Fox News Saddles-Up with CNN, Jim Acosta

In a move that surprises almost no one, the Fox News Channel is saddling-up with CNN and their rather arrogant ex-White House reporter, Jim Acosta.

Fox News reporter Jim Flood cites Fox News President Jay Wallace as officially throwing the network’s power, influence and reputation behind the network that Ted Turner built.

As reported, Wallace isn’t just making public his own personal support for CNN and Acosta in their long running feud with President Trump, Wallace plans of filing an amicus (Latin for “friend of”) briefing in U.S. District Court on behalf of the entire Fox News Chanel.

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Rep. Sean Duffy Calls Out Ocasio-Cortez: ‘Not Very Smart…’

As the old saying goes, “You have to spend money to make money.”

Everyone from corporations to government agencies to charities invest in everything from advertisements to pay raises to advanced leadership/technical training. All because of the wise old adage “You have to spend money to make money.”

In the meantime, the multi-gazilloion dollar Amazon, Inc. has decided to open their new global co-headquarters in both New York City and Crystal City, VA. It’s a safe bet that both cities and their surrounding metropolitan areas will figuratively be awash in cash.

But to the chagrin of some, especially socialists, investing millions in order to bring in billions is a bad move.

Neiman-Marxist. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez decked-out in over $3,502 outfit. (
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‘Socialist’ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Don’t Cry For Me, South Bronx

You heard it here first – the internet rumor that Congressthing-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-Heinz-Kerry-Rodham-Clinton-Wasserman-Schultz (or whatever the hell her name is), will introduce a bill to the House of Representatives to guarantee that the Electoral College will now be tuition free… is false.

But the story of Bernie’s lil’ Socialist side-piece pissing and moaning about the high cost of living in Washington, DC, is entirely true. By the way, Sen. Sanders just purchased his third home for $600,000. Some Socialist, huh?

Just another filthy-rich Socialist.

But back to the latest episode of America’s Dopiest Millennials, AO-C may not be able to afford simultaneous households in The Big Apple and DC, but as cited by The Daily Wire, she magically was able to afford “a Gabriela Hearst blazer ($1,990), Gabriela Hearst pants ($890), and some Monolo Blahnik shoes ($625)” for a photo shoot while she campaigned for Congress.

Then we come to AO-C’s residential woes. I have a novel idea; crash in your House office. More than a few elected officials have done such, both Republicans and Democrats.

As the New York Post reported last spring;

While there is no official tally of the number of House hobos who turn their offices into makeshift bedrooms, interviews with members and several Post stakeouts of the congressional gym — where the live-in lawmakers shower — put the estimate at around 100 representatives, or more than one-fifth of the governing body. Publicly, about 50 members have ‘fessed up to it.

Their ranks include everyone from House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) to New York Reps. Donovan, Gregory Meeks (D-Queens/LI), Lee Zeldin (R-LI), John Katko (R-Syracuse) and Brian Higgins (D-Buffalo).

Zeldin, a military veteran, said sleeping on a bed he stores in his office closet makes him more efficient.

“It must be the Army in me,” said the politician from Shirley. “Literally, from the moment I wake up from the moment I go to sleep, I’m just working without distraction. It’s just the way I’m wired.”

Unfortunately, the Grinch is alive and well and also a member of the House of Representatives;

But some of the penny-pinching pols’ colleagues are disgusted by what they call an unsanitary, undignified practice and want it banned.

Proposed legislation set to be introduced in the House as soon as this month would prohibit politicians from turning their offices into makeshift sleeping quarters, arguing that the move is violating IRS and congressional ethics rules.

“Look, it’s unhealthy. It’s nasty. I wouldn’t want to be entertained in somebody’s bedroom,” said Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), who is among those spearheading the bill.

“Sleeping in your office is not proper’’ ethically, either, Thompson said.

Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss. and Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

Wisconsin Teens Pose for Nazi Salute, But is it Illegal?

I won’t mince words… over 60 teen-aged Wisconsin boys were photographed on the steps of the Sauk County Courthouse giving the Nazi straight-arm salute.

Needless to say, both the local and national media are in melt-down. Also needless to say, the Baraboo School District is in hyper-melt-down.

Was the act itself by these boys inappropriate, immature, flat-out stupid? Of course it was.

But here’s the $1 million question – is it illegal?

Teen boys seen giving Nazi salute.

