2020 Elections: AOC May be Losing Her House Seat

Never doubt for a moment that the Establishment Democrat Party won’t hesitate to squash any Party member who steps out of line.

Bernie Sanders knew it in 2016, Andrew Yang is going through it now.

Interesting that not only Andy Yang found himself left out of the recent DNC’s Democrat Unity Fund video (below), so was Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI). Hmm, these two have quite the penchant for rocking the Democrat boat, don’t they?

But I ask you to consider this… even though Rep. Nancy Pelosi is not only the Speaker of the House, she’s also arguably the most powerful person in the Democrat Party. Tom Perez only has name recognition among political junkies, and Little Chuckie Schumer’s best days are in his rear-view mirror.

Granted, I base the following opinion on nothing but my gut feeling, but I can’t help but believe that Pelosi is none-too thrilled with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez being lauded as the real leader of the Democrat Party.

I also get the gut feeling that AOC relishes all the media-hyped gushing over her. So how do you think Pelosi’s taking this? I’ll wager she’s stewing in it.

So how should the Establishment Democrats make this particular burr under the saddle go away? Very simple. Just make her Congressional District go away.

If you don’t think that Nancy Pelosi’s tentacles don’t reach all the way to Albany, you’re fooling yourself.