Aussies, Brits and Yanks targeted in ‘jihad cool’ recruitment effort

1article-2661727-1EE7408400000578-723_634x945As reported by the SBS New Service (of Sydney, Australia) and The Daily Mail (of London, United Kingdom), both on June 20, 2014, hard-core jihadists are reaching out to non-Muslim nations with a slick new recruitment strategy. Namely, make jihad cool, very cool.

Making their presence known on social media, the Al Hayat Media Center is essentially the Western mouthpiece for the al-Qaeda-allied ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) terrorist organization. Other than their own German-language Facebook page slightly over a week old, Al Hayat (translation: “The Life“) also has their own Twitter feed and has regularly relied on to further both their message and internet presence.

Al Hayat published and posted on Youtube a video that fell into the hip-style of music videos reminiscent of the bygone days when MTV use to actually show videos. However, Youtube quickly yanked the video due to it violating their graphic violence policy. Nonetheless, Britain’s The Daily Mail has posted a short portion of the original. Click here for video.

As cited, security experts in both Britain and the United States cite that the jihadists heavily rely on “Rap videos, romanticized notions of revolution and adventure and first-hand accounts of the ‘fun’ of guerrilla war are the latest tactics used by militant recruiters as part of what experts have identified as an, ‘intensification of radicalization.’

Yet Al Hayat isn’t the only jihad-friendly portal prowling social media in search of recruits. Numerous amateurs armed with a camera phone have done homemade Youtube shorts that range from the glorification of literally carving the heads off of bound and gagged captives to the ludicrous “The Fitness and Jihad Training” workout video, which more closely resembles heavily armed yet somewhat uncoordinated individuals unsuccessfully attempting T’ai Chi.

However, there is also the likes of Journeyman Pictures of London who have done legitimate documentaries on the fascination many in the United States, Western Europe and Australia have towards global jihad.

Also noted was the latest face of jihad, 29-year-old Abdirahmaan Muhumed formerly of Minneapolis, now residing somewhere in the Middle East. In a somewhat Homeric pose, freelance journalist Mukhtar Ibrahim had the father of nine pose on a hilltop overlooking an idyllic Syrian village. According to Ibrahim, the Somali-born Muhumed claims he’s “happy” to be considered a terrorist.