Anna Paulina Luna: Conservative Latina Announces Run for United States Congress

The right to bare arms… and bare cleavage.

Anna Paulina Luna is many things; US Air Force veteran with an Honorable Discharge, current Air Force spouse, past model for Maxim and Sports Illustrated, former Director of Hispanic Engagement for the very conservative Turning Point USA (Latina of Mexican heritage), censored (yanked) halfway through an interview with Fox News for referring to twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to herpes.

One more bullet note she can add to her resume; candidate for the US House of Representatives.

But quickly, allow me to give the lowdown on Paulina Luna finding herself censored from a FNC interview back during November of 2018. As I noted on Dec. 28, 2018/a>;

When asked by FNC anchor Rick Leventhal why Hillary Clinton was still making headlines at the tail-end of 2018, Paulina Luna replied;

“She won’t go away, she’s like herpes.” It was then that the live feed of Paulina came to a rather abrupt end.

The right to bare midriff.

Fast forward to today [Dec. 28, 2018], Fox News not only ran an article on Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Mass.) questioning the president’s mental health, FNC had a point of running this same video every hour.

For whatever strange reason, when Paulina makes an off-handed joke equating Hillary Clinton constantly being in the news akin to a case of herpes, Fox hits the brakes, posthaste.

Yet when a screaming liberal from Massachusetts makes a joke about the state of President Trump’s mental health, specifically, that a deal was reached to avert a government shutdown last week until President Trump “went off his meds,” FNC will make a point of airing that same congressman stating such over and over and over.

Am I the only one sensing more than just a whiff of hypocrisy from the network that bills themselves as “fair and balanced”?

Now that FNC’s hypocrisy out there for everyone to see for themselves, let’s get back to Paulina Luna running for the US House.

As reported by the Floridian Press, Paulina Luna recently announced her candidacy for the US House, representing Florida’s 13th Congressional District, which encompasses all of Pinellas County, best known as home to the cities of St. Petersburg and Clearwater.

But it’ll be an uphill battle for the comely 30-year-old. She first has to beat four other GOP candidates just to face Florida-13’s current congressman, ex-Governor Charlie Crist.

As seen on her promotional video (below), Paulina Luna emphasizes her unashamed patriotism and adherence to the US Constitution;

“I’m extremely excited to earn the opportunity to represent Florida’s 13th District in Congress. I look forward to protecting our veterans and service members, the Constitution and our natural environment. I can’t wait to meet every voter, share my plan and earn their support.”

Paulina Luna’s campaign website.
Paulina Luna’s campaign Facebook page.