(VIDEO) IEDs – Not Just for Iraq Anymore: Cops Seize EVEN MORE IEDs in Portland, Seattle

The moment a Marxist manufactured IED explodes in Portland.

Improvised Explosive Devices, better known simply as IEDs, usually conjure up visions of our troops being killed or wounded in Iraq.

Sadly, yet another caché of improvised weapons were snatched-up by LEOs (Law Enforcement Officials) in the Pacific Northwest cities of Seattle and Portland.

As reported by Shelby Talcott of the Daily Caller (emphasis mine);

Improvised explosive devices (IEDs) were reportedly seized from rioters in both Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon, according to authorities.

Seattle and Portland have been the scene of riots in recent months following the death of George Floyd. In Seattle, an autonomous zone – first dubbed the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” and later renamed the “Capitol Hill Organized Protest” – was set up for weeks in June.

Portland has seen consistent violence from protesters as federal officers try to protect the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse. 

Seattle Police Department Chief Carmen Best announced Thursday that a recent search warrant found multiple weapons, including an improvised explosive, according to Q13’s Brandi Kruse. The warrant was for an impounded van taken at Saturday’s riot.

Other weapons reportedly found included bear spray, tasers and improvised spike strips, according to Best. The items were reportedly being given to people in the crowd.

(VIDEO) Armed BLM Militant Shot Dead, Suspected Shooter May Have Fired in Self-Defense

Killed BLM militant, Garrett Foster.

By all reports, Garrett Foster was committed to the BLM movement. Not only was he an active participant as such, he also made a point of carrying his AK-47 to the same. In all fairness, with Texas being an “Open Carry” state, that was his right under the Second Amendment of the US Constitution.

Nonetheless, Foster was shot and killed during the weekend’s BLM march on the streets of Austin, Texas.

However, unlike the BLM march in Louisville, Kentucky, this wasn’t a negligent discharge caused by individuals who don’t follow common sense safety precautions. Interestingly enough, the Austin PD already had the shooter in custody, but has since released him or her.

Without coming out and saying it, it sure looks as if the APD is hinting around that the shooter very well may have acted in self-defense.

As reported by KVUE-TV of Austin;

Police identify Downtown Austin protest shooting victim; say he reportedly pointed weapon at car before being shot, killed.

[Austin Chief of Police Brian] Manley confirmed on July 26 that one shooter was the driver of a car and said the other was in the crowd and may have opened fire on the car as it drove away.

The victim, identified by police on July 26 as 28-year-old Garrett Foster, was taken to Dell Seton Medical Center, where he later died. Police said the incident was a homicide. [NOTE: Well, duh. ALL killings are generically tagged as “homicide”. The real question is this: Was this a justifiable homicide?]

In an update on July 26, Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said reports indicated Foster was carrying a rifle when he approached the suspect’s vehicle. The suspect then shot out of their car at Foster, according to APD. Manley said that the person who shot Foster called 911 to report that someone had pointed a gun at his vehicle and that he fired at the person pointing the gun. That suspect was detained and cooperating with officers, police said Sunday morning.

The first person, according to Manley, to have fired a weapon in the incident appears to have been driver in the car. Manley said those shots came after the driver said Foster pointed weapon at him.

Manley confirmed on July 26 that one shooter was the driver of a car and said the other was in the crowd and may have opened fire on the car as it drove away. 

Investigators are trying to determine what charges the two shooters may face.

Manley said detectives are reviewing “precise actions” of those involved, investigators are coordinating with Travis County prosecutors, and the two people who fired shots have been released “pending further investigation.” 

Again on a personal note, like the driver, I would have hauled-ass out of there posthaste before the BLM mob has the opportunity to kill me.

Just like the driver, I would have turned myself over to the APD only when I got away from that Marxist mob.

What Every Conservative Needs to Know About Polling Data and How We’re Being Lied To on a Massive Scale

Not exactly a sexy topic, but an important one…

If polls are to be believed, then Marine Corps recruits at both Parris Island and San Diego would be taught that Hillary Clinton is the top dog in their chain of command.

Suffice it to say, I’m not the only conservative who questions the veracity of polls, especially since the 2016 presidential election.

Unfortunately, no one seems to have informed the media. In particular, the Fox News Channel. Suffice it to say that the liberal Establishment Media still conducts themselves as the Ministry of Propaganda for the Democrats.

Nonetheless, case in point would be that nearly every one of the FNC news anchors and field reporters breathlessly telling the world just how badly President Trump is getting his ass handed to him by Joe Biden. With that said, I’m going to use the latest Trump vs Biden FNC poll (July 19, 2020) for illustration purposes.

Be it known that I’m the kind of guy who more often than not doesn’t take anything at face value. Just because someone “heard it on TV” or “saw it on line” doesn’t make it the truth.

Watching five minutes of CNN or MSNBC, or reading five minutes worth of the New York Times or the Washington Post will tell you that.

Anyhow, just a few fine points I’d like my fellow conservatives to take as peek at, especially when it comes to steering folks into **believing** how we collectively will vote.

