Among the Dead: Dayton Shooter Guns Down Own Sister

In a VERY strange twist, the Dayton shooter, Connor Betts, 24, murdered his own flesh-and-blood during his early morning rampage that resulted in the deaths of nine innocent people as well as wounding 26 more.

Reported by Aaron Feis of the New York Post, Betts killed his own sister, Megan Betts, 22, according to officials investigating the killings.

As cited by the NY Post;

The Dayton mass shooting gunman’s sister was among the nine victims killed in the slaughter, officials revealed Sunday.

Megan Betts, 22, was shot dead when her brother, 24-year-old Connor Betts, opened fire on a crowded street in the Ohio city lined with bars and restaurants around 1 a.m., officials said in a press briefing.

Betts also killed another eight people and wounded 26 more before he was shot dead by nearby cops, with the entirety of the bloodshed playing out in less than a minute, officials have said.

The other eight deceased victims were identified by officials as Lois Oglesby, 27; Saeed Saleh, 38; Derrick Fudge, 57; Logan Turner, 30; Nicholas Cummer, 25; Thomas McNichols, 25; Beatrice Warren-Curtis, 36; and Monica Brickhouse, 39.

Officials confirmed that one of those injured was a mutual acquaintance of Megan and Connor.
Investigators have yet to publicly identify a specific motive in the shooting.

Yet another strange twist, if the shooter was angry enough at his own sister to murder her, why was he clad in body armor? (As cited in a separate article by the NY Post.)

Possibly not until the investigation is complete will the public know if this could have been a horrible case of Megan Betts simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Interestingly enough, in spite of the Democrats screaming that somehow this is President Trump’s fault for supposedly stoking White Nationalism, Connor Betts just happens to be a registered Democrat who’s voted Dem seven times.

2 thoughts on “Among the Dead: Dayton Shooter Guns Down Own Sister

  1. But it’s Trump’s fault and we have to ban “assault” weapons (of course, EVERY weapon is an assault weapon…) Sad!

  2. It’s not Trumps fault. It’s not the guns fault. It IS the killers fault ! This was pre-mediated murder, a totally insane person is not capable of this level of advance planning.
    I’m not saying he is not insane, he is but , none of these murders are so insane they walk into a gun shop with the intent of killing as many customers as possible.

    This is not Trumps fault. It is not the guns fault. It IS the killers fault ! This was pre-mediated murder which requires a certain amount of advance planning. The killer IS insane but NOT that insane, he knew full well what the results of his action would cause.
    My sincere condolences to the families of all those involved in this senseless killing.
    I do have a tall horse and a short rope if needed after a speedy trial and verdict.

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