Campus crybabies demand investigation of UCSB White Student Union

12299311_685022324966357_3752587768998722166_nNothing infuriates an oh-so politically correct Social Justice Warrior more than being hoisted upon their own petard. Case in point would be the hissy fit currently being pitched by the University of California, Santa Barbara’s Graduate Students Association (GSA) in regards to the university’s fledgling White Student Union (WSU), as reported by Peter Fricke of the Campus Reform news portal.

In a formal statement published in the school’s Daily Nexus imagesdiscampus paper, the GSA piled it both wide and high as they initially wrung their collective non-calloused hands regarding the world-wide blight of “built-in biases,” “elitism” and “racism” (both of the structural and institutional variety) as well as specifics-free accusations of acts of violence perpetrated upon members of the Black Lives Matter movement.

After rambling on for no other reason than to establish their Precious Snowflake bona fides, not until the fifth paragraph does the GSA mercifully get to the point. Well… sort of.

On a campus that celebrates diversity, the GSA is simply in a tizzy over “the rise of so-called ‘white student unions’ that allege discrimination toward ‘people of European descent’ and are, by definition, white supremacist hate groups. Allegations of ‘reverse discrimination’ by white supremacists seek to shut down serious debate about the growing problem of institutional racism in our schools, courts, housing and local governments.”

Fiiiiinally, the GSA got down to the meat and potatoes tofurkey and gluten free brown rice of the matter. The offended Grad students have gone after the still unrecognized by the university White Student Union as “an online white supremacist hate group…”

While the perpetually offended at the GSA claim to be the standard bearers of the fuzzy notions of “value compassion, empathy, diversity and the ponysjwcritique of privilege.” However, they also channeled the spirit of Heinrich Himmler with the following, “We demand that university administration formally investigate this online white supremacist hate group in order to ascertain whether the motives for its inception violate the principles of community at UCSB, as well as our student and faculty codes of conduct.”

Perhaps proving that some Neo-Nazis wear tie-dye and refrain from personal hygiene, there was also the demand that the “university administration remain vigilant with regards to any such organizations appropriating our community and values.”

For their part, the WSU have made clear their stances and mission in their Facebook website. Examples include:

We as a compassionate student body have gathered to address the legacy of oppression against persons of Europe@n descent (PED) on campus. If these goals are not initiated within the next quarter, and completed by the second week of Winter Quarter, we will organize and respond by respectfully complaining.

WE DEMAND the designation of four white-student only rooms at UCSB in the Anacapa Dorms that will be used by Cultural Affinity groups to provide a safe space for those who wish to learn about and celebrate Europe@n heritages and traditions, to be called the Hernan Cortes housing commons. UCSB White Student Union members will be involved in a working group with the staff of the Residency department to begin discussions on the viability of the formation of Affinity Housing for those interested in Europe@n culture.12400442_700822390053017_7838892560483470112_n

WE DEMAND the creation of a White Student Development Resource Center, to be named the Napoleon Bonaparte Resource Center, with a designated office space as well as safe space for hosting events, at a central campus location.

WE DEMAND that UCSB provide an additional stipend to campus police officers to patrol campus grounds and the Isla Vista community in an effort to more effectively discover and subsequently root out and punish any and all forms of speech that are deemed offensive to students of Europe@n descent, including but not limited to: “Cracker,” “Stupid white people”; “OMG, you are so white”; “Where are you from?”; “No, I mean like what part of Europe?”; “Wow, I bet you get sunburned really easily!”; “you wouldn’t understand because you’re white”; “don’t eat this; it’s too spicy for you”; “honky” (and any variants thereof); “Surrendering like a Frenchman!”; and so forth.

According to the UCSB’s official Diversity, Equity & Academic Policy website, examples of currently registered campus organizations include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • American Indian Student Mentor Association
  • American Students for Israel
  • Armenian Student Association
  • Asian American Christian Fellowship
  • Black Pioneer Renaissance Organization
  • Black Student Union
  • Buddhism – The Zen Center
  • Campus Democrats
  • Chinese Student Association
  • College Republicans
  • East African Student Union
  • El Congreso
  • Hermanas Unidas and Hermanos Unidos
  • Indian Association
  • Indus
  • Iranian Graduate Student Association
  • Japanese Student Association
  • Kapatirang Pilipino
  • Korean American Student Association
  • Latino Business Association
  • Lebanese Club
  • Los Curanderos
  • Los Ingenieros
  • Mixed Student Union
  • Multicultural Drama Company
  • Muslim Student Association
  • Nikkei Student Union
  • Olive Tree Initiative at UCSB
  • Persian Student Group
  • Queer Student Union
  • Russian Club
  • Santa Barbara Hillel
  • Students for Justice in Palestine
  • Taiwanese Student Association
  • Vietnamese Student Association
  • Women in Science and Engineering
  • Women of Color Graduate Students-VOICES

The university also maintains the following committees:

  • Academic Senate Committee on Diversity and Equity
  • Chancellor’s Advisory Council on Campus Climate, Culture, and Inclusion
  • Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on the Status of Women
  • Chancellor’s Outreach Advisory Committee
  • Eucalyptus Committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Concerns
  • Professional Women’s Association
  • Senior Women’s Council
  • Senior Women’s Council

Isn’t the entire nation a free speech zone?