(VIDEO) Another Garbage Poll that Too Many Conservatives are Accepting at Face Value as the God’s Honest Truth

The modern-day versions of Jesse James and Pat Garrett.

In spite of rarely watching Fox News, I sometimes watch Fox Business, mainly because of the likes of Stuart Varney, Charles Payne, Lou Dobbs, etc.

But I must admit, I was rather disheartened at a rather quick blurb that FBN has been pushing. Namely, that President Trump and Pedo Joe are supposedly tied in the battleground state of Florida.

Learning my lesson in 2016, I stopped taking ANY poll at face value. No more accepting pollsters version of the truth anymore for this retired Marine.

So I decided to do a little digging into this particular NBC/Marist poll in which both are supposedly knotted-up in a 48 percent each tie.

Please keep in mind that I didn’t really have to engage in anything even remotely resembling hard-core detective work. All I had to do was figuratively kick away some of the surface dirt… the flaws of this poll that qualify the same as garbage are pretty self-evident.

Here are a few fine points, and my comments emphasized;

  • FL Adults: n=1,146; MoE +/- 3.7 (So 1,146 adults were asked their political opinions. So what? For all we know, the adult in question was an 18-year-old illegal alien who’s been smoking dope all day. Notice the 3.7 Margin of Error? Sure is a lot of play in that length of rope.)
  • FL Registered Voters: n=1,047; MoE +/- 3.9 (Alrighty, 1,047 registered voters were asked their political opinion. Again, so what? NBC and Marist know how to legally access individual voter stats. “Registered voters” means noting more than said individuals mailed-in a postcard to their local registrar of voters many years, if not decades, ago. For all we know, these folks haven’t cast a ballot ever in their lifetimes. By the way, did you notice shrinking number of those queried as well as the ever-inflating Margin of Error?)
  • FL Likely Voters: n=766; MoE +/- 4.5 (Finally, NBC/Marist spoke to the most reliable demographic of future voting trends.  But have you noticed the number of those likely voters polled fell by nearly 400 of “adults” polled, and nearly 300 of “registered” polled? Also keep in mind that if NBC/Marist claims Biden has 48% of the vote, by their own MoE, his numbers very easily could really be as low as 43.5%. Again, going off of NBC/Marist’s own MoE, President Trump’s approval could be as high as 52.5%.)

Is it just me, in light that both NBC and Marist are famous for being very hard left-leaning, I must ask rhetorically, why didn’t NBC/Marist cite how many Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and Independents they polled?

After all, for two of the three demographs they polled, they already knew exactly what their party affiliation was. Interesting, huh?