Side note: Nearly as bad as liberals, many conservatives have the very nasty habit of believing any given headline (regardless of how outrageous it is) is Gospel truth. If you see a headline claiming Nancy Pelosi has been impeached or Ilhan Omar has been deported, it’s total bullshit. Go to the article itself, you’ll more often than not will see that no half-way reputable news service is cited. The whole thing is just made up fake news clickbait.

Anyhow, back to the topic at hand.

1). Does it really make a difference who conducts any given poll?

One would think this is a no-brainer. Saying this in all objectivity, both Left and Right have their own biases. That’s simply human nature. I would no more trust a CNN poll as I would a Newsmax poll.

Even polls that are supposedly “right down the middle” (such as Fox News or Pew Research), simply aren’t. A bit deeper into this article, I’ll point out how.

2). Beware the MoE!

Rarer than a transvestite Yeti on roller skates, just try finding a poll that doesn’t have an MoE (margin of error).

All the MoE does is to allow the pollsters the opportunity to shift the verdict as they see fit, period, end of sentence, full stop.

The cited FNC poll states their inquiry has “a margin of sampling error of ± 3 percentage points.” Keep in mind that I’ve seen MSNBC and CNN polls with MoEs as high as 7-11 points.

Example, if 10 or 100 or 1,000, or billions upon billions of people were asked “Will you vote for Candidate A or Candidate Z?”, the least amount of legitimate responses are the following;

  • Candidate A
  • Candidate Z
  • Not sure yet/someone else
  • Prefer not to answer

Just for illustration purposes, let say that 100 people were polled regarding Candidates A and Z with an +/- MoE of 6.

  • 55% said A
  • 44% said Z
  • 1% said Not sure yet/somone else
  • 0% prefer not to answer

It sure seems simple enough to say that Candidate A is crushing Z by double digits (11 points), right? Well, not really.

This poll can arbitrarily change the numbers simply by implementing their MoE of 6.

  • Candidate A has now magically dropped by 6 to a new percentage of 49, now in second place.
  • Candidate Z has now magically taken the lead by adding the MoE of 6, ensuring that Z is cited as receiving 50 percent of those polled prefer him.

Seriously, how hard is it for a pollster to add up the totals where only four responses were possible?

3). It really is important how many people were polled?

This may be presumptuous of me, but in a nation of roughly 330 million people, you’d think that FNC would pose such an important question to more than a miniscule 1,104. Right?

You would think.

4). The voter status matters.

  • “Likely Voters” are the beast gauge of people who really will cast their ballots. Nothing short of Nuclear Winter will keep these folks away from the ballot box
  • “Registered Voters” (what Fox News did) is code for slack-assery. Just because your 30-something Starbuck’s barista with a Master’s degree in Lesbian Dance Theory was registered to vote when he got his driver’s license doesn’t mean a damn thing.
  • “Adults” is the worst category of people to poll. For all the pollster knows, they could have on the phone a stoned 18-year-old illegal alien.

5). “Political Identification” and what it means.

For whatever bizarre reason, in the FNC poll, they polled more Democrats than Republicans.

Here’s the real kick in the avocados… they knew exactly who they contacted due to Fox simply going off of whatever party the voter in question registered as. Here’s the numbers of who Fox polled;

  • 46 percent Democrat
  • 42 percent GOP
  • 12 percent Other/Independent

If you find this particularly outrageous, FNC admits that they have quite the history of pumping out bullshit numbers.

Example, they note that from 23-26 Feb. 2020, they polled 50% Dems, 41% GOP, 9% Indy/Other.

Also, during 27-30 Oct. 2019, they polled 49% Dem, 41% GOP, 11% I/O. How in the world is this fair?

6). MoE for “Subgroups” is where pollsters REALLY lie to you.

Be advised, BEFORE pollsters starts skewing thing with their stated MoE of 3%, they FIRST monkey around with “subgroups”.

Deep in the weeds… in the very small fine print buried deep in the bowels of the poll is where we find out just how bad the lying has been (page 19 of 39).

Before FNC kicks in the overall MoE of 3%, they factor in the dozens of listed “subgroups”.

For instance, here are just a handful examples of how FNC (supposedly a non-partisan poll) paints the picture they want;

The meat and potatoes of the Fox poll was Question 8 (page 5 of 30: “If the presidential election were today, how would you vote if the candidates were: Joe Biden or Donald Trump or Other/Wouldn’t vote/Don’t know”

IMPORTANT! FOX, and no one else for that matter, ever cites the raw numbers… but let’s just throw out a few possibilities.

In regards to Question 8, what if Trump had an overall raw number of 55, Biden – 40, everyone one else, 5.

Fox gets those raw numbers, then REALLY monkey’s around with them (page 19 of 39).

For white RV (Registered Voters) overall, regardless of sex, age, income, education, etc., both Trump and Biden supporters specifically each have a +/- MoE of 5%. Please keep in mind that this can shift the numbers a total of 10 points. So technically, they can recalculate the raw numbers to Trump dropping down to 50, Biden rising 45.

Hmmm… interesting, huh?

But wait, there’s more. As soon as they’re done screwing with the numbers for Trump and Biden supporters, THEN they further shift the All RV’s by an additional 3 percentage points to play with. They can lower Trump again… raise Biden by 3.

