Arab-Christian Woman Determined to Serve and Defend Israel

“I would sacrifice my life for the State of Israel and all of its citizens …”

With Bedouin and Druze Muslims possibly serving Israel as her inspiration, Staff Sergeant Mona Liza Abdo isn’t just proud of her Christian Faith or her Arab heritage or simply her Israeli citizen … she’s proud of being a leader in the Israeli Army.

As recently cited on the official weblog of the Israeli Defence Force (IDF), SSgt Abdo recently completed her third year in the IDF, which is a year longer than Israeli Jewish women are required by law.

Cpl-Elinor-Joseph-smWhile all Jewish men and women required service to the Jewish State, both Christian and Muslim Arabs with Israeli citizenship are exempt from mandatory service.

The exception to the rule is the Muslim Druze minority, who proudly acknowledge their blood covenant with the State of Israel, usually serving in the Herev (Sword) Battalion or the Druze Reconnaissance Unit as well as the all-Muslim Bedouin Trackers Unit.

SSgt Monaliza Abdo
“I would sacrifice my life …”

Hailing from the port city of Haifa, Abdo volunteered for service not for the educational opportunities nor for social advancement, but out of a sense of patriotism to her nation.

“I joined the IDF because I am an inseparable part of Israel. I came to serve my country and my home,” she stated in her interview with the IDF blog.

Bedouin fighters for Israel, 1949.
Bedouin fighters for Israel, 1949.

Assigned to a unit charged with protecting the borders ranging from keeping out terrorists, illegal aliens and drug smugglers, Abdo takes her job serious:

If I prevent drugs from entering the country, I protect not only the Jewish people, but the Arabs as well.

I defend every small child in the State of Israel from exposure to drugs.

Druze troops serving in the IDF.