Africa: Christian Militias Form to Fight Muslim Terrorists

The silence of the international community is like they are accomplices allowing this to happen…” – Father Frédéric Tonfio, Catholic priest

Christian militia with antiquated firearms take on well armed Muslims.
Christian militiamen with antiquated firearms take on well armed Muslims.

From sources as diverse as the BBC, The Guardian, Walid Shoebat and Human Rights Watch, Christians in the Central African Republic (CAR) are facing a near genocide at the hands of Islamic terrorists, many of them from neighboring Jihadi strongholds of Chad and The Sudan.

Yet reports are leaking out of the landlocked nation that ragtag groups of Christian men and boys are forming self-defense militias against the Jihadists.

Officially known as Seleka, meaning “Alliance” in the local tongue, the terrorists have been incorporated into the Muslim controlled national army.

Muslims constitute only 15 % of the population in this majority Catholic country, but control the masses through sheer terror due in large part to they being the only ones with access to the nation’s armories.

Since the toppling of the rightful ruler President François Bozizé, that’s when the  Seleka started the public executions, to include beheadings, started against the Christians.

One of the more savage terror attacks reported was when Christian hostages were bound hand and foot then thrown into a river to be eaten alive by crocodiles.

Poorly armed and trained Christian militiamen still make a brave stand.
Poorly armed and trained Christian militiamen still make a brave stand.

While thousands of terrorists flood into the CAR from various Muslim nations, the CAR’s French formal colonial rulers warned last Thursday that the Christians now stand “on the verge of genocide.

Naming themselves after the Muslim gangs favorite edged weapon for massacring Christians,  the volunteers have named themselves the Anti-Balaka (Anti-Machete) Militia.

From all accounts, the Christian militias lack central command and control, professional training or anything even remotely close to qualifying as modern weaponry. 

Armed with old shotguns, farm tools and homemade swords, members of the  Anti-Balaka Militia have made it clear they have no choice but to take a stand to protect the weak and vulnerable.  The Muslim on Christian violence has been so pronounced,  the  Anti-Balaka Militia experienced a flood of volunteers eager for pay back.

As one anonymous militiaman stated:

“I want to become a rebel and kill members of Seleka. We suffered too much.

Muslims are our enemies.”

As another fighter who was identified only as a leader in the Christian militia stated:

“The anti-Balaka are exclusively Christian, and our aim is to liberate the Christian population from the yoke of the Muslims.

We are not a rebel group, our fight is only against the Seleka and to protect the population from them.

We are the youth, organized by ourselves in self-defense.”

Now part of the national army, a Seleka terrorist poses for the camera.
Now part of the national army, a Seleka terrorist poses for the camera.

Gimme Shelter…

Upwards of 35,000 Christians have sought refuge on the grounds of the Catholic Mission in the embattled town of Bossangoa, one refugee identified himself with a false name of Papa Romeo echoed the widely held sentiment:

“We have never seen religions tensions like this in the CAR before. The CAR is not a Muslim country; it is a Christian country.

We have never seen so many Muslims in the country before. They have come from other countries.”

Reportedly, almost half a million people have become refugees in a nation that numbers six and a half million.

As the man in charge of the city’s Catholic Mission, Father Frédéric Tonfio plead the international community for rescue:

“I have only been able to count on my colleagues in the Church. The silence of the international community is like they are accomplices allowing this to happen.

It’s almost as if the Sekela is stronger than the international community. Everyone knows what is going on here.

Every day that we delay, more people die.”

5 thoughts on “Africa: Christian Militias Form to Fight Muslim Terrorists

  1. My heart breaks for these people, another group of Chrustians in this world terrorized by Muslims.

    I want to somehow help in this now global problem, but I’m really starting to realize that as long as people are comfortable and can shut these attrocities out, they don’t exist!

    I’m praying on this Sabbath that there will be mercy in this fight against Christians, and have to have faith that God will soon intervene!

  2. It was going to come to this sooner or later; Christians have been getting killed for being Christians; they should absolutely defend themselves by all means. America needs to support this push for freedom not the killers he supports in the MiddleEast.
    Good article.

  3. I tip my hat to you brave souls, I knew it would only be a matter of time before you all would take this much needed action to defend yourselves against a being that is with out doubt inferior to yourselves, you men are superior by all aspects, rest when you can, eat well to keep up your strength, and no matter what at the end of the day, your soul is clean because you are Gods Soldiers, yes you may take a life, but that life is that of a demon, which you are not. Fight hard and rest in peace and may those that stand guard over those that sleep always have a rested eye so that tomorrows battles are done with a rested strength. You will prevail as the good always do.

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