Another example, non-white women (a Democrat stronghold), regardless of age, income, education, etc., give Biden supporters a whopping 9.5% MoE. Trump supporters are listed as N/A. In other words, Trump is considered to be so unpopular among non-white women, he’s given a 0% rating.

But we’re not done yet regarding the non-white woman demographic. Once the pollsters change up the Biden supporters numbers by 9.5%, THEN they further change things up with All RV non-white women overall with ANOTHER MoE. This time, it’s another eye-popping 8%.

By the time the pollsters get done shifting the raw numbers to what THEY think we should be told, THEN they kick in the final +/- MoE of 3%.

Ever get the feeling we’re being lied to?

So do I.

(VIDEO) Revisionists Hate Confederates as ‘Traitors’ and Slavers, but Give Tecumseh and Kamehameha a Pass

If revisionists want to erase history, then go all the way…

Everyone from Antifa to Fox News contributor Gen. Jack Keane (US Army, retired) have called for the removal of memorials to Confederates and/or renaming certain US Army bases that up until now have commemorated a handful of CSA Generals.

According to these historical revisionists, Confederate leaders, both military and political, are guilty of a multitude of sins. Their rationale runs the gamut of propagating slavery, to high treason against the United States.

Of course, these same people who damn Southerners from the 1860s judge them by 2020 (usually Leftist) standards.

Not wanting to rehash a debate that’s been raging at least for the past 160 years, the re-writers of history are in dire need of assessing history from the macro level.

Examples would certainly be Shawnee Chief Tecumseh as well as Hawaiian King Kamehameha. After all, both of these men waged war against the United States. Additionally, both cultures have historical episodes of taking rivals as slaves.

In all fairness, Kamehameha never really “went to war” against the United States, but he did authorize an attack on a US merchant vessel, killing the entire crew, save one.

Without a doubt, Tecumseh waged war on the US, not once, but twice. First as leader of an Indian Confederation during 1810’s Tecumseh’s War, and later siding with the British during the War of 1812.

Interestingly enough, the US Navy has most recently had Tecumseh and Kamehameha as the namesakes of two separate nuclear ballistic missile submarines, the USS Tecumseh (SSBN-628) and the USS Kamehameha (SSBN-642).

By their own logic, the revisionists should demand that the Navy never again name any US naval vessel after either of these men, no matter how much the United States Armed Forces overall admires their personal leadership and fighting prowess.

Speaking of the Navy, they must cease forevermore naming ships after Indian tribes. Examples would include such as the USNS Cherokee Nation (T-ATS-7) and the USS Seminole (AT-65).

After all, more than a few Indian tribes not only waged war against the United States, the vast majority also had the nasty habit of taking captives of other tribes, then making them slaves.

As it turns out, the Navy isn’t the only guilty party.

The US Army honors American Indian tribes by way of naming helicopters after them. The fast, agile and deadly AH-64 Apaches and the UH-60 Black Hawks are two prime examples.

Alas, much like the naval examples of the Cherokees and the Seminoles, the Apache and the Black Hawk tribes not only went to war against the United States, they were also known for forcible slavery.

Again, by their own logic, the revisionists should demand that the Army should never again name aircraft after any Indian tribes, no matter how much the United States Armed Forces overall admires their warrior ethos and fighting spirit.

However, the below video is relevant due to its reporting that members of the Standing Rock Indian Reservation are actually celebrating the South Dakota National Guard’s UH 72 Lakota helicopters.

The aircraft will be utilized as secondary emergency medical evacuation helicopters for the state’s many Indian reservations.

This may be presumptuous of me, but I get the impression that these particular Native Americans are proud that this helo is named after them.

(Video) Vandals Desecrate Images of Blessed Virgin Mary

Statue of the Mother of God attacked in Boston.

President Trump warned of the upcoming War on Christianity…

While it’s widely accepted that among the canon of saints, Catholics and Orthodox have a special veneration for the Virgin Mary.

Both would agree that even our Protestant brethren would never knowingly disrespect the Blessed Mother of Jesus Christ.

After all, it’s a certainty that Our Lord followed the Fifth Commandment. No Christian worth his salt would even think of purposefully dishonoring His Holy Mother/Theotokos.

Nonetheless, possibly following part-time BLM spokesman and full-time fake black guy Shaun King tweeting out that any and all images of Christ and the Blessed Mother should “come down,” this weekend is almost at an end, and on Saturday a Catholic church in Florida has been set on fire, and also during the weekend statues of the Virgin Mary have been vandalized in Boston and Brooklyn.

As reported by Amy Furr of Breitbart.com;

At around 10:00 p.m. Saturday, officers responded to a call about a fire in the area of 284 Bowdoin Street in Dorchester, the Boston Police Department said in a Facebook post.

“On arrival at Saint Peter’s Parish Church, officers observed a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary which had been set on fire,” the department noted.

In a similar instance on Friday, the Diocese of Brooklyn said the New York City Police Department (NYPD) was investigating the vandalization of another statue of the Virgin Mary at the Cathedral Prep School and Seminary in Queens.

