Boo-Hoo: Oakland Teachers DEMAND a ‘Living Wage’

Of course I believe that teachers, in general, should be paid more for the amazing job most (not all) of them do on a daily basis.

But with the teachers of Oakland, CA, they’ve managed to turn the hyperbole-meter all the way up to 11.

As the good folks over at UPI noted, the official demands of the pedagogues by the bay are not only unrealistic, but in the true spirit of Democratic Socialists everywhere, they somehow managed to magnify their panic-laced screeds.

Reported by Nicholas Sakelaris of the UPI;

Teachers in Oakland, Calif., have received authorization to strike if they don’t receive a new agreement for better pay and smaller classes within 10 days.

A strike would begin after Feb. 15, the same day a neutral fact finder will release a report that could bring about a compromise. The school district has offered a 5 percent raise over three years, but the teachers union wants 12 percent. Oakland teachers start at $46,500 and their average salary is $63,100.

Screamingly obvious, they demand smaller class size, but have they forgotten that not only are they living in a sanctuary city, the entire train wreck of a state grants lawbreakers a free pass.

So just how many thousands of children are in the Oakland Unified School District whose parents pay zero city, county or state taxes? Unfortunately, we’ll never know. After all, they’re all here illegally.

Anyhow, what really got me was the demand for a “living wage.”

Really… a living wage? You’d think they were dressed in rags and eating rats. On the contrary, the teachers of the OUSD actually get paid quite well.

As reporter Sekelaris already noted, starting salary is $46,500 and average pay is $63,100. Getting a bit more specific, cited on the official website of the OUSD, starting pay for someone straight out of college is $45,570.26. That’s $3,797.50 per month.

To keep this in perspective, according to the 2019 military pay chart, that amount is roughly the same for a Marine Staff Sergeant (pay grade E-6) with 12 years in service.

When it comes to the average salary of those employed by the OUSD, that $63,100 annually breaks-down to $5,258.33 monthly.

Know who else makes approximately the same amount? A Marine Master Sergeant/First Sergeant (pay grade E-8) with over 18 years of service.

For the most senior and most formally educated staff, the annual salary is $83,723.50. Boiled-downed, that same amount is a monthly pay of $6,976.92.

That’s roughly what a Master Gunnery Sergeant/Sergeant Major (pay grade E-9) would ear after TWENTY SIX years of honest and faithful service.

By the way, the most recent military pay raise (and the highest percentage in the past 10 years) was 2.6 percent. The striking teachers of Oakland are demanding a 12 percent pay raise.

Still think these teachers don’t earn a living wage?

Video posted by the California Teachers Association.