Exorcist: Witches’ Hex on Kavanaugh ‘Demonic’

The priest who was the inspiration of the Anthony Hopkins film The Rite, Father Gary Thomas, is publicly stating that the witches’ hex scheduled for Oct. 20, 2018, is demonic in nature and that the same witches “are going to direct the evil to have a permanently adverse effect” on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

As breathlessly reported by USA Today (via WKYC of Cleveland, OH), “The ritual has sold out of tickets and attracted the interest of thousands.” It’s intended to “to make Kavanaugh suffer,” organizer Dakota Bracciale told Newsweek.

Interestingly enough, the very next paragraph printed by USA Today was “About 60 people will be in attendance at the event, Bracciale told USA TODAY on Saturday.”

Hmm… from “thousands” down to just a few dozen? Someone sure is in need of improving their spell-casting skills.

According to self-described queer, non-binary witch, Dakota Bracciale was also quoted by Newsweek, “those in attendance will be ‘basically Antifa witches … There are a lot of angry people who are righteously filled with rage that are going to take back our country.'”

Wow. Antifa witches? Really?

Burning cars and Ouija boards aside, the National Catholic Register (one of the few news organizations with the word “Catholic” in it that isn’t under the thumb of Francis and the rest of the Lavender Mafia) is reporting that “As a response to the event, Father Gary Thomas, the exorcist for the Diocese of San Jose, California, is offering Mass for Kavanaugh on Thursday and Saturday.”

Also cited by the NC Register (emphasis mine);

Father Thomas said that he has witnessed people in the satanic world becoming bolder. “They are more confident that the general public will be more accepting of the demonic,” he said. By contrast, Father Thomas noted that throughout history, satanic groups have been secretive, but now they are making it public in the name of freedom of religion. “This is a conjuring of evil—not about free speech,” he said. “Conjuring up personified evil does not fall under free speech. Satanic cults often commit crimes; they murder and sexually abuse everyone it their cult.”

“When curses are directed at people in a state of grace, they have little or no effect,” Father Thomas said. … Curses sometimes involve a blood sacrifice either through an animal or a human being, such as an aborted baby, according to him. However, there is no information about a blood sacrifice one way or the other for the Saturday event.

“The decision to do this against a Supreme Court justice is a heinous act and says a lot about the character of these people that should not be underestimated or dismissed,” he said. “These are real evil people.”

Speaking of aborted children, according to the Ritual to Hex Brett Kavanaugh Facebook event page, 25 percent of the proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood.

Interestingly enough, the national spokesman for the Satanic Temple, Lucien Greaves states that “he would like to help women avoid complying with pro-life laws by saying abortion restrictions violate their Satanic religious beliefs. He added that gay ‘marriage’ is a Satanic ‘sacrament,'” as reported by LifeSiteNews.com.

In regards to the culture of homosexual rapists that exists in some of the highest levels of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, in a separate article in the National Catholic Register, Fr Thomas referred to the same sexual abusers of children as “demonic.” Furthermore, he also stated (emphasis mine);

Fr. Thomas called on all Catholics to pray and fast and to act to triumph over the evil. “It can’t just be the removal of a few,” he said. “It has to be a complete reshaping of the paradigm of the way our Church governs; we need a complete cleaning up. We need a lay commission to set up an independent study. The bishops can’t do it; they don’t know how to do it.

The trifecta of liberalism: Witch, queer, binary Dakota Bracciale.


Vile Lefties Throw Mud at Melania After Plane Fills with Smoke, Wish For her Death

Are there no depths that the Leftists won’t sink to in their attacks against President Trump? Obviously not.

As just about everyone already knows, the plane carrying the First Lady to Philadelphia had to return to Joint Base Andrews (Maryland) shortly after take-off due to the cabin briefly filling with smoke.

Other than the FLOTUS and flight crew, there were also a number of Secret Service agents and members of the press corps aboard the flight.

Nonetheless, Leftists have crawled out of their collective holes to wish nothing but evil should befall Mrs. Trump.

Adoring son and loving mother.
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Meet the 6X6s: High-End Trucks in the Age of Trump

Nothing makes a first impression like the extreme. That pretty much sums up the past (and glorious) two years under the leadership of President Trump.

Another way to look at it — if the Prius and the Volt personified the Obama years, the Velociraptor and the Goliath scream Trump.

Updated by Hennessey Performance Engineering of Sealy, Texas, these vehicular wizards give the impression that the only thing they forgot was a .50 cal heavy machine gun bolted to the bed. Think “Rat Patrol” for the 21st century.

