Al Sharpton was for fried chicken before he was against it


“Relax, it’s fried chicken. You can say it.” 

What food is described as a perennial favorite that transcends all ages, regions, and ethnicities? That’s right, the All-American comfort food that is fried chicken. And as reported by the New York Daily News on Oct. 28, 2014, the deletion of the delicious deep-fried fine feathered friends from the daily caloric intake of MSNBC’s Al Sharpton is one of the prime reasons he’s dropped a staggering 175 pounds. But in an article within an article, the right-of-center The Daily Caller news portal called out the Daily News on the very same day for what they perceive as an overt case of hyper-sensitivity and political correctness run amok.

Indelibly seared into the memories of many Americans is the image of a track suit clad 305 pound Sharpton, not to include the weight of his oft-worn gold medallion and chain. While some look upon the 305 claim by Sharpton as generously at the low end of his maximum weight, others believe that although admirable, his losing a full 60 percent of his body mass as ironically a possible real danger to his health. Whatever his reasoning, the Daily News cites that the political talk show host gave up a years long love affair with fried chicken. Not only did Sharpton eat the Southern fried food daily, he ate fried chicken literally morning, noon, and night.

The formerly rotund reverend use to start his day with fried chicken with his grits and eggs at breakfast, at least one fried chicken sandwich at lunchtime, then at dinner a full half-chicken. During the course of his weight loss, Sharpton his disciplined himself to a mere 1,000 calories a day. He’s also given up all flesh meats with the exception of the odd grilled fish on weekends only … maybe.

But as The Daily Caller’s Betsy Rothstein made note of, not once did the Daily News ever use the words “fried chicken” in their write up of Sharpton pounds shedding, opting instead for the more sensitive “fried fowl.” As Rothstein opined “It’s not racist to say a man who happens to be black ate a lot of fried chicken if that’s, in fact, what he did.” Perhaps striking a freeing blow for fried chicken eaters everywhere, Rothstein also suggested to the editors of the Daily News, “Relax, it’s fried chicken. You can say it.”

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