As KSTP-TV, the Minneapolis-St Paul ABC affiliate reported;

A Wisconsin school district is investigating a photo of a group of high school boys giving what appears to be a Nazi salute.

Baraboo Superintendent Lori Mueller says she became aware of the photo Monday after it was posted on social media. In a statement Monday afternoon, the district said it was taken before prom last spring.

“In the photo, Baraboo students appear to make an extremely inappropriate gesture,” read part of the statement. “It is a gesture widely recognized for its association with intolerance, violence and hate.

“We are extremely troubled by the image. The school district and local authorities continue to investigate, speaking with the students and families involved to determine how and why this photo was taken.”

Mueller said the photo doesn’t reflect the district’s values and that administrators will pursue appropriate action. Baraboo police are also investigating.

If Superintendent Mueller wants to investigate this incident in a fair and objective light, I honestly have no problem with her moving forward with such. But I must confess, it sure sounds as if she’s already tried and convicted these boys.

But here’s what really bothers me; the last sentence – “Baraboo police are also investigating.”

Even though I don’t agree with everything he says, op/ed writer for Reason magazine, Robby Soave opined;

A troll-ish photo from Wisconsin shows about 50 boys performing the Nazi salute. The juvenile and obnoxious picture, which was taken at Baraboo High School’s junior prom last spring, has attracted some well-deserved shaming from the media. The school district is investigating as well—not improperly, since junior prom is a school function.

Less defensibly, the police are investigating the matter too. “At this point, I really can’t comment too much because it’s an active case,” Police Captain Rob Sinden tells The Huffington Post.

I’m not sure why the police need to be involved in this at all, since it’s not a criminal matter. It is not illegal to make a Nazi salute; pro-Nazi hand gestures are protected under the First Amendment. Nor is this a “hate crime,” properly understood, since there’s no underlying criminal issue to address.

It should be possible to punish misbehavior—either informally, via social shaming, or formally, via normal school disciplinary procedures—without involving the police each and every time a teenager does something stupid.

Future Army officers give Black Power salute.

This isn’t the first time students did something really, really stupid.

A 2016 incident at the US Military Academy (USMA) at West Point, NY, was captured for posterity when 16 black female cadets posed for the camera giving the Black Power salute.

As a retired US Marine, I find it utterly abhorrent that anyone placed in a position of leadership and authority would overtly tell the world of their approval of one’s racial superiority over all else.

Granted, there is quite a bit of difference between a group of adults enrolled in the USMA on the verge of becoming commissioned officers in the United States armed forces, and a bunch of 16 and 17-year-olds about to make their splash of the Baraboo High School junior prom.

But while we’re on the topic of the USMA and the clenched fist salute, The Daily Caller reported back in 2016;

West Point has ruled that a photo featuring 16 black female cadets with their fists raised in the air, a symbol actively used by Black Lives Matter, was not political, although it was “inappropriate.”

Given the decision, these cadets won’t face any punitive action, aside from a little bit of counseling before they graduate, Army Times reports.

The photo, taken April 26, first drew controversy because it shows these black female cadets women raising their fists at a time when the symbol has regained prominence, having been adopted by the nascent Black Lives Matter movement. Even before BLM came about, the symbol has strong roots in the far-left political scene, namely in socialist and labor groups.

Cadets participating in political activity while in uniform is expressly forbidden by Department of Defense regulations, but the memo released on the investigation, which began April 28, states that no evidence exists to indicate that a raised fist is a political activity.

No… Nazis are NOT Conservatives, Alt-Right, or Right-Wing

It’s a fair bet that most people reading this consider themselves right-wingers.

Maybe you’re just slightly right-of-center establishment Republican, maybe you’re hard-core laissez-faire Libertarian, but one things for sure; you’re probably not a fan of big government.

So it’s in defense of conservatives everywhere that I take as insulting when lefties refer to Nazis as “right-wingers” … or even worse, “alt-right.”

Let’s get it straight – Nazis are leftists. They are far from being polar opposites to Communists, Socialists, Marxists, Maoists, and the rest of the totalitarian Big Brother-types that George Orwell warned us of.

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America is Your Enemy? French President Calls for EU Army to Fight United States

As the story goes, when French President Charles DeGaulle militarily pulled out of NATO in 1966, the famed WWII general also ordered all American soldiers off French soil.

