseach (prime minister) said of disagreement within the EU over how to deal with illegal immigrants arriving to the continent.

“Europe needs migration,” he insisted, claiming the belief that hundreds of thousands of migrants from the world’s poorest countries arriving in boats and storming the EU’s frontiers is a problem that has been invented by right-wing parties for political gain.

Asserting that “the number of migrants crossing into Europe is a fraction of what it was 3 years ago”, Varadkar said the real issue facing the continent is the rise of patriotic parties which are opposed to endless mass migration from the Global South and demands that every EU country be required to take part in resettlement.

“But we have a political crisis because of the fact that anti-immigration and populist parties have been very electorally successful in Italy and central [and] eastern Europe.

Interestingly enough, Varadkar is also the second Irish PM not to be full-blooded Irish.

Éamon de Valera (his father was Spanish) was Ireland’s PM on three different occasions during the 1940s and 1950s. Varadkar’s father is native to Bombay, India.

Annapolis shootings: Reporter fired for fake news, lies of Trump connection to killer

Conor Berry formerly was employed by The Republican newspaper of Springfield, MA. But as I said… formerly.

On the heels of Jarrod Ramos being arrested for the shotgun murders of five people in the offices of the Annapolis newspaper, the Capitol Gazette, Berry sent out a tweet that looked an awful lot like breaking news.

But as reported by Warner Todd Huston of;

Berry deleted the tweet after an editor from his paper saw it and demanded that the tweet be deep-sixed. However, the posting was seen before the deletion and screenshots soon began appearing on social media.

By Friday, Berry went back to Twitter to announce that his newspaper career had come “to a screeching halt,” The Hill reported.

In spite of Berry’s multiple mea culpas, his apologies fell flat when he again took to Twitter to explain himself;

In one of the comments on his announcement, the now former reporter insisted that his original MAGA hat tweet was supposed to have been taken as sarcasm and cynicism, but it was “interpreted as fact. It was not fact. It was fiction.”

Despite Berry’s none-too-subtle insinuation that the killer is a Trump supporter, questions have arisen if Jarrod Ramos is a Democrat or Republican.

As it turns out, Ramos is so apolitical that Maryland records note his political affiliation as simply “Unaffiliated”.

Nonetheless, even though it’s an inanimate object, the now famous MAGA hat has somehow managed to “trigger” snowflakes everywhere, even in far-off prairielands of Canada;