America isn’t ‘war weary,’ America’s at the mall


Two buzzwords the Obama Administration has latched onto like stink on an ape: “Leave no one behind” and “America is war weary.” Well, as a retired Marine who managed to survive┬áboth the Carter and Clinton Administrations, it sure is nice to see members of the Jackass Party all of a sudden give a Tinker’s Damn over us lower life forms that happen to serve in uniform.

I’ve already made note of the hypocritical “leave no one behind” faux-war cry that Obama & Friends can’t seem to wail loud enough. No, instead I’m going to hammer away on this absolute lie of how allegedly war weary this nation is.

First of all, almost no one in this country is personally affected by our boys slinging lead at bad guys in either Iraq or Afghanistan. If it wasn’t for the internet or radio/television news, most people wouldn’t even know a war was going on.

Active and Reserve, a puny 0.8 percent of this country is in uniform. That’s right, less than one out of every hundred. Subtracting Facebook friends, Twitter followers and other varied and sundry internet relationships many of the populous strain to maintain … just how many people on your close personal orbit have a Service connection? And no, dads and granddads who were subject to the Draft don’t count. Neither does 3rd cousin Suzie’s step-nephew by her fourth marriage count, either.

Let’s flashback to World War II. Sixteen million out of a population of 150 million was in the Armed Forces. That’s roughly 11% serving. Almost every family had someone in the military. It just wasn’t that rare to hear everyday people say the following:

  • “I have to go to St. Mary’s and light a candle for little Jimmy Rojas. He was just killed on Guam.”
  • “Did you hear of Rabbi Stern’s daughter getting killed? Rebecca, you know, the nurse. The Germans shelled her field hospital in Sicily.”
  • “Pray for the Johnson’s. Poor Mr. Johnson’s ship was torpedoed in the North Atlantic. They didn’t find any survivors.”

No, America isn’t war weary. America’s just tired of hearing politicians say how war weary we are. Want to know whose really war weary?

  • Talk to the 22-year-old generic Pay Grade E-4 who already has four tours in The ‘Stan under his belt. He wants to stay in, but his wife has already threatened if he goes overseas one more time, she’s leaving and taking the kids.
  • Talk to the 25-year-old Navy FMF Corpsman who wants to stay in for a career, but clearly sees more an emphasis on social engineering than winning wars, why stay in?
  • Talk to the 18 years-in-service Marine Gunny with well over a dozen tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, who was just told he’s been flagged as unqualified for his final re-enlistment that will put him over the 20 mark. Two years short of retirement, he’s getting the boot because of a DUI when he was a PFC almost two decades ago.
  • Talk to the ex-Army former comrades-in-arms of Bowe Bergdahl who the Obama Administration has publicly labeled as liars.

0.8 percent of this country has been doing the heavy lifting while the rest of us complain about the high cost of HD televisions and the rising cost of smart phones.

I better stop now before I start cussing and kicking s**t over.