AOC Seeks to Keep ANOTHER Job-Creating Business Out of her District

AOC’s two gears: Angry or laughingly ignorant.

This is what you wanted, New York… this is what you get.

Isn’t it enough that freshman Socialist Congressthing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez led the charge to KEEP 25,000 high paying Amazon jobs out of her district? Try not to looked too shocked (sarcasm off), but the Bronx barwench is at it again.

While AOC’s latest job killing effort aren’t anywhere close to the 25K jobs-that-will-never-be that Amazon offered, the Bethesda, Maryland-based Total Wine & More still wants to bring nearly 200 new jobs to Flushing, Queens.

As reported by Vivek Saxena of BizPacReview, AOC “is now reportedly plotting to prevent a popular nationwide alcohol retailer from opening in her district.”

Reporter Saxena also notes;

“My district enjoys many of the benefits of a vibrant small business economy: job creation for and by community members, socio-economic mobility for immigrants and new Americans, and long-lasting relationships between proprietors and their customers,” [AOC] wrote, according to the New York Post, which obtained a copy of the letter.

She added that she’s “deeply concerned” by Total Wine & More moving into her community because it “has access to resources and economies of scale with which smaller retailers could not compete.”

“Total Wines has a history of loss leader pricing — selling alcohol at or below cost in order to sell high-end products at a generous margin,” she wrote. “Our small businesses would not be able to compete with such practices and it would be devastating to the largely immigrant community that is currently employed at many of these stores.”

As noted by the everything paycheck website, starting pay for a “Wine Associate” at Total Wine & More is a respectable $12/hr. Also cited, starting pay for a Store Manager is $83,027/yr.

In his article, Saxena also cites local news service QNS that Michelle Trone, the daughter of Total Wine & More’s owners, plans on opening the new store in Queens.

As cited;

Trone is already planning to donate a portion of the store’s proceeds from opening week to a local nonprofit. She is committed to working closely with community and business leaders to support local causes and charitable efforts.

The wine and spirits store is expected to bring jobs to Queens with approximately 175 team members, where 75 percent will be full-time, earning high wages plus full benefits (health care, 401K, partner benefits, short- and long-term disability) Trone said. They also plan to hire returning citizens, such as individuals who have a criminal record and are searching for jobs.