Bangladeshi mum fights jihad with chocolaty Coco Pops


“He’s not a violent person and would never pose a risk to anyone here.”

What’s made with whole grain, high in fiber, magically turns regular milk into chocolate milk, part of a balanced breakfast, and last but certainly not least, could be instrumental in convincing your son to renounce violent Islamic Jihad? According to Britain’s The Daily Star, reported on Oct. 19, 2014, the answer very well may be a box of both delicious and nutritious Kellogg’s Coco Pops cereal.

From the southern English city of Portsmouth, a mother who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal, has taken it upon herself to trek to Syria in an attempt to convince her 20-year-old son Muhammad Hassan to reject his choice of accepting the life of a member of the ISIS terrorist organization. While it’s unclear if the distressed mum fears reprisal from the ethnically English population due to her son embracing jihad, or if she fears fellow Muslims for wanting to talk her son out of waging jihad, one of the few things that everyone is sure of, is that she’ll be armed with a box of Coco Pops.

Leaving home a year ago ostensibly to matriculate at Surrey University to attain a degree in international politics, Muhammad instead decided to take off for the Middle East to saddle up with the al-Qaeda allied ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) terrorist group. Since leaving home, the would-be university student has dropped the name his parent gave him for the more jihad-friendly “Abu Dujana” – a long dead warlord of the founder of Islam, Muhammad.

According to the searching mother, her son left with five of his best friends – all of them being second-generation Muslims of Bangladeshi origin – two of whom are now dead. The mother also painted a picture of her son a victim rather than a terrorist. “[He] didn’t know what he was getting into,” adding “‘I just want my son to come back home. He’s not a violent person and would never pose a risk to anyone here.” Noting his love of the tasty breakfast food, mum also stated “I even took some Coco Pops with me just in case.”

In recent decades, Muslims from Britain’s vast Commonwealth of Nations have been flooding into the Mother Country. Portsmouth very well could be a microcosm of the changes taking place nationwide. While Christianity in Portsmouth has dropped by almost a full 25 percent in recent years, the Muslim demographic has increased a full 81 percent according to data provided by the Hampshire County Council (UK).