America’s new ‘Ninja’ missile deploys giant knife blades, not explosives; likened to a ‘giant anvil’ with swords falling from the sky

The R9X missile. Also known as the “Ninja Bomb” or the “Flying Ginsu”.

As the old saying goes; to make an omelets, you gotta break a few eggs.

But in today’s global war on Islamic Jihad terrorism, the omelets could be equated to whatever terrorist head honcho, and the eggs would be the R9X missile.

In a joint venture between the Pentagon and the CIA, in a move to grease jihadist leaders but spare non-terrorists in the blast zone, there’s a new weapon in the American inventory: The AGM-114 R9X Hellfire missile.

Described by some as a meteor as filled with swords, others have equated the R9X to a 100 lb. flying anvil equipped with rather large machete-like blades that deploy right before impact.

As reported by the everything futuristic news portal;

The Wall Street Journal reports that the CIA and the Pentagon have developed a top-secret missile designed to assassinate a single terrorist by crushing them or slicing them up with sword-like protrusions instead of exploding.

The weapon, which officials have dubbed a “Ninja Bomb,” can even target individuals in cars and inside buildings. The promise: reduced civilian deaths — and a deadly new precision weapon in the military’s arsenal.

The weapon is at its base a Hellfire missile — a 100 pound, five-foot air-to-ground weapon used by U.S. armed forces.

But rather than exploding, the R9X missile can smash its way through anything in its path “as if a speeding anvil fell from the sky,” officials told the Wall Street Journal.
Killer Precision

Things get even more outrageous: six blades deploy out of the sides of the Ninja Bomb just as it hits to maximize its destruction. The hidden blades even earned it a nickname: “the flying Ginsu,” a nod to popular kitchen knives sold on TV in the 80s.

Reportedly, it was a R9X that zapped the al-Qaeda second-in-command Ahmad Hasan Abu Khayr al-Masri in Syria back in 2017.