Modified Ford Raptor, the Hennessey Velociraptor.

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Jobs vs Mobs: Baldwin Calls For ‘Overthrow’ of US Government

Bully, thug, classless pig, loudmouth. A number of words and phrases certainly spring to mind when describing actor/activist Alec Baldwin.

Rabble-rouser could certainly be yet another add-on to Baldwin’s résumé.

With Leftist violence being all the rage (no pun intended), the Hollywood elitist made a point of sounding the Antifa dog whistle while simultaneously backing off just enough to give him “what… me?” deniability.

Baldwin seen roughing up a photographer.

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White House: Stephen Miller’s Third Grade Sins

No, I don’t mean that whatever sins that may be on Stephen Miller’s soul are low-grade offenses against The Almighty, like maybe mumbling unkind words towards a rude motorist who cut him off on DC’s notorious beltway.

Miller’s transgressions are those he allegedly committed while in third grade. You know, like when he was eight-years-old.

As it turns out, Miller’s third grade teacher, Nikki Fiske, decided to give The Hollywood Reporter her insider tell-all on President Trump’s senior policy advisor.

President Trump’s senior political Stephen Miller.

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White House: Kid Rock ‘Fires’ Fake News Media

Kid Rock (real name: Robert Ritchie) is among a number of music celebrities visiting the Executive Mansion today, to include rapper Kanye West and 70s guitar god Jeff “Skunk” Baxter.

By the way, after leaving the world of Rock ‘N’ Roll, Baxter went on to become a real life ballistic missile expert.

With that aside, as seen in the video below, a yet-to-be identified White House reporter yelled a question to Rock, asking if President Trump should fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Continue reading “White House: Kid Rock ‘Fires’ Fake News Media”

American Civil War II – What Will You Do if Worse Comes to Worst?

By definition, a true civil war is when two legitimate claimants to government attempt by force of violence to take control of an entire nation while crushing the opposition.

England had a civil war. So did Russia, Ireland and Spain. Technically, America never fought a civil war. The Confederate States of America never sought to conquer the North. They just wanted their independence, which was constitutionally correct at the time.

But for the sake of understanding the mainstream moniker, I’ll refer to The War When The North Invaded America simply as “The Civil War”.

Sen. Rand Paul.

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Meet Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s likely replacement to the SCOTUS

Ruth Bader “Boozin’ ‘N’ Snoozin’” Ginsburg may seem like she attended law school with Moses, but in reality she’ll be turning 86 this March.

With that said, it’s a fair bet that RBG will be the next one to create an opening for a seat on the Supreme Court, either by resignation or the biological solution.

So it’s actually quite a timely moment to discuss just who might replace Ginsburg, and that person is the same one who came within a hairsbreadth of being named instead of Brett Kavanaugh. Namely, Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

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Colbert’s Joke Writer: ‘Glad We Ruined Kavanaugh’s Life’

People like her were never breast-fed … they went straight to raw meat.

Ariel Dumas (as far as I’m concerned, pronounced: dumb-ass) supposedly is a funny person. In fact, this chick is supposedly *SO* funny that CBS has hired her as one of the staff writers for the late night talk show, “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”.

Sadly for her, all Dumas really has succeeded at is only one of two things:

  1. She’s nothing more than a vile, petty, vindictive and highly paid full-member of the Hollywood elite
  2. Well, there really is no other viable option that Choice #1 doesn’t already cover
Alleged comedy writer, Ariel Dumas.

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Classless liberals compare Melania to a fictional Nazi

Some people have serious problems with Melania Trump, and that’s putting it politely.

I understand that in today’s hyper-politically correct culture (especially among Lefties), there isn’t suppose to be any differences between men and women.

But to the classless pigs who’ve taken to the internet to insinuate that our FLOTUS can be confused for a fiction movie character… a dude, by the way… well, anyone who could confuse Melania Trump (née Melanija Knavs) with a guy is taking Trump Hate to a whole new level.

Does she look ANYTHING like a guy?

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Not Tired of Winning: Anti-Trumpers Turn on Each Other

There are certainly a number of things about living in Trump’s America that make us all very happy;

  • Lower numbers taxes
  • A beefed-up military
  • Paper-thin unemployment
  • An America First foreign policy
  • Justice Brett Kavanaugh

But you know what’s the absolute best thing about living in Trump’s America? That warm feeling you get deep inside when you see the anti-Trump Left turn on each other like a skulk of hungry jackals.

