Anti-Caravan Patriotic Mexicans Labeled by Media as ‘Racists’

As thousands of the media-hyped “caravan migrants’ have reached the US-Mexican border city of Tijuana, the same media isn’t quite sure how to describe the hundreds, if not thousands, of patriotic-minded Mexican citizens who are none-too thrilled with the sudden influx of people they consider “invaders”.

While the Establishment Media describes the number of Mexicans protesting the largely Guatemalan, El Salvadorian, and Honduran caravanners as numbering in the hundreds, take those estimations as you will.

It goes without saying that the liberal media shrinking the numbers of the Mexican protesters would be counter-productive to their particular narrative and agenda.

Mexican reporter Angel Torres describing criminal activities of the caravan illegal immigrants.

But with all that aside, as reported by Rebecca Plevin of the Palm Springs Desert Sun (a division of USA Today);

Hundreds of Tijuana residents, opposed to what they described as the “chaos” of the Central American migrant caravan, gathered at a prominent roundabout in Tijuana Sunday morning, before marching to a large, temporary shelter, which now holds about 2,400 migrants.

They chanted “Mexico! Mexico!” and “yes to migrants, no to invaders!” They sang the national anthem and waved Mexican flags and banners and signs, with messages urging the migrants to go home and urging the government to take action.

Tijuana resident Guadalupe Barrera said the protesters oppose how the migrants entered the county. She held a sign that read in Spanish “no more caravans.”

“This is not racism,” she said. “We are opposed to the invasion.”

A block away from the riot barriers, 20-year-old Kevin Flores peered at the commotion through a metal gate at the sports complex. He called the protesters racist.

Reporter Karla Zabludovsky of the always reliable leftie rag Buzzfeed describes the situation with the following attention-grabbing headline;

The Racist Backlash To The Migrant Caravan Is Building In WhatsApp Groups In Mexico

Not quite done yet, Zabludovsky continued;

“I understand Trump. I don’t love him but I know what it’s like to have to defend your country,” [Alejandra] Garcia, 52, told BuzzFeed News.

The pushback against the caravan in Tijuana has brought long-standing racism toward Central Americans neighbors to the surface, highlighting the incongruous attitude of Mexicans who demand better treatment in the US while discriminating against — and often victimizing — migrants who move north through the country.

Inside the WhatsApp chat, people have felt free to share their unfiltered views:

“These people are a Cancer that signals the end of Mexico.”

“I’m asking the men here to defend their women and children… Since the majority of Central Americans who’ve arrived are men, violent thefts will start any moment now.”

“Plagues are confronted with venom. And [bullets] are the venom here. Hondurans are equal to gonorrhea.”

I hate to be the first to break it to Miss Zabludovsky, the “race” of Mexicans and Central Americans is usually that of Indios blood with a healthy dose of Mestizos (Indian and Iberian European) lineage in the mix.

So how could ethnically Indios and Mestizos people be “racist” against people who are also Indios and Mestizos?

Not that leftists have ever had a problem accusing anyone of being a racist who has the bad manners to disagree with them.