Putin Comes Down Hard on Rap, Still Happy with ‘I Go Hard Like Vladimir Putin’ Rap Song

“I go hard like Vladimir Putin…”

Russian head-honcho Vladimir Putin may not be East Coast… he may not be West Coast. No one really knows. But it’s a fair bet he’s not exactly a big fan of Tupac or Biggie.

To be honest, I don’t think he’s much of a fan of the whole Rap/Hip-Hop genre. Case in point: Bro Vlad is coming down hard on Rap in Mother Russia.

Very hard.

Yo, yo, yo-ski.
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Democrat California Considers Taxing Text Messages

Remember that episode of Gilligan’s Island then a Latin American ex-dictator washed ashore? Inasmuch as life imitates art (sorry for qualifying Gilligan’s Island as art), the California Democrats are off and running in their promise to deliver dis, dat, and de udder ting.

I’ve heard that California is becoming a de facto Third World nation. Ain’t it da troot?

Anyhow, is there anything Democrats won’t want to tax? The answer is a resounding NO.

Don’t believe me? Just check out the latest from the Republica Popular de California (bienvenidos los comunistas y miembros de La Raza).

Without fail, whenever any given government gives away more free stuff to any given tax base that simply doesn’t contribute more than they take, taxes skyrocket.

That’s what’s happening to the former Golden State.

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Honduran Wannabe Illegals DEMAND Entry to US or $50,000 Each to Go Home

The vaunted mob of so-called caravan migrants currently sponging off the city of Tijuana might not yet qualify as Democrats, but they sure know how to act like them.

A prime example would be some 200-odd entitlement whores originating from Honduras who marched on the US Consulate in Tijuana to deliver a letter demanding of President Trump, among other things, that he will either allow the “migrants” entry to the United States or they be given $50,000 each to return home to Honduras, as reported by Breitbart.com.

The aggrieved Hondurans also demand of our president;

  • The immediate removal of all US security interests from Central America
  • The immediate removal of all US economic interests from Central America
  • The immediate removal of all 13 US military installations in Central America
  • The immediate removal of Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez

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Worried Over a Government Shutdown? You Should Celebrate Instead

There’s an old saying that the American federal government is a giant that’s so fat, it can’t even tie its own shoes.

Yeah, that’s a frightening visual, but you know what’s even scarier? A certain quote from our 35th president;

“The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all.” – President John F. Kennedy

Hopefully, the fearmongering of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi over the possibility of a pending presidential shutdown will register with only a relative handful of half-wits.

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New ISIS Youth Magazine Calls for Vehicle Assaults in DC, Lone Wolf Attacks in Australia

ISIS may have had its ass handed to them on the battlefield (thanks, President Trump), but the jihadists presence on social media is alive and well.

Case in point would be the inaugural launch of the everything terrorist e-zine Shabab al-Khilafah, or in the language of we Western infidels, The Youth of the Caliphate.

With the first edition hitting the internet Oct. 10, 2018, The Youth of the Caliphate is calling all young wannabe suicide bombers to target the US Capitol building by way of “vehicle attacks”.

Poster encouraging lone wolf attacks in Australia, below the inscription “Australia – the time has come for the harvest season in your territory”.

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Miss Kentucky: Yet Again, Another Hottie Teacher Busted in Underage Sex Scandal

Not for the first time, and certainly not the last, another really good looking female teacher has been busted in yet another sex scandal involving an underage student.

In this case, the arrested teacher in question is Ramsey Bearse, 28, of Charleston, West Virginia. The twist in this pathetic tale is that Bearse was the winner of the 2014 Miss Kentucky competition, which she won under her maiden name of Carpenter.

Now a guest of the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office, Bearse reportedly admitted to the arresting authorities that she sent an undisclosed number of booby pics to a male 15-year-old student.

Obviously, the breasts in question must have been both real and spectacular. Especially in light that she’s being charged with four felony counts, a possibility of 20 years in prison along with $100,000 in fines.

Miss Kentucky, 2014.

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Heather Nauert to be Next US Ambassador to United Nations

Know why German women are so hot? Because Teutonic raiding parties didn’t bring back the ugly ones.

If that bit of anecdotal evidence is actually true, then Exhibit A would surely be Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Heather Nauert. But with that beauty also comes brains.

And for her political savvy and ability to think on her feet, the word’s out that President Trump will nominate Under Secretary Nauert to honcho the American mission at the United Nations, as reported by the United Press International.

Next US ambassador to UN.

