Another Example of Liberal Media Complicit with Clinton Political Machine

Paula Jones sexual harassment ignored by MSM. (Twitter)
Paula Jones sexual harassment ignored by MSM. (Twitter)

The long arm of the Clinton political machine…

Most of us have seen the Frank Capra 1939 film Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, probably more than once. And as those who’ve seen that classic slice of Americana already know, do-gooder Sen. Jefferson Smith (as portrayed by the late Jimmy Stewart, BGen USAF Reserve) heroically stood up to the corrupt political machine of kingmaker Jim Taylor.

As all of us aficionados of the Golden Age of Cinema recall, Boss Taylor controlled the media of the day; specifically, radio and newspapers. And with that power, Taylor fully controlled what information was and wasn’t spoon fed to the public.

But at the end, good guy Senator Jeff won the day against Taylor, despite the political strongman doing everything in his power to smear and flat-out destroy the reputation of Smith.

Now fast forward from the days of Frank Capra and Jimmy Stewart to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Case in point: The massive nothing burger that is the faux-outrage of Donald Trump actually speaking in a decidedly non-politically correct fashion.

As the staff at the NewsBusters portal recently reported, it certainly seems as if the bad old days of political machines and the likes of Boss Taylor certainly aren’t a thing of the past.

Specifically cited; (emphasis mine)

Moving lastly to comparing the coverage of Bill Clinton’s accusers to the Trump tape unveiled on Friday, [NewsBusters founder Brent] Bozell ruled:

You cannot argue Donald Trump is more important, yet in 17 years, you did not get as much coverage of Juanita Broaddrick as you got on Donald Trump in 48 hours. Here’s another number you’re going to like this one. 103 minutes given about Donald Trump this weekend.

How much time was given to Paula Jones when she filed a lawsuit that said that the President of the United States took his pants down in front of her and told her to kiss it? 103 minutes on Donald Trump, 16 seconds, Paula Jones.