“Security footage shows an individual approaching the 100-year-old statue shortly after 3 a.m. Friday morning and daubing the word ‘IDOL’ down its length,” the Catholic News Agency (CNA) reported.

(VIDEO) Catholic Church in Florida Set On Fire, Suspect in Custody

Sadly, the Catholic parish of Queen of Peace in Ocala, Florida, isn’t like most Catholic parishes. This parish regularly celebrates the Traditional Latin Mass, the core of which goes back to the 4th century.

But what makes this particular parish stand out today is that a man with a criminal record just today drove his vehicle through the church’s front doors, the proceeded to pour gasoline out onto the vestibule, then set the church alight.

In the church as the time were a number of parishioners preparing for morning Mass. None were reported as injured.

As reported by the official Marion County (Fla) Sheriff’s Department’s Facebook account;

However, the Orlando Sentinel is also reporting that Shields doused the church with an undisclosed amount of gas before setting the church on fire.

The paper is also citing that Shields is also facing the following charges;

  • Attempted second-degree murder
  • First-degree arson
  • Burglary with assault
  • Eluding law enforcement

Coming as a surprise to no one, Shields already has quite the violent criminal past.

Ocala-News.com noted late last year;

A Dunnellon [Florida] man found himself behind bars late Sunday night after a woman claimed he wanted to murder her.

The victim told Marion County sheriff’s deputies that 23-year-old Steven Anthony Shields allegedly had swung a crowbar at her twice before telling her to lie on the ground so he could hit her on the head and kill her. She said she fled from their Dunnellon home and went to a neighbor’s house to call for help.

Deputies then spoke with Shields in the front yard of the residence. He claimed that he did want to murder the victim with a crowbar but denied swinging it at her, a sheriff’s office report says.

After being read his rights, Shields allegedly said he wanted to “kill her because she was a ‘stupid (expletive deleted).’” He also claimed he wanted to use the crowbar because he did not want to “dirty his blades,” the report says.

According to the Marion County Sheriff’s Department website, Shields was released during March of 2020, CTS (Cleared with Time Served).

(VIDEO) 411 Percent Increase: NY City Now Restricting How Many Police Officers Can Retire

It goes without saying that due to Bill de Blasio (born Warren Wilhelm Jr.) gutting the NYPD’s budget by over $1 billion, coupled with his saddling-up with the domestic terrorist known as BLM, has police morale dipping to historic lows.

Of course, members of New York’s Finest have pretty much had it.

So much so that the number of officers submitting their retirement papers have seen an increase of up to 411 percent.

As reported by the New York Post;

surge of city cops filing papers during the past week more than quadrupled last year’s number — as the city grapples with a surge of shootings — and the stampede caused a bottleneck that’s forcing others to delay putting in their papers, officials and sources said.

The NYPD said Wednesday that 179 cops filed for retirement between June 29 and Monday, an astounding 411 percent increase over the 35 who filed during the same period in 2019.

The astonishing rush for the door came as 503 cops filed for retirement between May 25 — the day George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis, sparking anti-cop protests around the country — and July 3, the NYPD said.

That number represents a 75 percent increase over the 287 who filed for retirement during the same time last year, the NYPD said.

Sources said the deluge of applications had overwhelmed the department — due to cancellation of overtime for the workers who process them — and that the number of daily applicants was being limited as a result.

Seemingly hellbent on turning the Big Apple into more of a Third World dung heap than he’s already succeeded in doing, officers are voicing their reasons for putting in their papers.

As penned by reporters Craig McCarthy, Tina Moore, Larry Celona and Bruce Golding, a line was actually seen forming outside of police headquarters at One Police Plaza in downtown Manhattan, a number of officers spoke on grounds of anonymity (emphasis mine);

“Apparently, the pension section is only taking a certain amount of people per day and I think they are backed up ’til late July, early August,” one cop said.

“That’s why you don’t see like 100 a day, because they are only doing like 35 to 40 a day, by appointment.”

“There’s just droves and droves of people retiring. But there’s no surprise here, who the hell wants to stay on this job?” one cop said.

“Why would you want to stay on this job when people don’t appreciate what you do?

“This is the best time to leave,” one cop said.

“You’ve padded the numbers as high as you can pad them.”

Another cop noted, “When they cut the OT, a lot of people were done.”

“Also, there’s another class hitting their 20th year in September, so that will be another group leaving,” the source added, noting that cops often retire once they hit the minimum requirement for pension vestment.

On a personal note, this reminds me of an old Russian saying; “People get the leaders they deserve.”

Maybe a bit more direct, to the people of New York City: This is the guy you voted for to be your mayor (twice) … this is what you get.

Alexander ‘Frank Burns’ Vindman Pulls the Plug on the US Army, Blames POTUS for ‘Bullying’ Him

Vindman on parade.

The fat-faced Lt Col who ratted out the President of the United States for an offense that never happened is finally leaving active duty after a 21-year span.

As reported by CNN, Vindman is leaving earlier than he’d like, but somehow his tendering his resignation is due to President Trump bullying him.