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‘B*tch’ flashback: Schumer wags finger over insulting ‘the women of America’ but calls flight attendant ‘b*itch’

Have you ever seen someone playing blackjack, has 20, and the dope still says “hit me”? That’s called overplaying your hand.

Speaking of overplaying your hand (and being a total hypocrite, turning the Senate into a 3-ring circus, and giving tactic approval to mob rule), Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is either very confident of his fellow Lefties winning the upcoming Civil War II or his political instincts really, really suck.

Little Chuckie Schumer.
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Busted Democrat ‘Doxer’ Threatened to Illegally Release Confidential Info of GOP Children

Why in the world would anyone want to know the heath records information as well as the SSNs (Social Security Numbers) of the children of certain Republican US Senators?

Who knows… but with the Left ramping up mob violence here on the eve of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate floor vote, it’s a safe bet that if whatever “doxer” should seek to weaponize the same confidential by releasing such illegally very well may result in violence.

Nonetheless, it’s now being revealed that ex-Democrat staffer Jackson Kosko has threatened a witness of his wrongdoing, “If you tell anyone I will leak it all. Emails signal conversations gmails. Senators children’s health information and socials.”

Democrat operative Jackson Cosko.
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Whoopie Attacks President Trump’s Grandkids, Don Jr Fires Back

While most viewers may consider ABC’s gyno-friendly panel talk show as just so much anti-conservative fluff, The View is actually a division of ABC News.

Keep that in mind when you realize that the show’s main co-hags are a washed-up actress and a never-was stand-up comic. So much for objective journalism.

With that said, co-harpie Whoopie Goldberg (born: Caryn Elaine Johnson) decided to take a rather dirty swipe at three of the nine First Grandchildren.

The Mouth of ABC News.

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Doxxing: Cops Bust Democrat Staffer on Seven Charges

“Doxxing” is the latest word to hit the American lexicon. Slang for “documenting,” doxxing when used in the context of the internet is when someone’s private information is made very public.

Depending on whatever jurisdiction criminal doxxing may take place, the act in and of itself, is usually illegal.

But in this day and age of the likes of James Thomas Hodgkinson, an admitted “Bernie Bro,” who essentially went hunting for Republicans to assassinate last year (wounding House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-LA, as well as Capitol Police officer Crystal Griner; Zack Barth, a congressional aide; and Matt Mika, a Tyson Foods lobbyist), as well as Barack Obama urging his supporters to “get in the face” of those who disagree with the Leftist agenda, doxxing can be down-right dangerous.

Rep Scalise after a “Bernie Bro” went hunting for Republicans.
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Swetnick’s ex-beau claims ‘she liked to have sex with more than one guy at a time’

Choo-choo… all aboard!

I’ve often been told to never lower myself to the level of mudslingers.

But here’s the thing, I have no problem getting into a slugfest… especially when mud’s involved.

So when The New York Times publishes an anti-Trump anonymous opinion/hit piece, as well as NBC News broadcasting an interview with Julie Swetnick that has more holes in it than a box of Cheerios, I’m sure those of you reading this article will allow me to cite a letter just released by the Senate Judiciary Committee. Continue reading “Swetnick’s ex-beau claims ‘she liked to have sex with more than one guy at a time’”

Senate Wannabe Beta O’Rourke Apologizes for Noticing ‘Large Breasts and Tight Buttocks’ When He Was 19

When did Beta get a penectomy?

I can’t help but wonder of Stephen Austin, Juan Seguín, Sam Houston and the rest of the Texican freedom fighters are rolling over in their collective graves.

After all, it isn’t every day that a red-blooded Texan teen-aged male issues a public apology for the high crime of actually noticing the sexually attractive attributes of the female of the species… 27-years after the fact.

Especially if the same allegedly red-blooded Texas male is his party’s nominee for the US Senate. Continue reading “Senate Wannabe Beta O’Rourke Apologizes for Noticing ‘Large Breasts and Tight Buttocks’ When He Was 19”

Hilarious: ‘Cherokee Warrior’ Breaks Down Swetnick’s Pathetic Interview

I have to be honest… I don’t know who Cherokee Warrior is. I also don’t know what his real name is or where he lives.

Pretty much the only thing I know of Cherokee Warrior is that he’s also a proud citizen of the Cherokee Nation, ergo his nom de internet.

One thing I’m absolutely sure of is that Cherokee Warrior is gatlisanonvhi gegage, unegv ale sagonige.