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Merkel’s Germany Issues ‘How to Identify Nazi Parents’ Guide to Daycare Workers

If George Orwell were alive today and re-writing his prophetic 1984, he may want to make a major character change.

To hell with Big Brother… Big Sister is watching. Check fire. Make that Big Sisters.

As it turns out, with the ostensible approval of the German government, “A new booklet for daycare workers that claims to help identify ‘Nazi parents’ suggests looking out for girls with braided hair and athletic boys” as reported by Breitbart.com.

Ex-Stasi secret police informant Annette Kahane.

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President Trump, Hillary Clinton Ignore Each Other at Bush Funeral

As a retired Marine, I’ll admit that it pains me to see a Marine Corps officer reduced to being little more than a glorified usher, especially in light that the Corps has at least half-a-million dollars invested in that young captain. But that’s a different rant for a different day.

At the funeral service for President George H.W. Bush held today at Washington, D.C.’s National Cathedral (Episcopal), there was a rather tense moment in the Presidential Pew.

As the current POTUS and FLOTUS were escorted to their designated seats in the front pew, it’s tradition that all surviving ex-Commanders-in-Chiefs and former-First Ladies sit in the same pew with the current residents of the White House.

Killary, still butt-hurt.

As seen in the video below, the Trumps were, by tradition, the last seated.

Entering first, Melania Trump exchanged handshakes with the Obamas, Bill Clinton, and waved at the furthest seated from them, the Carters. President Carter was caught on camera briefly responding to Melania’s wave.

Last seated, President Trump exchanged handshakes with the Obamas. While President Clinton at least looked towards President Trump (or maybe he was still eye-molesting Melania), Hillary remained stone faced.

The “look” on Hillary’s face is reminiscent of the same facial expression she gave to the families of those killed under her watch in Benghazi.

Why the Francis Pronouncement on ‘Celibate Gay’ Priests is Anti-Catholic

In what was suppose to be a nod to the traditional moral teachings of the Catholic Church, South American socialist Pope Bergoglio “urged homosexuals who are already priests or nuns to be celibate and responsible to avoid creating scandal” according to the Reuters news service.

With his book, “The Strength of Vocation” soon to be released, Reuters also noted, “It is better that they leave the priesthood or the consecrated life rather than live a double life,” the Argentinian pontiff said.

Reuters also went out on a limb by citing what the news service thinks the Catholic Church teaches, “The Church teaches that homosexual tendencies are not sinful in themselves, but homosexual acts are.” Continue reading “Why the Francis Pronouncement on ‘Celibate Gay’ Priests is Anti-Catholic”

So Why Didn’t the ‘Asylum Seekers’ Apply at the Many US Consulates in Mexico?

To listen to the Establishment Media, the thousands of Central Americans now camped outside of Tijuana aren’t looking at bum-rushing the U.S. border because of the promise of jobs in the land of milk and honey, but are actually seeking political asylum due to political oppression back home.

NBC says so.

CNN says so.

Britain’s reliably hard-leftist rag The Independent says so.

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Little Known Fact, Bush 41 Voted for Hillary, Dubya Left his Ballot Blank

I have come here to bury 41, not to praise him. Much like Brutus, I’ll give the proper respect to a man who just died, just don’t expect me to heap praises on him.

OK, so I stole from the Bard of Avon. But I’m sure that Billy would be pleased to know that 400 years later, people would still be quoting his work.

Anyhow, I’m not going to speak ill of the dead, Nor am I going to judge the state of any man’s soul.

But I will say that George Herbert Walker Bush (better known as simply “41”), may have been the epitome of what many qualify as a Globalist RINO.

Wow… that was kinda harsh. Would it be nicer if I just described him as a Swamp Creature incarnate?

Still fairly brutal. Suffice it to say that if you ever looked-up “Estabishment Politician” in the dictionary, 41’s picture was right next to the definition. Continue reading “Little Known Fact, Bush 41 Voted for Hillary, Dubya Left his Ballot Blank”

Minneapolis Mayor: Fried Chicken, Beer Now Deemed ‘Racist’

Is it humanly possible that the dead body parts of a chicken, deep-fried in a secret Cajun recipe could somehow inherintly be racist?

The Thibaudeau, Gautreaux, and Beauregard families over in Jefferson Davis Parish might take offense to Popeye’s Chicken fast-food chain using a supposed indigenous to Louisiana-stylized ingredients and cooking techniques to preparing yard bird … well, they could claim Popeye’s of wrongful cultural appropriation.

I’m fairly sure that the descendants of the Acadians who now range from the Florida Panhandle to South Padre Island are made of sterner stuff than to whine over someone else using the word “Cajun.”

