American Civil War II – What Will You Do if Worse Comes to Worst?

By definition, a true civil war is when two legitimate claimants to government attempt by force of violence to take control of an entire nation while crushing the opposition.

England had a civil war. So did Russia, Ireland and Spain. Technically, America never fought a civil war. The Confederate States of America never sought to conquer the North. They just wanted their independence, which was constitutionally correct at the time.

But for the sake of understanding the mainstream moniker, I’ll refer to The War When The North Invaded America simply as “The Civil War”.

Sen. Rand Paul.

In the meantime, today’s political climate could easily be described as volatile, and that’s putting it mildly.

The likes of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi and Corey Booker all have quite the history of telling the American people to essentially “get in the faces” of those that disagree with you, politically.

We all see the reactions to those messages… UC Berkeley was the site of a fiery riot due to a *GASP!* conservative speaker scheduled to speak to students. Ted Cruz, Kirstjen Nielsen, Sarah Sanders, and Pam Bondi have all been forces off the premises by hecklers while trying to enjoy an evening out.

Not all that long ago, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) was attacked by a neighbor who was described as “a socialist”. Paul suffered six broken ribs and lung injuries which eventually led to a bout of pneumonia.

Just about everyone is familiar with the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) at the hands of a “Bernie Bro,” James Hodgkinson, who was found to have a hit list on him of other pro-life Republicans.

Democrat operatives in action.

Other than a Trump supporter finding his truck fire-bombed yesterday (video, below), is reporting that Sen. Paul recently warned that “he fears there will be an ‘assassination’ as a result of the rhetoric coming from lawmakers like Booker and Waters.”

Even twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stated that Republicans don’t deserve to be treated with any degree of civility until the Democrats “win back the House and or the Senate” as reported by

Of course, no sane, law abiding citizen of this republic wants to see the country descend into another civil war, but let’s all be honest with one another – it sure looks like this is the road we’re on.

As Fox Business News contributor Dagen McDowell opined today (as I paraphrase), “What if the Democrats fail to take back the House or the Senate in the upcoming midterms? That gives the violent Left the excuse they need – “we tried voting, that failed.” Again, I’m just paraphrasing her quote.

So here’s the million dollar question, if Antifa, BLM and the rest of the riff-raff in fact do become the de facto mainstream of the Democrat Party, and widespread, organized violence breaks-out across the nation, what side will you fall on?

4 thoughts on “American Civil War II – What Will You Do if Worse Comes to Worst?

  1. I stand by my Lord Jesus! I stand for free speech. I pray the Lord will restore the American Republic to it’s rightful position of freedom and free speech. I pray that our enemies the Globalist; Communists and Nazis that are lead by Bernie Sanders; Hillary Clinton; Obama and the rest of the riff raff that has tried to take over and destroy the American Constitution by way of subterfuge, are arrested; investigated and tried for treason.

    I pray that this will then send ripples to Canada & Great Britain and France, so that their governments follow suit and arrest the Globalist leaders in these countries and restore freedom to the Western World.

    May God Bless freedom!

    I am prepared to do whatever it takes to take Canada back from the evil grasp of The Globalists! I stand with Donald Trump and Mike Pence 100%

    Thomas Pratt

  2. I will not “FALL” on any side since I have no intention of falling…I will take my stand on right RIGHT side where the Constitution lives and the 2nd Amendment is in my RIGHT hand…Country boy will survive!

    1. You know exactly what I meant. Stop trying to puff yourself up into being some sort of tough guy. Your popping off just comes off as clownish.

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