700 Tapeworms: Chinese Man Found Infested After Eating Undercooked Pork

No, not Ramen Noodles. Guess again.

The Chinese seem to have natural remedies for everything from angina to zygomycosis. But sadly for 43-year-old Zhu Zhong-fa from China’s East Coast, he’s not hep to any home-cures for tapeworms due to eating undercooked pork. All the more strange, especially since pork is the favorite meat consumed in China.

With that aside, the OneIndia.com news site is reporting that Mr. Zhu has been diagnosed as being the host for as many as 700 tapeworms residing in his lungs, chest and brain;

In a medical case that has emerged from China’s Zhejiang province, a 43-year-old Zhu Zhong-fa, was found to have taeniasis, a parasitic disease due to infection with 700 tapeworms present in his lungs, chest after he had complained of persistent headaches and seizures.

Tapeworms usually enter the body if the host has consumed tapeworm eggs from infected meat that hasn’t been cooked properly.

Zhong-fa, from Hangzhou in east China, was taken to a hospital after he was suffering from the symptoms for almost a month.

After his medical checkup was done, Dr Wang Jian-rong from the department of infectious disease found out that he had taeniasis. According to him, the worms have already caused considerable damage to Zhu’s organs.

A complete scan of his major organs was done thereafter, the results of which shocked the entire medical staff of the hospital.

Scans revealed the man had as many as 700 tapeworms in his brain, chest, and lungs. Zhu then recalled that he had the hotpot about a month ago and might not have cooked the meat thoroughly.