Buttigieg Promises Taxpayer-Funded Reparation Payments for Illegal Aliens

MS-13 gang members Erick Gonzalez Contreras, 23, Denis Espinal Alvarez, 19, Manuel Enrique Lopez, 21. All arrested for murdering, then burning the body of Woodbridge, VA man. (Prince William County Police)

Democrat 2020 presidential candidate and South Bend, IN, mayor Pete Buttigieg has made clear that if elected president, he fully intends to fork-over millions, if not billions, of taxpayer dollars as reparations payments to illegal aliens.

However, the first openly homosexual candidate of a major political party to run for the nation’s Chief Executive has his eye on only certain illegal aliens to be the recipients of this largesse.

As Buttigieg stated at the most recent Democrat presidential debate, he intends to throw money at the children who were separated from their parents as the very same parents were arrested for breaking the law.

Never mind that if you or I or any other American citizen that had our kids with us while we were arrested would certainly be separated from us while we landed in jail.

Anyhow, Buttigieg rationalized that only those children who were separated during the Trump Administration should receive a cash payout. As the candidate stated, “Because what the United States did under this president was wrong.”

Interestingly enough, Mayor Pete is ignorant (or willfully disregarding) the fact that the POTUS who signed child/parent separation into law was none other that Bill Clinton.

Yet again, interestingly enough, Mayor Pete is ignorant (or willfully disregarding) the fact that when the “scandalous” photographs of children in cages emerged in 2017, the same photos were actually taken in 2014 during the Obama Administration.