Penned by Jim Sciutto, CNN’s Chief National Security Correspondent, “Vindman has endured a ‘campaign of bullying, intimidation, and retaliation’ spearheaded by the President following his testimony in the impeachment inquiry last year…”

Interestingly enough, when Vindman became a household name with his whistleblower accusation directed directly at President Trump, Joel Pollock of Breitbart.com reminds the world (emphasis mine);

After overhearing the call, Vindman complained to NSC counsel — though not to his immediate supervisor, Tim Morrison. In his closed-door testimony, he admitted that he did not think the president had done anything “illegal,” merely that he had done something “wrong.”

He also complained that the president’s policymaking in the region had gone outside the “interagency consensus,” a claim that Republicans said showed Vindman’s primary concerns were about foreign policy, which is set by the president and not by the executive agencies that are supposed to report to him.

But back to CNN, Sciutto has noted that if Vindman hadn’t submitted his retirement papers, his next duty station would have been the National War College in Washington, DC, which is a standard requirement for Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Space Force Lt Cols, as well as Navy and Coast Guard Commanders, all attend if they have any hope of picking up Colonel or Captain.

Not exactly like Capt Stillman (of “Stripes” fame) being assigned to a weather station somewhere in the in the wilds of Alaska, huh?

Joementia: Biden Introduces Himself, ‘I’m Joe Biden’s Husband, Joe Biden’

You really can’t make this stuff up.

While the Democrat Party’s apparent nominee for the presidency attempts at lightheartedly introducing himself as “Jill Biden’s husband”, somehow Bunker Joe managed to screw that up.

As seen in a cringeworthy remote interview with PBS;

BLM Leader Sues Catholic, Orthodox Churches Because Jesus Wasn’t Black

Image of the Shroud of Turin, along with artistic versions of what Jesus may have looked like.

First things first… can we all agree that Jesus was ethnically a Judean? Of course He was.

Common sense and Sacred Writ both dictate that Jesus wasn’t German, Mexican, Ethiopian, or Japanese. He is as He was born, a Judean, period.

Nonetheless, various cultures have often times in the history of Christianity depicted the Holy Family as members of their own particular ethnicity.

For centuries, many a missionary have agreed that if depicting the Blessed Mother embracing the Infant Jesus as a Navajo or Laziale or Yoruba helped those same people better relate to the Madonna and Holy Child, then all the better.

Various images of the Holy Mother and the Baby Jesus; Renaissance Western European, 1800s Central American, Early Church Ethiopian, and classical Japanese.

But with all that Church history aside, one of the head honchoes of the BLM movement, Shaka Afrika X (born: Reginald “Reggie” Driggers of Yemassee, South Carolina) has filed a federal lawsuit against not only against the Roman Pontiff, but also against the Patriarch of Constantinople.

Mr. X’s complaint? That both Eastern and Western Christendom never correctly portrayed Jesus, as X claims, as a Sub-Saharan Black African.

Possibly taking his cue from professional fake-black guy and fulltime grifter, Shaun King’s rather provocative tweet calling for the destruction of any statues/depictions of the Holy Family as European.

In an interview with the Picayune Intelligencer, X correctly notes that during the Third Council of Carthage (Canon XXIV, pages 649-650) held in 397 AD, Church leaders from throughout the Christian world definitively placed into canon which Sacred Scriptures are indeed the Inspired Word of God, and what isn’t.

Prior to Carthage, there were literally dozens of “gospels” and scores of other “epistles” that may have been well intentioned, but certainly not the Inspired by God, as believed by nearly all who profess themselves as Christians.

But back to Mr. X. He blames both the Catholic Pope and the Orthodox Patriarch (who officially separated in the 11th century) for “perpetuating the myth that Jesus what white.”

X also erroneously cited the Apocalypse of St. John as stating that “Jesus had hair like white wool, and His skin was like polished brass.”

In actuality, the Apocalypse of St John (Revelation) 1:14-15 clearly states, “And His head and His hairs were white, as white wool, and as snow… And His feet like unto fine brass, as in a burning furnace…”

Regardless, X held his ground. Pointing to the Gospels (although he didn’t know which one) X cited the genealogy of Jesus (Luke 3: 23-38);

“Shit, man… just look at the ancestors of Jesus. Look at them names, ‘Malaleel, Aminadab, Zorobabel, Eliakim.’ Shit, man. You know there’s gotta be a brutha in there somewhere.”

“Besides, I gotta cousin named Eli-Akim, but we calls him ‘Chewkee.’ Shit, man, he got shot in the groins a coupla years back. Lost one of his testimacles, but he’s aii-ght now.”

If you believe this article is way too farfetched to be true, you’re right. This is completely satire, but just barely.

It’s Now Official, CNN is Formally the Democrat Party’s ‘News and Information Bureau’

In Hitler’s Germany, it was known as the Reichsministerium für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda (Imperial Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda); in the days of Stalin, they were known as the Otdel Agitatsii i Propagandy (Department for Agitation and Propaganda); Mao initiated in China the diacritically-friendly the Zhōngguó Gòngchăndǎng Zhōngyāng Wěiyuánhuì Xuānchuánbù (Chinese Communist Party Central Committee Propaganda Department).

