Again, Mass Muslim Deaths on Mass Transit as Dozens Killed on Pakistan Railway

Yet again, in a case of more deaths aboard modes of modern transportation, dozens and dozens of people, mostly, if not all Muslims, have perished on a railway line fire in eastern Pakistan.

As it turns out, several passengers decided to cook their meals and brew their tea with portable butane ovens, which everyone knows, produces open flame, unlike the much safer electrically powered heated coils.

Coming as a shock to no one, one of the gas cylinders exploded, causing all the other butane ovens to explode as well.

By the time the train finally came to a stop (20 minutes later thanks to poorly maintained brakes), three railway carriages were in flames and 74 people were dead. An additional 43 are listed as injured, 11 in critical condition.

Reportedly, several people were seen throwing themselves from the burning railway cars as the train was still speeding down the track, many were jumping to their deaths. Bodies were found along a full two kilometers down the railroad line.

As reported by the Associated Press via;

A raging fire swept through a train in Pakistan’s eastern Punjab province on Thursday, killing 74 people. Survivors said afterward it took nearly 20 minutes for the train to stop amid contradictory reports about the condition of its brakes.

Three carriages were consumed by flames from a fire caused by a cooking gas stove, and dozens of people jumped in panic from the speeding train.

Investigators said they will look at the train’s braking system to determine its condition at the time of the fire. Survivors recounted pulling at emergency cords that weave through the train to notify the conductor, but they said the train continued to speed down the tracks.

Ghulam Abbas, a passenger who had boarded the train in the town of Nawabshah in neighbouring Sindh province with his wife and two children, recounted watching panicked passengers jumping off.

“We learned afterward that most of them had died,” he said.

The train, which was travelling from the southern Arabian Sea port city of Karachi to Rawalpindi, just 10 kilometres from the federal capital, was carrying 857 passengers. Most of the dead were members of Tableeqi-e-Jamaat, an organization of Islamic missionaries. The fire was believed to have started in their compartment.

Mufti Wahab, a district chief of the Tableeqi-e-Jamaat, said as many as 52 members of his organization were “martyred because of the fire.”

The fire apparently started after one of several small stoves brought on to the train by the Tableeqi members exploded, setting other gas cylinders used to fuel the stoves on fire, said Deputy Railways Commissioner Jamil Ahmed.

Flames roared through the train, engulfing three carriages as it approached the town of Liaquatpur in Punjab.

Survivors recounted horrific scenes of fellow passengers screaming as they jumped through windows and off the train, flames billowing from the carriages.

Sadly reminiscent of 1980’s Saudia airways Flight 163 crashing shortly after takeoff, resulting in the deaths of all 301 passengers and crew.

The majority of the passengers were Muslims flying to their home countries after completing their pilgrimage to Mecca.

As reported by United Press International, the fire was caused by “a Moslem pilgrim sitting in the rear economy section ignited a gas stove to make a cup of tea.”