Atlanta Applebee’s: Four thug women beat, slash waitress over bumped knee

Four women were caught on surveillance video of an Applebee’s restaurant in an Atlanta suburb of beating, and eventually slashing with a knife, a waitress who accidentally bumped the knee of one of the four as she served them their dinner.

As seen in the video report from FOX5 Atlanta, things actually turned uber-violent when the server accidentally brushed-up against the same offended customer’s knee a second time.

With an obvious physical appearance belying the fact that all four of the thug women could stand to skip a meal or twenty, the felonious clean plate club in unison attacked the hapless waitress.

Applebee’s staff and a handful of patrons were seen on the video attempting the impossible, separating the half-ton plus of violent femmes from the waitress, who appeared to weigh all of a buck and a quarter.

Only when someone shouted, “The police are coming!” did the Flab Four casually retrieved their purses and waddled out of the restaurant.

But prior to exiting, one of the ass-a-plenty assailants took a swipe at the waitress’s arm with a steak knife.

To add insult to injury, the hungry, hungry hoodlums also swiped from the server’s apron somewhere between $200 to $300 of her tip money.

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