Canadian terrorist shooter wearing ‘Arabic scarf’


UPDATE: The Canadian soldier initially reported as wounded has since died at the hands of the still unidentified terrorist. The soldier’s name will not be released until the notification of his next of kin.

Within 48 hours, at least two separate terrorist attacks have successfully been launched in Canada. As reported by the United Press International news service on Oct. 22, 2014, a gunman seriously wounded one of two Canadian Army ceremonial guards at Canada’s War Memorial in downtown Ottawa. UPI is reporting the gunman was shot and killed by Canadian law enforcement officials, and that the gunman was identified only as wearing an “Arabic scarf.”

Today’s shooting comes on the heels of a suspected Islamic Jihadist in Canada attacked two Canadian soldiers with his vehicle. As reported by the Associated Press via the Akron Beacon Journal (of Ohio) on Oct. 22, 2014, killing one of the two soldiers who were both ran over. As the Associated Press reports, the attacker who ran down the two troopers was a recent convert to Islam who was eventually gunned down by police. The now dead terrorist was supposedly on “the radar” of federal investigators, who had reason to believe feared he had jihadist ambitions. Also reported is that Canadian officials seized the individual’s passport when he attempted to travel to Turkey, which is a favored stopping off point for Westerners joining the ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria.

Meanwhile at Ottawa’s Parliament Hill where the Canadian legislature meets, the attacker at the War Memorial quickly made his way into Parliament after shooting the memorial guard with a “long gun.” With news breaking by the moment, it’s unsure if the weapon was a rifle or a shotgun. One of the few things that is sure is that the injured soldier was shot point-blank in the chest.

Inside Parliament proper, security forces quickly responded to the threat, with witnesses and amateur cell phone camera video verifying multiple shots being fired, the latest is that the killer was actually dropped and killed by the Parliamentarian’s official Sergeant at Arms Kevin Vickers, as reported by Fox News, also on Oct. 22, 2014. Sergeant at Arms Vickers is reportedly a former member of the legendary Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Normally, the Sergeant at Arms position is one of ceremony and civility, keeping order within the halls of law. Obviously, more than a few innocent Canadians were saved by Sergeant Vickers quick and decisive response.