Black racists attack Malia Obama for dating a white guy


First came the melt-down regarding Serena Williams marrying Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, who happens to be a white guy of mixed Armenian-German heritage;

Now we find out that Malia Obama has a Harvard beau who couldn’t be more white if he tried.

Son of a quite wealthy London banker, young Rory Farquharson is so English he probablyuntitled sweats jellied eels and really does have a Spotted Dick (in the pantry).

Perhaps taking a cue from Prince Harry, young Rory has elected to be romantically involved with someone who was neither born nor raised in Britain.

Again, perhaps taking a cue from Erick Rice, a number of black people have chosen to slam Malia regarding who she steps out with.

But before I share with you the number of hate-tweets directed at the young Harvard co-ed, here’s a bit of the opinions emanating from the mind of TakiMag’s Jim Goad, with whom I certainly agree with on much;

There is no one I hate more than someone who tries to tell me whom I hate.

For a quarter-century now I’ve made it very clear that most of my hatred—and there’s quite a lot of it, I never run out—is intra-racial. While those who have a death grip on media and education would love to pretend that I sit around all day stewing about blacks, I find myself incapable of mustering nearly the sort of searing animus toward my Negroidal brethren that I consistently feel toward liberal white coastal elites, who have their heads planted so far up their own asses and are so drunk on the notion of their moral irreproachability that they can’t possibly conceive anyone would hate them, much less some lowly, foulmouthed plumber’s son who grew up in a brick row home and views white liberal pieties as shallow, self-serving extravagances that help no one but themselves—specifically, their self-image.

You know… if I despise Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, but admire Jesse Owens and Booker T. Washington, that’s my business and no one else’s.

With that said, I really don’t care who Serena marries or who Malia dates. But much like Serena’s choice for a husband, some of the more vicious Malia-haters are black.

First, we are treated to this pearl falling from the mouth of the semi-literate @motelcalifornia4;

For whatever reason, @_SistaHattie is displeased with the former-First Daughter’s choice in whom she dates;

I think we all know why @SherryLHoward is so “disappointed”;

Then we have this questionably post-racist tweet from @THISisLULE, who ironically goes by the handle “You’re Not Anonymous To God”;


2 thoughts on “Black racists attack Malia Obama for dating a white guy

  1. In that case, Whites should divorce themselves completely from doing ANYTHING for blacks=since they hate whites so much, let them be on their own. That includes voting for ANY black for anything. Lets see how the white haters like that.

  2. Blacks are far more racist than whites but they will never admit it. They have been told backs can never be racist and it appears they believe it. Rev. Wright, Je$$ie Jack$on and others have lied to them for generations. I’m NOT saying all black Americans are like this, there are good and bad people in all races.

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