Another liberal myth BUSTED: More MEN are raped and sexually abused than women

I had a rather interesting discussion not that long ago with a young lady who was rabidly anti-Trump. Of course, I asked what specifics there were regarding our POTUS that offended her so much.

After a few moments of a complete and total blank stare, she managed to sputter out, “He doesn’t know what it’s like to be raped!” Obviously implying that women somehow have a monopoly on rape and sexual assault.

Imagen her surprise when I informed her that more men are victims of rape and sexual abuse than women.

My source? The United States Department of Justice. Unfortunately, the most recent comprehensive study of all penal institutions within the United States is ten-years-old, but it still illustrates the point perfectly;

We conclude that in 2008 there were at least 69,800 inmates who were raped under conditions involving force or threat of force, and more than 216,600 total victims of sexual abuse, in America’s prisons, jails, and juvenile detention centers.

While the US Establishment Media largely ignored that study, Britain’s The Daily Mail picked up on the story (five years late, but at least they reported it) and went a bit more in depth;

More men are raped in the U.S. than woman, according to figures that include sexual abuse in prisons.

In 2008, it was estimated 216,000 inmates were sexually assaulted while serving time, according to the Department of Justice figures.

That is compared to 90,479 rape cases outside of prison.

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