Canadian vlogger sheds tears over girlfriend slapping him

John Wayne rolls over in grave… film at 11.

Traditional notions of manhood may not be dead, but weepy-eyed Matthew Santoro has done his level best to drown it in his river of tears.

Yeah, yeah… I realize the below posted video dates back to 2016, but the example of toxic femininity-masculinity that Santoro is the embodiment of, has done nothing but continue to flourish.

the uber-hottie that reduced emotional sissy to tears.
Enough to drive you to tears – the uber-hottie that reduced emotional sissy to sniveling breakdown.

In a YouTube episode entitled My Abuse Story, the hyper-sensitive Santoro never comes out and names the individual that he claims physically and emotionally “abused” him, but it eventually surfaced that the slapper in question is none other than former NBA cheerleader and D-list actress Nicole Arbour.

Apparently, she’s a big thing up in Canada.

No stranger to YouTube herself, Arbour gained a moment of fame/controversy when she posted a video clip entitled “Dear Fat People“. Needless to say, her vid was less than complimentary to those suffering from being svelte-challenged.

As seen on the video below, host Cenk Uygur (formerly of the Al Gore abortion better known as Current TV, and also of the equally worthless MSNBC) described Santoro’s so-called abuser as a “douchebag”.

Obviously, Uygur doesn’t know the difference between someone who is a douchebage, and someone who uses a douchebag.