President Lyndon Johnson fired back, asking if that also included all the American soldiers in French soil.

Here we are 52-years later, and it looks as if our French “allies” are not only giving the United States the bum’s rush, our snail-eating bons amis now consider us the enemy.

While the European Union has never made a secret of their wish for a “real European army” (as current French President Emmanuel Macron puts it), this is the first time that an EU national leader has categorized the United States as a possible enemy.

Final rest for fallen US soldiers in France, the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery and Memorial.

In the meantime, the “real European army” has the official title of the European Intervention Initiative, and has been “championed by French President Emmanuel Macron” as reported by on June 25, 2018.

As it turns out, the United States has guaranteed peace in Europe for the past four generations.

With the backdrop of Macron’s crosshairs aimed directly at the Stars and Stripes, President Trump is having none of this.

Armed under the banner of the European Union.

According to the Agence France-Presse;

French President Emmanuel Macron called Tuesday for a “real European army” as the continent marks a century since the divisions of World War I, to better defend itself against Russia and even the United States.

Macron, who has pushed for a joint EU military force since his arrival in power last year, said Europe needed to reduce its dependence on American might, not least after US President Donald Trump announced he was pulling out of a Cold War-era nuclear treaty.

“We have to protect ourselves with respect to China, Russia and even the United States of America,” Macron told Europe 1 radio.

What the French Press Agency fails to mention regarding “US President Donald Trump announced he was pulling out of a Cold War-era nuclear treaty” is that the Russians have been cheating for years. As reported by the Washington Times;

President Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), signed in 1987 by President Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, seems to have surprised Russia President Vladimir Putin. However, it should not have come as a shock.

Moscow began violating the INF Treaty at least 10 years ago. Much like the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the INF was on life support during most of President Obama’s term in office. President Trump simply pulled the plug.

The nine EU member nations that have already signed-off as founding members of the European Intervention Initiative.

  • France
  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • Britain
  • Denmark
  • The Netherlands
  • Estonia
  • Spain
  • Portugal

As usual, our stalwart Polish allies are dead-set against any notion of an EU-only military force (see video below).

Poland Tells Russia to go to Hell, Buys Multi-Billion m³ of American LNG

Any chance we can maybe strike a deal with the Democrats? We’ll allow Washington, DC statehood (along with the two senators that comes with statehood), provided Poland becomes the 52d star on the American flag.

On second thought, that’s not a very good idea. I’d rather see Poland become THE military and economic powerhouse on the European continent.

Not only is the Warsaw government salivating at the thought of an American armored division permanently stationed on Polish soil, they want to pay the US government $2 billion for the privilege.

By the way, if and when American troops actually PCS to Polska, our Polish allies want to name the base “Fort Trump”.

US Marines and Polish troops cross-train.

I guess it goes without saying that the Russians are super-pissed, but the old saying about the right way to hurt someone is to hit ’em in the wallet surely does ring true.

And that’s exactly what Poland and the United States just did. As reported by Monika Scislowska of the Associated Press, the American Secretary of Energy Rick Perry and the Polish Energy Minister Krzysztof Tchorzewski just inked a long term energy security agreement.

But what really has Moscow pissing razor blades is that PGNiG (Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo. Translated: Polish Petroleum Mining and Gas Industry) just signed an agreement with an American company to purchase billions upon billions of cubic meters (m³) of LNG (liquified natural gas).

As reported by Scislowska;

Poland’s main gas company signed a long-term contract Thursday to receive deliveries of liquefied natural gas from the United States as part of a larger effort to reduce its energy dependence on Russia.

The state company PGNiG signed the 24-year deal with American supplier Cheniere during a ceremony in Warsaw attended by U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry and Polish President Andrzej Duda.

“This is a sign across Europe that this is how your energy security will be developed, your energy sources diversified,” Perry said before the deal was signed.

He and Polish Energy Minister Krzysztof Tchorzewski also signed an agreement to confirm long-term cooperation on energy security, which Perry said indicated America’s “pro-Poland and pro-Europe” approach to developing diverse sources of energy.

Under the deal, Poland will receive some 700 million cubic meters of gas from 2019 through 2022, and 39 billion cubic meters from 2023 through 2042. Poland’s annual consumption of gas is almost 16 billion cubic meters, 25 percent of which is covered from Poland’s own deposits.

