British SAS Sergeant Kills Three Taliban w/ Claw Hammer

Deployment gear list (Afghanistan):

☑ – Service rifle
☑ – Side arm
☑ – Mix tape of Wham’s Greatest Hits
☑ – Dry socks
☑ – Picture of the Queen
☑ – Claw hammer
☑ – Tea
☑ – Crumpets
☑ – Extra carton of Mayfair King Size

OK, maybe this isn’t the standard mount-out checklist for members of Her Majesty’s SAS (Special Air Service) prepping for deployment to The ‘Stan.

After all, even we Colonials know that a full-sized portrait of Lizzy the Deuce would be the first thing listed for any British Army Full Screw or higher.

With all that said, despite the likes of low caliber individuals such as Jeremy Corbyn, Neville Chamberlain, Kim Philby, and William “Lord Haw-Haw” Joyce, Britain still produces men. I don’t mean anatomically correct Ken-doll men… I mean He-Man “By the Power of Grayskull, I Have the Power!” ass-kicker kind of men.

Case in point would be a still yet to be publicly identified 29-year-old SAS sergeant who dispatched six Taliban terrorists by way of his service pistol and a field expedient claw hammer.

As reported by England’s Birmingham Mail, the Midlands native crawled into a tunnel after the bad guys, then proceeded to go-off all Medieval on their asses when his Austrian-made piece of crap Glock jammed-up;

A Midlands SAS hero bludgeoned to death three Taliban fighters – after his gun malfunctioned.

The sergeant, from our region, had already blasted three other fighters with his Glock when the weapon failed.

The unnamed soldier, thought to be aged 29, took down the terror trio after following them into an underground Afghan cave complex.

He was forced to use a hammer, smashing two fighters over the head inside the narrow cave, according to our sister title, the Mirror .
A third man then attacked him, but he was killed with a single blow.

It was also reported that this one man, six corpse battle took place in almost total darkness, the only light provided by a single candle.

Also cited;

“It was a brutal fight to the death.

“The SAS sergeant emerged from the tunnel half an hour later covered in blood, both his own and those of the men he had killed.”

He was unable to speak for an hour because of the shock but later described it as they most traumatic experience of his life.