Call it what you will… but when you get right down to it, it’s nothing more than fake news, AKA: propaganda.

In a move that surprised no one, in a joint news conference the chairman of the Democrat National Committee, Tom Perez, and CNN president Jeff Zucker have announced that CNN is now the official “culture consultants” and exclusive news network of the Democrat Party.

Formally known as the Official Bureau of Exploitable Yokels (OBEY), CNN anchorman Chris “Fredo” Cuomo was quoted as saying, “Duuuuuh“.

For those who believe this article is rather hard to believe, you’re right. This is just satire. But just barely.

(VIDEO) College Professor Claims Entire Spanish Language ‘Sexist, Racist, Islamophobic’

To those that find this cultural shift to be patently absurd, please know this is satire. But just barely.

While anything and everything that draws an actual delineation between male and female considered fair game, a college professor from Weissbrot, Minnesota has been rocking the linguistical boat towards some very dangerous shoals.

Dr. Lili von Shtupp, head of both the Lesbian Studies and Cultural Marxist Theory Departments at Augustus LächerlichBlass Community College in Weissbrot County, plainly stated in an interview with the campus newspaper, the Exiguous Examiner, her accusation that the Spanish language is “sexist, misogynism, and Islamophobic” all at the same time;

“While I have no academic standing in any particular language, I do know that the Romance Languages have both the so-called ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ nouns. The greatest offender would have to be Spanish, simply because it’s spoken by well over half-a-billion people… and that’s just too much word-rape as far as I’m concerned.”

Dr. von Schtupp made a point of citing Princeton University’s Latinx Perspectives Organization as a groundbreaker in fighting the Spanish language’s “intrinsic linguistic imperialism.”

“No longer ‘Latino’ or ‘Latina’; no longer ‘Mexicano’ or ‘Mexicana’; we have taken it upon ourselves to change the language to forcefully incorporate ‘Latinx’, ‘Mexicanx’, etc., regardless if Spanish-speakers like it or not,” von Schtupp proclaimed.

“Something else that gets my panties in a wad, when I do bother to wear panties, is the blatantly racist manner in which Spanish uses the word ‘negro’. Spanish needs to be told that ‘negro’ went out in the 1960s. The proper Spanish word for black is now ‘African-American.'”

Getting down to the nitty gritty, the professor continued, “Just as a for instance, a Spanish-speaker in Peru would say black as ‘Peruvian African-American’, a Spanish-speaker in the Dominican Republic would say black as “Dominican African-American”; a Spanish-speaker in the former Spanish colony of Equatorial Guinea, which Spanish is still the official language, would say black as ‘African African-American.'”

It should be noted that Dr. Schtupp consistently mispronounced the Spanish word ‘negro.’ As properly pronounced in Spanish, phonetically is said “neh-GROW’ with a slight rolling of the “R”. For whatever bizarre reason other than her own ignorance, Schtupp kept pronouncing it “KNEE-grow.”

Perhaps the most head-scratching claim by the tax-payer paid educator was that the Spanish language is Islamophobic. Regarding the Muslim invasion of Spain in the 8th century, she claimed, “The peaceful Moors were able to actually see Spain from their vantage point at the Maḍīq Jabal Ṭāriq [also known as the Straights of Gibraltar], therefore, the peace-loving Muslims had a valid claim to all the Iberian Peninsula.”

Getting even deeper into the weeds, “However, when the evil, imperialistic Spanish Catholic monarchies illegally displaced the peace-loving Muslim Moors, the Spanish language legitimized not only a city name, but also a family name Matamoros, literally translated as ‘Killer of the Moors.'”

“We the Word Warriors of the World need to consolidate our power to purge the Spanish tongue of Matamoros. That surname and city name desperately needs to be replaced with ‘Perdónamemoros.'”

As seen in the tweet below, rich, white, English-speaking liberals wokesplain to all the backwards Spanish-speaking people of the world.

Mob Violence: Abolitionist Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Statue Toppled; Ancestor ‘May” Have Engaged in Slave Trade

Remember Harriet Beecher Stowe’s famous 1851 book “Uncle Tom’s Cabin“? More than a few scholars credit Stowe’s anti-slavery novel as being one of the moving factors in Abraham Lincoln eventually embracing the abolitionist movement.

With that in mind, on the heels of a mob in San Francisco ripping-down statues of St. Junipero Serra, the first Catholic saint canonized in the U.S., and also the man who penned the Star Spangled Banner, Francis Scott Key, the same mob also unceremoniously took down a statue of Pres. Ulysses S. Grant, the same man who also led the Federalist Army during the War Between the States, as reported by MSN News.

Here’s what the liberal media won’t tell you, a statue of Harriet Beecher Stowe was collapsed by an angry mob.

So as I rhetorically ask, why would liberals want to defile a monument dedicated to one of the major anti-slavery icons of her time? Simple. There’s an internet rumor floating around that Stowe’s maternal grandfather, Eli Foote, might have been involved in the slave trade in the late 1700s.

