AIDS ‘rampant’ in ISIS, infected ordered to be suicide bombers

Sometimes Islamic jihad terrorists just aren’t content with slitting the throats of bound and helpless Egyptian Christian captives. To emphasize they put the terror in terrorism, there have been cases of caged prisoners but to death by burning them alive. The litany of über-violent slaughter for the sake of slaughter doesn’t end there. Regarding the ISIS terror organization’s long term plan to establish a world-wide caliphate based on Islamic Shari’s Law, gang rape, sexual slavery, and throwing people off of rooftops are the figurative tip of the terror-inducing iceberg.

However, despite the jihadists best efforts to further the misery of the conquered by way of their so-called rape jihad, the law of unintended consequences has come back to attack it’s master. As reported by The Daily Caller and also by the World Tribune, both on Aug. 21, 2015, the AIDS virus is running rampant in the ranks of the terror group, at least in the ISIS occupied Syrian city of al Mayadeen, located in the nation’s eastern desert roughly 35 miles from the Iraqi border.

As reported, an estimated 16 Islamic State members have contracted AIDS from two infected Moroccan women, who have since fled to Turkey for fear of the very real possibility of being executed. In what could be described as killing two birds with one stone, the ISIS honchos brainstormed a solution to simultaneously check the spread of the disease as well as ensuring ISIS has suicide bombers aplenty.

The World Tribune has quoted an unidentified civil rights activist in al-Mayadeen as verifying that the terrorist “leadership is planning to assign suicide attacks for its militants who are tested positive with AIDS.” With the ultimate fate of the 16 quite possibly sealed, the Islamist higher ups have ordered all ISIS members in the city to submit to mandatory blood tests.

With the terrorists in al-Mayadeen reportedly in a state of panic, this latest alarm is on the heels of another rape jihad outbreak of AIDS three months ago in the nearby town of Ash Shaddadi. comes three months after an infected Indonesian ISIS member passed AIDS on to his Yazidi sex slave, who in turn was sold to and subsequently raped by other Islamic jihadists.

However, before it was known to one and all that the Indonesian already was infected, he donated blood at an ISIS hospital. Again, once the ISIS leaders were made aware of the outbreak, they ordered the strictest and surest decision to check any further spread of the deadly virus — they immediately executed the Indonesian.

As it turns out, ISIS is none-too-thrilled with bad publicity. The Saudi doctor who revealed to the press all the sordid details of the AIDS outbreak in Ash Shaddadi was put to death.