‘Aggressive Scents’: Laughable Whining at the Democratic Socialist Convention

Never mind all those millions of people whose deaths he was responsible for.

No clapping, no talking to police, no gendered pronouns, no whispering, no hissing, no chit-chat in small groups, no aggressive scents (whatever the hell that is), etc, etc, ad nauseum.

However, “invisible disabilities”, spying on each other, “Marshals”, and credentials “security” are all the rage.

No, this isn’t a series of videos compiled by The Onion.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the annual convention of the Democratic Socialists of America taking place now in Atlanta.

Looking more like a gathering of privileged Trustafarian hipsters out of Brooklyn, the goings-on in Hotlanta are… well, it’s something that’s pretty much defies description.

Enjoy. **JAZZ HANDS!!**