The value of the deal with the Polish company was not disclosed, in line with traditional secrecy for such energy deals.

Why Isn’t CNN’s Jim Acosta Being Charged with Assault?

According to the criminal Code of the District of Columbia, assault of threatened assault is codified as; (emphasis mine)

§ 22–404. Assault or threatened assault in a menacing manner;

(a)(1) Whoever unlawfully assaults, or threatens another in a menacing manner, shall be fined not more than the amount set forth in § 22-3571.01 or be imprisoned not more than 180 days, or both.

(2) Whoever unlawfully assaults, or threatens another in a menacing manner, and intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly causes significant bodily injury to another shall be fined not more than the amount set forth in § 22-3571.01 or be imprisoned not more than 3 years, or both. For the purposes of this paragraph, the term “significant bodily injury” means an injury that requires hospitalization or immediate medical attention.

To breakdown the legalese to plain-speak, noted DC criminal defense attorney, David Benowitz breaks down simple assault; (emphasis mine)

In DC, a person may be charged with simple assault (misdemeanor), assault with significant injury, or aggravated assault. Simple assault is when a person makes an attempt or effort, with the use of violence, to injure another person, and at the time of the attempt has the ability to injure the person. A DC simple assault charge also requires that the action is committed voluntarily and on purpose. A simple assault offense can also be charged under an “intent to frighten” theory.

Watch the video for yourself… you make the call. In the meantime, Fox News is reporting that the White House has pulled Acosta’s “hard pass”;

CNN’s Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta’s press pass to access the White House was suspended “until further notice” Wednesday, hours after he engaged in a contentious back-and-forth with President Trump.

Polish Vets Take to TV, Thank the Americans who Fought for Poland’s Independence

For those who tune into the Fox Business Channel, a quite interesting commercial has been airing for the past handful of days. To be honest, it’s quite an emotionally moving message.

Funded by the Polish National Foundation (a Warsaw-based non-profit organization), a mix of retired Polish officers and senior enlisted literally thank the American people for the Yank pilots of the Air Service of the AEF (the forerunner of the US Air Force) who initially fought in World War I, then went to Poland in 1919 to help our heroic allies fight back the invading Bolsheviks from the Soviet Union.

A 221-year-old promise goes full circle.

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Liberal Reporter *Thinks* She Hung Up the Phone, Ends Up Calling GOP Candidate ‘F***ing John James’

Is “the liberal media” a real thing? Does honest and objective reporting even exist in these partisan times?

If what just happened with reporter (now ex-reporter) Brenda Battel, this whole episode could very well be just another nail for conservatives in hammering down the journalistic coffin.

Obviously not knowing how to hang up a telephone, Battel left a very matter of fact message on Republican candidate for the US Senate, John James.

After she thought she was done leaving her rather generic message, that’s when things went off the rails for Battel.

Brenda Battel.
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Repeat Offender Again Busted: Sexual Assault of a 4-Year-Old, Possible STD Infection

Possibly the poster boy as to why America leads the world in prison population, Arturo Macarro Gutierrez has been arrested… again.

In and out of jail at least since 2014, Gutierrez has been picked-up again, but only after the home he was hiding in was stormed by the South Metro SWAT team of the St. Paul Police Department. Even after given the chance to peacefully surrender, which was followed by SWAT popping off teas gas into the structure.

Reportedly armed, Gutierrez was eventually found in the attic hiding under the home’s insulation, as reported by the Twin Cities Pioneer Press.

Arturo Macarro Gutierrez of St. Paul, MN. Funny, he doesn’t look Nordic.

As reported by KSTP (ABC affiliate for Minneapolis-St Paul);

A 35-year-old St. Paul man is charged with first and second-degree criminal sexual conduct after authorities allege he assaulted a four-year-old and could have transferred a sexually transmitted disease in the process.

Arturo Macarro Gutierrez was charged Monday in Ramsey County.

The criminal complaint alleges the four-year-old complained of pain on Halloween, and told a relative that a man – identified as Gutierrez – had pulled down their pants and hurt them.

After being taken to Children’s Hospital in St. Paul, the child tested positive for gonorrhea.

A forensic sexual assault examination allegedly concluded Gutierrez tested positive for gonorrhea as well.