For those of you who no habla Cherokee, that translates to “totally red, white and blue.” Continue reading “Hilarious: ‘Cherokee Warrior’ Breaks Down Swetnick’s Pathetic Interview”

Leftie ‘Activist’ Calls for ‘Violent General Strike’ when Kavanaugh Confirmed

I’m suppose to be scared… when, exactly?

Quick! Time for all my fellow supporters of the Second Amendment (and heavily armed, I might add) to soil themselves in regards to threats of physical violence from a self-admitted “gender-variant” confused individual known to the world as “Emily” Gorcenski. Sarcasm, off.

As noted by American Thinker reporter Rick Moran, keep a sharp-eye opened for a Y-chromosome individual (obviously was born with outdoor plumbing) who goes by the nom de Twitter of Emily G.

This individual also happens to be calling for violence if and when Judge Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed to the SCOTUS by the US Senate.

“Activist” and gender confused Emily G.

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Kavanaugh Smear Campaign: If ‘Ford Three’ Change Story to FBI, May Face Prosecution

The Democrats got their way, no thanks to the gutless RINO wastes-of-human-flesh in the US Senate. I don’t have to name names… you know exactly who I’m talking about.

But think about it, isn’t this additional delay just an exercise in futility?

Re-opening this complete and total cluster f*ck will accomplish absolutely nothing, other than masturbating the egos of certain aforementioned RINOs and every Democrat within the DC Beltway.

Smear campaign marches on.
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Gutter-Minded Democrats Draw ‘Evidence’ Out of Thin Air

“If we want to talk about flatulence at age 16 on a yearbook page, I’m game.” – Judge Brett Kavanaugh

Is it just me, or does the junior senator from the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations speak with more than just a bit of a lisp?

Anyhow, one thing I’m absolutely sure of is this – Sen Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) has his mind firmly in the gutter.

Case in point: As the senator grilled Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s comments made in the judge’s nearly 40-decates-old high school yearbook, Whitehouse asked for the definitions of the slang terms and inside jokes that were published in the aforementioned book of memories.

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Kavanaugh Smear Job: Flatulence, Fear of Flying, and Too Stupid to Understand GoFundMe

A handful of screamingly obvious holes in this public crucifixion of Judge Brett Kavanaugh;

  • Did a US Senator REALLY bring up 16-year-old boys farting… at the Senate Judicial Hearing?
  • Am I honestly expected to believe that someone who has a doctorate in psychology doesn’t understand the intricacies figuring out a GoFundMe account?
  • Am I honestly expected to believe that someone who has a doctorate in psychology has a self-admitted “fear of flying,” but has not much of a problem flying on a number of occasions to various South Pacific vacation hotspots?
  • Am I honestly expected to believe that someone who has a doctorate in psychology hasn’t have a clue how to contact her elected federal legislators?
  • Am I honestly expected to believe that someone who has a doctorate in psychology doesn’t know the wherefores and whys of who ponied up for her polygraph?

I’m sure every objective person reading this will also ask the same.

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Two men admit to Senate that THEY, not Kavanaugh, assaulted Blasey Ford

In a breaking turn on an already twisty road, the New York Post is reporting that two yet-to-be publicly identified men have notified yet-to-be publicly identified members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, that it was they that supposedly sexually assaulted Stanford professor Christine Blasey Ford well over three decades ago.

As noted by NY Post reporter Joe Tacopino, “Republicans on the committee released a timeline of events late Wednesday, which included details about their interactions with the two men who admitted to the attacks.”

“I want some caffeinnnnne…”
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The glaring holes in Julie Swetnick’s so-called ‘deposition’ against Kavanaugh

Julie Swetnick is the latest specimen dredged-up by ambulance chaser lawyer Michael Avenatti in his latest hatchet-job against President Trump.

The glaringly Democrat propaganda website Democratic Underground has posted what they’re claiming is “Deposition of Julie Swetnick (Kavanaugh’s new accuser)”.

Actually, it’s a declaration, not a deposition. Huge difference.

The judge and the party girl.
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Near total media black-out of patriotic Iranian-Americans protesting Rouhani, Iranian regime

Don’t blink. You just might miss the Establishment Media coverage of the hundreds of Persians protesting against the despot and thugocrat president of Iran, Hassan Rouhani.

Unfortunately, but fully expected, MSM was rather sparse when it came to assigning reporters to cover the protests outside Rouhani’s mid-town Manhattan hotel.

In fact, I had to go to a Chinese-centric (and anti-Chinese Communist Party), but New York-based news service, NTD.tv (New Tang Dynasty television) to find any comprehensive news on the Persian protesters.

Patriotic Persians stomp on photo of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.
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