Amid government controversy, rapper cashes in on Ebola scare


In what may be a case of the internet being at one with the universe, the world wide web’s Yin and Yang has been maintained following the incoming Ebola Czar’s name and biography being removed from the official website of a liberal think tank, but a D-Lister rapper almost simultaneously took to the ‘net to hawk a disposable face mask sporting his image in his one man crusade against the Ebola virus. As reported by The Washington Free Beacon on Oct. 20, 2014, Barack Obama’s newly appointed Ebola czar Ron Klain found the vital stats noting him as a trustee on the decidedly left-of-center the Third Way’s official website to be deleted.

Either by sheer coincidence or by the alignment of cosmic karma, the news portal reported mere hours later on Oct. 21, 2014, that rapper Cam’ron (formerly professionally known as Killa Cam – born Cameron Ezike Giles) has taken to his online Instagram account to sell surgical face masks emboldened with his image, ostensibly to battle the Ebola virus. Possibly seeking to save on overhead costs, the rap artist chose to dispense with a a professional model, photographer, and ad men as he elected to use a cell phone “selfie” presumably taken in a restroom mirror.

Cam’ron’s Instagram campaign states, “Ebola is no joking matter.. So if u have to be safe.. Be fashionable. #CamEbolaMask get’m at @dipsetusa1997 nx week, made by @chinagram” In the meantime, Shea Serrano of the entertainment-centric opined “… Ebola, so much as we know, is not transmitted through the air, so wearing a mask to prevent it is like wearing a cape to prevent getting hungry.” While the product’s website cites the going cost at a cool $19.99 per single face mask, a comparable product is also available either online or at the closest Walmart store at a more reasonable cost of $9.99 for a pack of 50, equating to a mere 20ยข each.

Meanwhile, the in-coming Ebola Czar Ron Klain is taking heat from conservatives for his association with the overtly liberal-leaning group Third Way. While many would expect the Obama Administration’s Ebola point man be above board and non-partisan, Third Way describes their agenda as “a series of grand economic bargains, a new approach to the climate crisis, progress on social issues like immigration reform, marriage for gay couples, tighter gun safety laws, and a credible alternative to neoconservative security policy.”