Not his first go ’round with American jurisprudence, Gutierrez is an old hand at not only the booking procedures, but also the revolving door that is our penal system;

  • Arrested on 5/24/2014, Gutierrez was arrested for domestic abuse (AKA: Wife beating)
  • Busted on 2/9/1018, he was nabbed for failure to appear (AKA: Telling the judge to go screw himself).
  • Picked-up again on 2/27/2018, the repeat offender again was charged with failure to appear (AKA: Telling the judge to screw himself for the second time)
  • Hitting the trifecta, the one-man crime spree was snagged on 6/15/2018 for False Info-Name of Another; Domestic Assault; Escape from Custody (AKA: What’s a guy gotta do to prove I love breaking the law?”)

In a sort of related story, seriously, this isn’t from The Onion, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported back in 2016;

SWAT uniforms and equipment will switch from an olive green to dark blue in an attempt to soften the unit’s image amid an ongoing national debate about the militarization of local police departments.

Officials hope the change will “address public perception of the militarized look,” Cmdr. Scott Gerlicher said in a memo to SWAT team members on Monday.

The change was among the recommendations made by President Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing, created after several unarmed black men were killed by white police officers. It suggested that police could “minimize confrontation” by wearing “soft look” uniforms and “having officers remove riot gear as soon as practical, and maintaining open postures.”

Jewish Gun Dealer Offers Rabbis Free AR-15s

Oy vey! Such a deal!

In a glaring case of an obvious answer to solve an equally obvious problem, the owner of a Colorado Springs gun store is offering area rabbis a free AR-15 rifle to protect their congregations.

And not just the firearms, but two free magazines, 100 free rounds, and free concealed carry classes.

In the wake of the Pittsburgh shootings at the Tree of Life synagogue, Mel Bernstein, owner of Dragon Arms of Colorado Springs, has already had four rabbis accept his offering a free long gun.

However, one temple leader in the Centennial State isn’t all that keen owning an Armalite, but is a bit more bakvem with a handgun.

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Florida Cops Bust Two Satan-Worshipping Pre-Teens: Plotted to Drink Victims Blood, Eat Their Flesh

Just when you think the biggest problems that parents of middle schoolers might have would be how to deal with raging hormones and lippy kids, think again.

The city of Bartow, Florida may have the official nickname as the “City of Oaks and Azaleas,” but they may want to reconsider tagging their town, “City of Blood-Thirsty Satanists.”

As it turns out, the Bartow Police Department has arrested a pair of pre-teen girls who came to school (allegedly) prepared to slaughter just as many of their school chums as possible as sacrifices to their Dark Lord.

Among the many edged weapons confiscated by the cops was also a pair of scissor and a glass goblet. You guess it… they planned on not only eating chunks their victims flesh, but also drinking their blood.

Lord of the Flies, The Beast, Enemy of Righteousness, The Destroyer, Satan.

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2017 Flashback: Border Patrol Agent Murdered w/ Rocks

Almost exactly one year ago, Agent Rogelio Martinez of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency was murdered in the line of duty when attacked by a group of illegal aliens.

Sadly, a brother agent was also seriously wounded in the same attack. The CBP hasn’t released the name of Agent Martinez’s partner, only stating that he was listed in “serious condition.”

I just wanted to remind all these rice paper blossoms throwing conniption fits over President Trump’s recent comments that any would-be illegal aliens who assault US officials would be considered as armed assailants.

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Tomi Lahren Slams Vulgar D-Lister Kathy Griffin

In the spirit of full disclosure, I’ll come clean and admit I’m not exactly a big fan of Tomi Lahren.

Is she amazingly hot? Well… yeah. It goes without saying that the South Dakota native is a no-doubt-about-it winner in the genetic lottery. But I’m still not a fan.

Does she give Democrats hell? Why, yes she does!

Carefully scripted, well rehearsed, and no one there to counter her arguments. But for the love of God, don’t put her up against someone in a real back-and-forth political argument. The results will be disastrous. For Lahren, that is.

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Biggest lie in American history – don’t judge ‘by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character’

When Obama was running for his second term, I asked a friend of mine (a black woman) who she was voting for in the upcoming election. She looked at me rather incredulously and shot back, “Obama, of course!”

Fair enough. But my next question, “So what’s Obama done to improve your life?”

Needless to say, she wouldn’t answer.

