Britain: Monk expects jail for defending traditional Catholic teachings


Video seen below – Amid laughs and shouts of “Free Palestine,” “run you Kuffars” and “Allahu Akhbar,” London police run away from rioters.

With seismic cultural shifts shaking Western culture with almost predictable regularity, the smatterings of reports regarding individuals or institutions defending traditional values and solidly defined moral codes are sometimes pigeon-holed as the figurative and always curious man-bites-dog stories. Such may be the case of Brother Damon Jonah Kelly, 53, of the Diocese of Corby, Northamptonshire, England, who was arrested in nearby Cambridgeshire for violating Britain’s so-called “hate speech” laws, as reported by the Christian-centric Life Site News service on Dec. 17, 2014.

Arrested earlier this month by Cambridgeshire Police on charges of violating Section 5 [of religious or racial nature] of Britain’s Public Order Act, Brother Damon of the Black Hermits (named for the jet black clothing worn by all members) found himself arrested yet again due to his violating the terms of his bail for a number past arrests (nine prior to his most recent), the police described the Brother handing out “Leaflets of a homophobic nature…” In what some contend as the Cambridgeshire Police telegraphing their punches, the police spokeswoman also made clear, “While the material being distributed earlier this week will in many cases offend, irritate, shock or disturb, the content, context and actions of the male concerned [Brother Damon] fall short of any criminality at this time.”

However, Brother Damon made clear he considers the distribution of  his leaflets necessary to counter what he terms Britain’s “culture of death.” Nevertheless, he clearly understood that the conditions of his bail—which doesn’t expires until January 20, 2015, plainly stated “no more leafleting anywhere in Britain.” As Life Site News reported, the Brother also realizes that the “breach of his bail makes it likely he will be charged and jailed pending trial.”

Despite the hermit’s own legal counsel publicly stating “Brother Damon, though he does wonderful work, needs to rein it in” concerning his pamphleteering that’s critical of homosexuality, euthanasia and abortion, the Catholic Religious was quoted as stating, “I’ve decided I have to obey God’s law and not the State’s law. Which will land you in a lot of trouble.” Many argue not just in secular circles is there a cultural civil war being fought, but also within the highest echelons of his own Catholic Church.

His lawyer, Michael Phillips, has informed his client that as long as he “confines himself to giving out his material on the street, he’d be protected by the right to free speech.” However, Brother Damon insists he can spread his message to more people by dropping his flyers into homeowners mailboxes and through mail slots.

Examples of his pamphlets plainly state, “God created man and woman for their mutual compatibility and for the procreation of children,” and that, “all sexual activity outside of matrimonial union of one man and one woman is sin, and therefore immoral.” Warning that “through the sin of lust the Devil tempts man to sexual impurity, excess and perversion,” the leaflet states that homosexuality is in reality a mental illness, but has become a cult that belongs to the culture of death. “Homosexuality, as well as being a sin and a vice, is essentially a neurosis, a pathological condition; the result of several factors including childhood experiences. It is a dangerous temptation rather than a healthy orientation,” it reads.

Far from being categorized as politically correct, the leaflets continued, “If the practice of homosexuality is acceptable, then in time any form of sexual deviation, perversion and experimentation will be acceptable, including the progressive lowering of the age of consent, taking it below the age of puberty and thus legalizing paedophilia. A common form of homosexuality is pederasty.” The flyer goes on to say, “The condition of homosexuality can be treated and healed, as all distorted sexuality can be healed, and as many cases in recent years have proved,” adding that homosexual people should not be persecuted but that homosexual inclinations should “not be encouraged.” Taking a moral stand, Brother Damon concluded, “They need healing, not approval.”

Despite Brother Damon being arrested in England, the Black Hermits are headquartered in Glasgow, and are also listed as an official charity by the Scottish government. According to the OSCR (Office of Scottish Charity Register), among the many missions the Black Hermits undertake, specifically the government made note of the group’s stated goals to include, “To establish a Roman Catholic monastic centre on the Island of Mull, and in other locations within Scotland, which will offer solace to persons of all denominations or none.” Other than offering a place of peace to all people regardless of religious persuasion, or even none at all, the OSCR also makes note the Black Hermits seek “To provide a place of prayer, welcome and evangelisation.”