British Tory Minister to unemployed: Help bring in harvest or lose your benefits

Britain’s Minister of Farming has raised the hackles of proponents of the welfare state by suggesting that Britons on the government dole either perform certain seasonal farm work or say ta-ta for now to their government stipend, as reported by The Huffington Post UK via the British news aggregate on Feb. 26, 2014.

The ruling Conservative Party’s (Tory) Minister of Farming, Food and Marine Environment, the Honourable Mr. George Eustice recently addressed the British National Farmers’ Union conference in Birmingham, where he floated an age-old idea that some may find a bit on the revolutionary side – if you want money, earn it.

Eustice proposed that the unemployed replace foreign migrant workers on bringing in this season’s fruit harvest.

As the Minister stated to the assembled farmers:

I know that some people would say you won’t get them to do this work, they don’t want to do it.

As a government we shouldn’t really tolerate that attitude that says we are going to pay people to stay on benefits because they don’t want to do certain types of farming work.

Set for fiscal year 2014, the British taxpayers are currently paying the unemployed £112.5 billion ($187.27 billion) not to work.

Rather than the usual tens of thousands of temporary work visas issued to migrant workers, the British version of our Secretary of Agriculture also emphasized:

We don’t think it is acceptable that people who could work do not because they think there is something unglamorous about farm work.

Fruit pickers usually bring in £8.00 an hour ($13.32), making quite a few pence more than the national minimum wage of £6.31 ($10.50).

As one of the few major military powers remaining in the Free World, the taxpayers of the United Kingdom spend almost 2/3ds more on welfare payments then what is allotted for the Ministry of Defence, £46.6 billion vice £112.5 billion.