With all that aside, as every American knows, or should know, Martin Luther King, Jr (born Michael King, Jr) once famously stated, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” Continue reading “Biggest lie in American history – don’t judge ‘by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character’”

Heather Nauert ‘leading candidate’ to take over UN post

I don’t know which of these two is more amazing:

  1. Heather Nauert’s two-year meteoric rise from Fox News host to leading contender to take over Nikki Haley’s ambassadorship at the United Nations.
  2. With little effort, Nauert has the ability pass herself as a college cheerleader. But in actuality, the mother of two sons is actually a handful of weeks away from celebrating her 49th birthday.

One thing’s for sure, when it comes to brains and beauty, Nauert is certainly a winner in the genetic lottery.

Hillary Confuses Eric Holder with Corey Booker: ‘They all look alike’

In an interview with the reliably liberal Kara Swisher, the twice-failed presidential candidate stated on the Recode Decode podcast that her problem with distinguishing between Sen Cory Booker (D-NJ) and ex-Attorney General Eric Holder is that “I know, they all look alike.”

Swisher immediately corrected her, “No they don’t.” But as soon as the reliably liberal audience roared with laughter, Swisher pathetically attempted to play along as if she knew that Clinton’s tone-deaf comment was actually a joke. Swisher’s I-meant-to-do-that comeback, “Ohhh, well done!”

Anyhow, that’s exactly what Clinton’s comment was… a joke. In very poor taste, without a doubt, but still nothing more than a very, very bad joke.

Just in time for Halloween.

Here’s the point, could you imagine if President Trump said this?

The liberal media would be airing this 24/7 until 2020.

I was honest enough to admit she was joking, liberals should be honest enough to admit if this was the other war around, the MSM would give this non-stop coverage.

We all know that the fake news industry is purposefully ignoring this, so the only way this video will get out is if you please share.

What could go wrong? Titanic II to set sail in 2022

For those unaware of the sinking of the White Star Line’s flagship, the RMS (Royal Mail Ship) Titanic, a viewing of 1958’s A Night to Remember will get you up to speed. Seriously, that Leonardo DiCaprio flick just plain sucked.

Anyhow, just slightly a shade darker, Britain’s Blue Star Line is announcing that the brand-spanking new RMS Titanic II will not only set said in 2022, but will be a mirrored image of the original, wetter Titanic.

Creepily, not only will the Titanic II be an almost exact copy of the 1912 model (hopefully, all the compartments will now have watertight integrity), but Blue Star has announced that the new ship will also follow the same course as that taken on the original’s maiden voyage.

Adult swim.

As reported by Fox News;

The Titanic II, a replica of the original “ship of dreams,” will be setting sail in 2022, following the same Southampton, England, to New York route the famed Titanic tried in 1912.

“The ship will follow the original journey, carrying passengers from Southampton to New York, but she will also circumnavigate the globe, inspiring and enchanting people while attracting unrivalled attention, intrigue and mystery in every port she visits,” Clive Palmer, chairman of Blue Star Line wrote in a statement.

The new luxury liner was announced in 2012 to honor the ship’s 100-year anniversary, but the inaugural voyage was ultimately postponed due to a reported financial dispute between Blue Star Line’s parent company, Mineralogy, and the Chinese government.

But wait, there’s more;

“Blue Star Line will create an authentic Titanic experience, providing passengers with a ship that has the same interiors and cabin layout as the original vessel, while integrating modern safety procedures, navigation methods and 21st century technology to produce the highest level of luxurious comfort,’’ Palmer said.

Insert drowning or not enough lifeboats jokes here.

If you think the Titanic was the White Star Line’s first disaster, guess again.

  • RMS Tayleur sunk in 1854, taking the lives of 380 of the 652 passengers.
  • SS Royal Standard was wrecked in 1869 near the coast of Brazil.
  • RMS Atlantic sunk in an 1873 North Atlantic storm. Of the 835 passengers aboard, 562 lost their lives. Somehow, the entire crew managed to survive.
  • SS Naronic vanished without a trace in 1893, with the loss of all 74 souls on board.

Mere coincidence? Stormy Daniels and Cesar Sayoc worked at same Miami strip club

Amazingly enough, the suspected mail bomber, Cesar Sayoc, and the same chick, Stormy Daniels, who accepted well over $100,000 from attorney Michael Cohen, President Trump’s personal lawyer… they just so happen to have recently worked together.

