Bernie Sanders’ New Speechwriter; ‘Let’s Hope the Boston Marathon Bomber is a White American’

I hope these images shock you. That’s exactly what I want…

Never underestimate just how disgusting, foul, and downright anti-American leftists really are.

A prime example would be the millionaire socialist senator from Vermont, Brooklyn-born Bernie Sanders.

That’s right, the same Bernie Sanders who was given the boot by a Vermont hippie-commune in 1971 due to him shirking actual work, and instead wanting to do nothing but talk left-wing politics.

But back to the topic at hand, the Sanders 2020 presidential campaign has just hired David Sirota, formerly an op-ed writer for the decidedly hard-core liberal

As reported by The Daily Caller, Sirota was brought onboard by Sanders as a “top communications aide and speechwriter.”

While at Salon, Sirota penned an opinion piece in the wake of the Boston Marathon terrorist attack entitled, Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American.

In Sirota’s article, he “flatly stated that ‘white male privilege’ was a heavy factor in whomever got blamed for the killing” as reported by The Daily Caller (TDC).

As TDC also cited directly from Sirota’s article; (Emphasis mine)

The dynamics of privilege will undoubtedly influence the nation’s collective reaction to the attacks … This has been most obvious in the context of recent mass shootings. In those awful episodes, a religious or ethnic minority group lacking such privilege would likely be collectively slandered and/or targeted with surveillance or profiling (or worse) if some of its individuals comprised most of the mass shooters. However, white male privilege means white men are not collectively denigrated/targeted for those shootings — even though most come at the hands of white dudes.

TDC also cited;

A jury sentenced Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to death in May 2015. Three people died in the attack and hundreds more were injured. Tsarnaev, a Muslim, said the attack was politically motivated.