Candace Owens CRUSHES Rep. Ted ‘Fake News’ Lieu (D-CA)

That look on your face when a young conservative black woman hands you your ass.

The US representative of California’s 33d congressional district (Bel Air, Beverly Hills, etc.), made a weak attempt to link conservative and self-avowed American Nationalist activist Candace Owens to Adolf Hitler.

Suffice it to say that Lieu regretted crossing swords with young Miss Owens. All Lieu succeeded in doing was to make himself look like the pompous ass that he is.

She also made Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) look quite the buffoon. When Owens verbally skewered the hefty New Yorker with factual information, all Nadler could do is shrug.

Enjoy the video…

In an unrelated story, Miss Owens has announced that she will wed Englishman George Farmer at the end of the year. Mr. Farmer is active with the conservative organization Turning Point UK.

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2 thoughts on “Candace Owens CRUSHES Rep. Ted ‘Fake News’ Lieu (D-CA)

  1. EXCELLENT! Representative Lieu is a miscreant with no integrity, no honor and is filled with hatred for our Constitutional Republic. He is one of the ‘Snakes’ referred to in the infamous poem that President Trump read, “Dear lady you knew I was a snake before you took me in…”.

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