Britain First leaders charged with harassing convicted Muslim rapists

Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen

Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen are just a couple of patriotic Britons who also have the decidedly non-politically correct opinion that in Britain, the British people should come first.

And the price for having that rather straightforward patriotic political opinion is to see the British press label them and the tens of thousands of other Brits who love their country as “dangerous” and “far right-wing”.

In yet another example of the hyper-Chamberlainism that’s swept the United Kingdom,  the Britain First political party’s chairman Paul Golding and the party’s first deputy Jayda Fransen have just been charged with numerous counts of “causing religiously aggravated harassment”.Britain_First_New

But here’s the rub: The individuals that Golding and Fransen “religiously harassed” are four convicted rapists who also happen to be Muslims. Apparently, that’s enough to get you arrested in modern day Englandistan.

As reported Sky News of London;

Britain First leader Paul Golding and his deputy Jayda Fransen have been charged with causing religiously aggravated harassment.

Golding, 35, and Fransen, 31, both from Penge in southeast London, were arrested on 10 May.

Kent Police said their investigation into the pair was related to leaflets distributed in Thanet and Canterbury, and videos posted during a trial at Canterbury Crown court during the same month.

The trial involved three Muslim men and a teenager who were eventually convicted of rape and jailed.

Police said Golding had been charged with three counts of harassment while Fransen was charged with four.muslimunionflag-vi

Both have been bailed to appear before Medway magistrates on 17 October 2017.

Former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson was given a suspended prison sentence for contempt of court in May after filming outside the court during the same rape trial.

Really… Robinson is on a suspended prison sentence for filming outside the courthouse? What are the British authorities afraid of?

No, wait. I know.

This is the same alleged judicial system that remained silent during the Rotherham Grooming Scandal. British police looked the other way while Pakistani Muslims forced over 1,400 girls into sexual slavery.

It was eventually uncovered that the reason for the willful silence of the cops was due to their fear of being labeled as “Islamophobic” if they launched any substantive investigation into the multiple complaints lodged against the guilty parties involved.

The reliably leftist BBC’s hit job against Britain First.