As it turns out, all hoaxes do have a grain of truth to them. Noted by the academic reference website NCpedia, “Between 1789 and 1792 the Footes [Eli and his brother, Justin] sponsored several trading voyages to Martinique, St. Croix, St. Martin’s, and St. Eustatius [all three are Caribbean islands renown as waystations during the slave trade].”

That’s pretty much of the “evidence” against Stowe’s grand-dad.

In fact, NCpedia went into further details of exactly what type of cargo the Foote brothers imported into the newly born United States, “Their Murfreesboro [NC] warehouse was packed with articles of commerce when, on the night of 17 Apr. 1791, they became victims of Murfreesboro’s first crime of record. Thieves broke into the warehouse and made off with chintz, linen, silk, and other goods.”

While no one with a lick of common sense would advocate dropping a statue to Stowe, please know I just made this whole thing up. This is nothing but satire… but just barely.

(VIDEO) Empire of CHAZ Declares Itself a ‘Nuclear Free Zone’

As L/Cpl Animal Mother once famously asked on the battle-scarred streets of Hue City back in 1968: “You talk the talk. But do you walk the walk?”.

That’s probably what’s going on in the mind of Raz Simone, failed rapper and self-anointed warlord of the world’s latest political entity, the Empire of Chaz (or CHOP or CHEEP or CHIRP. Whatever the hell they call themselves this week).

In an exclusive interview with Simone by the Frostbite Falls Picayune Intelligence, Simone stated matter-of-factly;

“It’s not enough that the City of Berkeley, the Greater London Council, or the Realm of New Zealand have all declared themselves nuclear free zones. The full weight of the People’s Republic of CHOPizonia joins with our oppressed sisters, brothers, and assorted siblings of undetermined or sundry genders in renouncing any running dog imperialist American nuclear weapons breach the hastily constructed walls of CHAZistan.

It was then that an aide whispered into Simone’s ear that the name de jure is currently Transpeoplevania. Unfazed, Il Douche continued;

“The same ban applies to nuclear energy. After all, we’ve already proven that we can live without fossil fuel, so obviously, we won’t need nuclear power.”

Simone continued, “Keep in mind that the only time we’ll need light would be after sunset, fire not only fulfils that need, but also ensures we can cook whatever food is either sent by our parents, or we liberate from the indigenous people of…. what are we called again? Oh, yeah… Transpeoplevania.”

The de facto leader concluded, “As long as we have abandoned small businesses spontaneously bursting into flames, all of our energy needs will be met.”

Thankfully, none of this is true. It’s all satire. But just barely.

Uncovered: Ancient Roman Gladiators, Actors Gave Shallow, Insipid Political Opinions

Taking a knee in ancient Rome.

It’s fairly standard for loudmouthed American sports stars and actors to somehow believe their take on politics is somehow far more enlightened and superior than that of us common folk.

As author Robert Heinlein penned in his 1987 novel, To Sail Beyond the Sunset;

The United States had become a place where entertainers and professional athletes were mistaken for people of importance.

Later in the same futuristic sci-fi novel, Heinlein also penned of the American obsession with the opinions of athletes and actors;

… so his opinions of foreign affairs and domestic policies must be important, too, even though he proves himself to be both ignorant and subliterate every time he opens his mouth. (Most of his fans were just as ignorant and unlettered; the disease was spreading.)”

Armed with the prophetic words of Heinlein, it’s being reported that Dr. Henry Walton Jones, Jr., of Marshall College has uncovered ancient writings possibly proving that everything old is new again.

As Dr. Jones plainly stated;

In a years long archeological excavation along the Tiber River, a number of stone tablets were painstakingly re-assembled after they were destroyed by patricians, praetorians, and plebeians alike, apparently due to growing tired of being subjected to the endless dronings of overpaid athletes and those who play pretend for a living.

Thankfully, many tablets of protest from the populace were also discovered fully intact.

One such artifact was chiseled for posterity by an anonymous shepherd sometime in the early 2d century BC. Loosely translated from the colloquial Vulgate Latin; “I’m fed-up with that loudmouth Culusae Nothus Kaepernicus. He had one good year with Ludus Gallicus, then went downhill from there. Now his latest stunt is to kneel during the Luxque Romanum? No way. I stand for the Luxque Romanum, and kneel only for Jupiter.

Yet another tablet discovered is that of 1st century AD Roman politician Lucius Neratius Priscussine. In a scathing attack on Screechus Joylessia Beharus, the lawmaker opined, “In a recent performance of Visum held at the Flavian Amphitheatre, I’ve absolutely had it. Her constant and largely libelous screeds against the Emperor have pushed me to the edge. If this second-rate comicus hack isn’t careful, she just might find herself going on a ride with the Brazen Bull.”

Just to be clear, please know that none of this is true. It’s all made up, just satire. But just barely.

(VIDEO) Ode to Seattle’s Warlord in Three Form Arraignments

Failed rapper Raz Simone. The self-appointed Thug-in-Chief of CHAZ

So what happens when Antifa hosts a simultaneous poetry slam and a body slam? Of course, three different styles of prose.

Submitted for your literary approval;


The occupied zone

Filth, extortion, rape, and rats

O Raz, where art thou?