With the realization that millionaires and billionaires quite often find themselves accused of rather salacious behavior, more than a few have come to the realization that settling out of court is usually much cheaper than spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to clear their name in court.

That’s what private citizen Donald Trump did when porn actress Stormy Daniels (born as Stephanie Clifford) accused him of having an affair with her.

As directed, lawyer Cohen gave Daniels $130,000 for her signature on an NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

But with all that aside, the Scripps Media news service is reporting that the accused would-be killer and the Louisiana-born stripper actually know each other.

As reported by KGTV of San Diego, CA (via WPTV of West Palm Beach, FL);

Mail bombing suspect Cesar Sayoc worked as a DJ at Ultra Gentleman’s Club in West Palm Beach, Fla., the same strip club where Trump accuser Stormy Daniels performed in April.

WPTV spoke to Ultra manager Stacey Saccal who confirmed that Sayoc worked as a DJ Thursday afternoon, the day before he was arrested in Plantation. She said Sayoc had worked there for two months as a DJ and doorman.

Saccal said there had been no complaints about Sayoc from other employees prior to his arrest Friday.

“I never knew that his van was covered in political stickers. I thought it was an ice cream truck,” Saccal said, noting that he parked far from the club.

As far-fetched as Sayoc’s achy-rapey van is an ice cream truck, what’s even more far-fetched is the odds against, and I mean astronomical odds, that Sayoc and Daniels know each other.

Now I realize that the world of pole-dancers and strip club DJs must be awfully select (sarcasm, off), but this is all just too much to give even the slightest whiff of credibility.

On a personal note, for over two decades I’ve lived in the same neighborhood, but I simply cannot recall one instance of ever randomly bumping into either next-door-neighbor away from our homes.

But I’m suppose to just buy-off that these two just happen to have crossed paths not all that long ago? If so, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you.

The MSM narrative on Cesar Sayoc voting Republican just isn’t adding up

By now, everyone has already heard that Cesar Sayoc has been arrested in Florida on suspicion of being the bad guy behind the mailing of alleged bombs (that didn’t work) to a number of Democrats.

Oh, but the media has been breathlessly reporting that not only is Sayoc “a registered Republican” but also his van is covered in “right-wing paraphernalia”.

But this is what really piqued my interest – the same media is claiming that Sayoc has a record of at least one felony offence. I’m aware the restoration of voting rights for felons varies from state-to-state, so I decided to do a little digging.

Cesar Sayoc.

First of all, I checked to see if he’s actually voted any time recently. By golly, he sure has.

According to, Sayoc is listed as an active voter, as well as registered as a Republican. Date of registering to vote: 03/04/2016.

Ok, turns out he’s a registered voter. But does Sayoc actually have a criminal record?

Shockingly… yes he does (as a grasp at pearls).

As the below three photos from has acquired via public domain, Sayoc was found guilty of both Grand Theft as well as Felony Assault.

Sentenced to one year of Community Supervision on 05/09/2014, obviously he wouldn’t be free and clear of these convictions until 05/09/2015.

So now I checked if a convicted felon would or even could get voting rights restored.

The screen grab from the Office of Executive Clemency of the state of Florida pretty much says it all.

Obviously, the next step would be to reach out to the government of Florida to see if Sayoc’s civil rights have been restored.

According to the Office of Executive Clemency, Florida Commission on Offender Review, here’s the status:

Well, I did find out that instead of the Florida Commission on Offender Review isn’t the final word on a felon having their civil rights restored.

There is something called the Office of Executive Clemency down in Tallahassee that meets a few times each year to decide if there are any deserving criminals who may deserve clemency.

According to the same (phone – 850 488 2952), there is “no record of this individual ever applying for clemency.”

Interesting, huh?

Fake News, Meet Fake Bomb

  • Since when was only six stamps enough to mail a pipe bomb?
  • Why aren’t these stamps already stamped cancelled?
  • When you contrast this alleged “pipe bomb” to the size of those stamps, that so-called “bomb” is about the size of a tube of Chapstick.
  • I’m not saying they don’t exist, but I’m having trouble finding these types of metal pipe caps pictured that are for sale commercially.
Not really much of a bomb, wouldn’t you say?

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Honestly, are Democrats *really* this stupid?

Especially in the run-up to the mid-term elections, Democrats are lulling the party faithful into a state of extra stupid by drilling into them the mantra, “Trump only gave tax cuts to the rich… Trump only gave tax cuts to the rich…”

From Bernie to Beto, from San Francisco to Fire Island, those fibbin’ libs are purposefully lying to their constituents in regards to President Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.