But back to the topic at hand. Other than Louisiana Cajun-style fried chicken, how about beer? Is beer racist?

Probably the closest to a racist beer I can find would be Honolulu’s Aloha Beer. Only fo’ da Bruddahs to buss you up. But then again, “Aloha” is a pretty all-inclusive and welcoming word, so no racism when it comes to Hawaiian hops and barley.

The offending box lunch.
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Sponge Bob No Pants: Ex-Hillary Adviser Goes on Pantless Tantrum at Fox

When some folks go berserk, they scream like a maniac. Other folks may drop F-bombs like they’re going out of style. Some may even slip into what’s called a blind rage.

However, it awfully rare for someone to go full on sans pantalons.

Nonetheless, that’s exactly what happened in (of all places), the halls of the Fox News’ Washington, D.C. bureau.

To add to this movable train wreck, he was one of Hillary Clinton’s senior advisers.

Trying to fill Bill’s pants… and failing.

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Snowflake Univ Issues Hockey Pucks to Fight Possible School Shooters

In the never-ending parade of absurd neo-lib nuttiness, an institute for higher learning in the Wolverine State will be arming teachers and staff in case of a crazed shooter scenario.

However, the goombas calling the shots as Oakland University in suburban Detroit won’t be issuing handguns, long guns, flame throwers, Claymore mines, or even Claymore swords.

No, these geniuses will be handing out nearly a thousand hockey pucks to OU professors.

To add to the overall stupidity of this decision, the Chief of Police for OU approves of fighting firearms with a half-pound of Vulcanized rubber.

Hockey been berry, berry bad to Chico Escuela Terry Sawchuck.

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Idiot Hawaii Senator Suggests CBP Tear Gassing is Violation of Chemical Weapons Ban

Just when you thought Sen. Mazie Hirono was the only macadamia nut out of the Hawaiian Islands, along comes Sen. Brian Schatz (D-HI).

In a comment on social media (that was removed in a matter of minutes after posting), Schatz made a comment that could only be categorized as either:

  • Blatantly political
  • Monumentally ignorant

Either way, his comment certainly illustrates the Distinguished Gentleman’s poor impulse control.

Cry me a river.

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Is Paris Burning? Yes it is, and the EU-Friendly Macron Government Blames ‘Ultra-Right’

Probably not seen in Paris since the last round of Islamist riots because the French haven’t sufficiently kissed their asses enough, this time it’s real live (patriotic) Frenchmen who’ve had enough.

And to listen to the Establishment Media, one would think this is all because of a new federal tax on gasoline and diesel. Well… jacking up the cost of fuel by almost 25 percent is a major reason for violence in the streets, but not the only reason.

Of course, the EU-loving government of Emmanuel Macron places the blame on the “ultra-right,” as reported by Yahoo News.

Anti-Macron riots erupt in Paris.

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Aussie Mom Kills Rapist, Sentenced to 10 Year Stretch in Prison

Brisbane mum kills rapist, drags body over a mile…

Have you ever watched on the those “revenge” movies where the dad, or even better, when the mom takes out the villain?

That’s exactly what happened Down Under. A Brisbane, Australia mother was just raped, and when the junkie-rapist, Grant Cassar, said that if she didn’t willingly submit to another sexual attack, he “threatened to harm her daughter.”

During the course of the victim’s trial, no one denied a rape was committed, no one denied that the now-dead Cassar threatened to harm the victim’s child. Nonetheless, Roxanne Eka Peters was sentenced to a 10-year prison sentence for her “crimes” against her rapist and would-be attacker of her daughter.

Mama Grizzly takes down attacker.

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Flocons de neige britanniques.

Now, back to at least a bit of reality for us regular people.

As reported by Will Metcalfe of Yahoo News UK, in a memo from the staff of Leeds Trinity’s journalism department, lecturers need to refrain from “writing to students using capital letters…”

Rationale? All caps just may “‘scare them into failure’ and instead suggested using a ‘friendly tone’ and avoiding the use of negative language.”

Also noted;

Critics have since slammed the memo, saying it is just aiding to the ‘snowflake’ generation being overindulged throughout their education – following incidents in Manchester and Kent.

The memo said: ‘Despite our best attempts to explain assessment tasks, any lack of clarity can generate anxiety and even discourage students from attempting the assessment at all.’

The Express reports that it goes on to say writing words in capital letters could make the assignment appear ‘more difficult’ – adding to anxieties.

A spokesperson for Leeds Trinity said the memo was guidance on how to explain tasks to students so they achieve their full potential.

