Capital of Florida Colder than Capital of Alaska

algoreAre the planet’s AlGore-rythms off…?

Sounding more like a James Bond villain’s evil plot, the Polar Vortex hammering the nation with topsy-turvy weather has added another fold to the sub-zero body slamming Mother Nature has dealt on America, as reported by the NBCUniversal-owned, everything-weather news portal appropriately named on Jan. 7, 2014.

As of mid-morning on Jan. 7, the official high temperature in Tallahassee, Florida was cited at a bone-chilling 24°F, but to make matters worse, the wind chill clocked in at a mere 15°F

Meanwhile, in the Alaskan seat of government, it was almost balmy in comparison to the Sunshine State as the high in Juneau was listed as 36°F with the wind chill registering in at 27°F (-4.4C°).

The debate goes on endlessly between proponents of man-made so-called “global warming” and those on the other side that attribute the changes in weather to normal long-term cycles.