And for whatever bizarre reason, the Demo-drones are lapping it up.

For those folks, I have one reasonable question: Do you have the basic intelligence required to read and comprehend your tax information on your paystub? Of course, I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt by assuming they’re actually gainfully employed.

Nancy’s crumbs.

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How a 7,000 strong mob defeated Mexico’s quarter-million man military

Well, the quarter-million number includes the 25,000 troops of the Mexican Marines (Fuerza de Infantería de Marina), but not tallied is the 11,000 with Mexico’s Federal Police (Policía Federal).

Please keep this in mind, it’s integral to the story.

But with all things considered equal, let’s just call Mexico’s armed personnel on their federal level at roughly 250,000.

Sausage-fest. Immigrants don’t carry the flag of the nation they’re leaving. But invading armies do.

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Exorcist: Witches’ Hex on Kavanaugh ‘Demonic’

The priest who was the inspiration of the Anthony Hopkins film The Rite, Father Gary Thomas, is publicly stating that the witches’ hex scheduled for Oct. 20, 2018, is demonic in nature and that the same witches “are going to direct the evil to have a permanently adverse effect” on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

As breathlessly reported by USA Today (via WKYC of Cleveland, OH), “The ritual has sold out of tickets and attracted the interest of thousands.” It’s intended to “to make Kavanaugh suffer,” organizer Dakota Bracciale told Newsweek.

Interestingly enough, the very next paragraph printed by USA Today was “About 60 people will be in attendance at the event, Bracciale told USA TODAY on Saturday.”

Hmm… from “thousands” down to just a few dozen? Someone sure is in need of improving their spell-casting skills.

According to self-described queer, non-binary witch, Dakota Bracciale was also quoted by Newsweek, “those in attendance will be ‘basically Antifa witches … There are a lot of angry people who are righteously filled with rage that are going to take back our country.'”

Wow. Antifa witches? Really?

Burning cars and Ouija boards aside, the National Catholic Register (one of the few news organizations with the word “Catholic” in it that isn’t under the thumb of Francis and the rest of the Lavender Mafia) is reporting that “As a response to the event, Father Gary Thomas, the exorcist for the Diocese of San Jose, California, is offering Mass for Kavanaugh on Thursday and Saturday.”

Also cited by the NC Register (emphasis mine);

Father Thomas said that he has witnessed people in the satanic world becoming bolder. “They are more confident that the general public will be more accepting of the demonic,” he said. By contrast, Father Thomas noted that throughout history, satanic groups have been secretive, but now they are making it public in the name of freedom of religion. “This is a conjuring of evil—not about free speech,” he said. “Conjuring up personified evil does not fall under free speech. Satanic cults often commit crimes; they murder and sexually abuse everyone it their cult.”

“When curses are directed at people in a state of grace, they have little or no effect,” Father Thomas said. … Curses sometimes involve a blood sacrifice either through an animal or a human being, such as an aborted baby, according to him. However, there is no information about a blood sacrifice one way or the other for the Saturday event.

“The decision to do this against a Supreme Court justice is a heinous act and says a lot about the character of these people that should not be underestimated or dismissed,” he said. “These are real evil people.”

Speaking of aborted children, according to the Ritual to Hex Brett Kavanaugh Facebook event page, 25 percent of the proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood.

Interestingly enough, the national spokesman for the Satanic Temple, Lucien Greaves states that “he would like to help women avoid complying with pro-life laws by saying abortion restrictions violate their Satanic religious beliefs. He added that gay ‘marriage’ is a Satanic ‘sacrament,'” as reported by

In regards to the culture of homosexual rapists that exists in some of the highest levels of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, in a separate article in the National Catholic Register, Fr Thomas referred to the same sexual abusers of children as “demonic.” Furthermore, he also stated (emphasis mine);

Fr. Thomas called on all Catholics to pray and fast and to act to triumph over the evil. “It can’t just be the removal of a few,” he said. “It has to be a complete reshaping of the paradigm of the way our Church governs; we need a complete cleaning up. We need a lay commission to set up an independent study. The bishops can’t do it; they don’t know how to do it.

The trifecta of liberalism: Witch, queer, binary Dakota Bracciale.