The move is the latest in a string of incidents which have seen universities criticised for pandering to students.

The University of Manchester’s students’ union replaced applause with ‘jazz hands’ at one event to alleviate stress among the anxious and people with sensory issues.

Kent University last month was criticised for banning students wearing ‘offensive’ costumes, including cowboy outfits or sombreros, in case it affected students’ right to a ‘safe space’ at the institution.

Hillary is ‘Like Herpes’: Fox News Censors Conservative Spokeswoman

While the Establishment Media calls for armed revolution in the streets, and then gives a platform to every Hollywood limousine liberal who demands that everyone think exactly the same way they do, the Fox News Channel is busying themselves censoring anyone who should make an off-color remark regarding Hillary Clinton.

Case in point: US Air Force vet and current Director of Hispanic Engagement for Turning Point USA, Anna Paulina found herself in a conversation with anchor Rick Leventhal and Democrat Doug Schoen discussing why Hillary Clinton is still in the news, a full two years after her defeat at the hands of Donald Trump.

It was then that Paulina made the off-handed commented of Barack Obama’s Secretary of State: “She won’t go away. She’s like herpes.”

Anna Paulina having fun with guns.

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Liberal ‘Thinker’ Doesn’t Realize That Khashoggi ISN’T an American Citizen

Don’t you hate it when your watching a fiery political panel argument (I sure as hell won’t use the word “debate”), and you literally scream at the TV, “TELL THAT LIBERAL IDIOT blah, blah, blah, wonk, wonk, wonk?

Well, as I was watching Bulls and Bears this afternoon on Fox Business News, the topic ended-up migrating to the subject of the death of part-time Philadelphia resident and part-time writer for the Washington Post, Jamal Khashoggi.

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What the Liberal Media ISN’T Reporting About Ivanka’s Emails

Needless to say, the Establishment Media is calling for Ivanka Trump’s head on a silver platter. Invariably, whenever America’s leftists catch a whiff of any members of the Trump family misusing government email, it’s time for a little Pavlovian salivating.

Just don’t ask the same liberal elite to offer anything as gauche as details or specifics.

As just about everyone is already aware, Ivanka Trump used her official governmental email for personal use, according the anti-Trump swamp rag better known as the Washington Post.

Fake news CNN is actually running an article headlined, “Team Ivanka’s email explanation is beyond ridiculous“.

Even the National Inquirer isn’t that sensationalist. But it gets better.

In the reliably hard-leftist leaning Salon.com, America’s Used Car Salesman, Joe Scarborough of PMSNBC fame said through clenched teeth regarding Ivanka, “She knew better, and she chose to break the law anyway.”

Hubba hubba.

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Is She Really This Ignorant? Ocasio-Cortez Doesn’t Know the Basics of US Government

The poster girl the Millennial Generation, CongressThing-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of the South Bronx and Northers Queens, New York, should thank her lucky stars that Civics isn’t a graded class anymore in American schools.

If so, she most certainly would have flunked.

Despite her bachelor’s degree in economics and international relations from Boston University, in a video message to her flunkies supporters from Long Island to Los Angeles, AO-C flubbed, not once, but twice… all the same breath, correctly citing the three branches of government as defined from the Constitution of the United States.

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Anti-Caravan Patriotic Mexicans Labeled by Media as ‘Racists’

As thousands of the media-hyped “caravan migrants’ have reached the US-Mexican border city of Tijuana, the same media isn’t quite sure how to describe the hundreds, if not thousands, of patriotic-minded Mexican citizens who are none-too thrilled with the sudden influx of people they consider “invaders”.

While the Establishment Media describes the number of Mexicans protesting the largely Guatemalan, El Salvadorian, and Honduran caravanners as numbering in the hundreds, take those estimations as you will.

It goes without saying that the liberal media shrinking the numbers of the Mexican protesters would be counter-productive to their particular narrative and agenda.

Mexican reporter Angel Torres describing criminal activities of the caravan illegal immigrants.
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White-Guilt Snowflakes in Melt-Down Due To ‘It’s Okay To Be White’ Flyers

A rather innocuous sign post has some residents of the hyper-politically correct town of Beaverton, Oregon, clutching at non-existant pearls, while miraculously wringing their hands at the same time.

As seen by a handful of residents in the Portland suburb, a non-descript piece of white paper using a rather unremarkable font plainly states, “IT’S OKAY TO BE WHITE”.

Predictably, as our British friends say, some of the Beavertonians are in a bit of a strop.

Feel good message destroyed by vigilante thought-police.

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