Dr. Seuss


We like to Hop on top of CHOP

But speak no ill of CHOP

Your pretty neck just might get chopped

If you speak ill of CHOP


There once was a rapper named Raz

Who claimed he was king of all CHAZ

To those homicidal

He gave high-powered rifles

Deserves life in Alcatraz

Report: Scientist Finds Cure for COVID-19, Equal Measures Tear Gas, Pepper Spray

Cry me a river…

As the world waits with bated breath, the vaccine for the COVID-19 virus just may have already been found. Interestingly enough, the touted cure has not been developed by any particular government, but a privately owned company.

In an unverified leak from an anonymous source overheard in a darkened stairwell, the Frostbite Falls (Minnesota) Picayune Intelligence is reporting that Dr. Bunsen Honeydew of Henson Labs has discovered an aerosol vaccine for the same virus that just so happens to have a 99.7 percent survival rate. Click this emmitsburgems.org/

As supposedly noted by the fictitious publication;

Dr. Honeydew has factually stated that either equal measures or even unequal measures of CS gas, popularly known as “tear gas”, as well as pepper spray, popularly known as “Aaaargh, my eyes!”, has quite the medically palliative effect on the human body once exposed to COVID-19.

The researcher expanded on his breakthrough experiment;

“One solid whiff of that stuff, the coronavirus inexorably evacuates the body, usually in the form of snot, tears, boogers, phlegm, and sometimes lunch.”

The rather animated scientist went on to excitedly relate his latest research;

“My experimentation assistant Mr. Beaker and I are on the cusp of a secondary vaccine. Our work with tactical rubber bullets has shown promise. As Beaker will testify, a 37mm chunk of hardened rubber flying at 600 feet per second to the chest, abdomen, or ‘nads will literally knock the shit out of you.

Beaker will have to undergo further trial tests to determine scientifically if the same shit knocked out contains any of the coronavirus.

We should know more in a few more months.”

By the way, none of this is real. It’s all made up. Just satire.

Pearl Harbor America’s Fault: U.S. Allowed Hawaiian Islands to Attack Peaceful Japanese Imperial Fleet

While most historians place the blame directly on the Empire of Japan for the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, a university professor is forwarding the notion that the Dec. 7, 1941 sneak attack is actually the fault of the United States.

According to the University of California at Berkeley Department Head of Revisionist History Dr. P.R. Seitz, the fault of the battle should actually be laid at the feet of the United States.

Recently interviewed by the Monthly Review of New York, NY;

Of course the open warfare was the fault of the U.S. It was the United States that purposefully initiated hostilities with the pastoral sons of Nippon.

As evidenced by the Congressional Representative from Georgia, Hank Johnson, islands can not only capsize, but can also float. Kind of like how that giant floating mountain of ice ruined Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet’s post-coital bliss.

Anyhoo… here was the Imperial Japanese Battle Group, peacefully practicing dropping bread on those subjugated by white devils, over the horizon appeared the Hawaiian Islands; complete with the American Pacific Fleet, an entire US Army division, as well as numerous military airfields.

It should be noted that Seitz abruptly cancelled the interview when asked if it was possible that the Japanese islands of Honshu and Kyushu accidentally drifted into the areas where the Americans were live-fire testing Fat Man and Little boy.

It’s fully understood that anyone with an iota of common sense would be furious if this were true, but it isn’t. The entire article is satire. But just barely.

(VIDEO) Toxic Police: NBC Cancels Christmas Favorite, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ Because of Bert the Cop

With the death of George Floyd still fresh in just about everyone’s mind, the social outrage of the last 15 minutes is to axe everything even slightly related to the police.

Just a few example of what cancel culture has already wrought:

The most recent casualty of the war on police has been the Frank Capra classic “It’s a Wonderful Life.” As shocking as it may sound, the driving force behind NBC’s cancellation of their annual Christmastime airing is due to actor Ward Bond’s positive portrayal of “Bert the Cop.”

In a recent interview with People’s World media, NBC’s Sr. Vice President of Social Justice Compliance, Laurence Beria, matter-of-factly stated;

Not only is Bert the Cop falsely depicted as a jovial, “anything I can do to help” type of person, the character is also guilty of glorifying war, Western imperialism, and white privilege.

It was revealed towards the end of the film that the character of Bert was a member of the US Army during WWII, served in North Africa, and was awarded the Silver Star medal for personal heroism.

With that aside, Mr. Beria concluded his rather laconic statement;

The grittier alternate reality timeline of Capra’s propaganda film in which Bert is darkly portrayed as a skull-busting oppressor of the proletariat is undoubtedly closer to the truth.

At least that’s what I was taught at Berkeley.

While I understand that this may be seen as patently absurd to anyone with even an iota of common sense, fear not. Just to make sure your paying attention, this is satire. But just barely.

(VIDEO) Play That Funky Music White Mayor: Minneapolis’ Frey Shows-Off his College Major, Contemporary Urban Dance Theory

Me so horny, me love you long time. Fifty dollah.

As seen in the video below, Minneapolis’ tousled-haired grad student turned mayor ostensibly got his groove back.

While Mayor Jacob Frey may have earned his Juris Doctor degree at the Villanova University School of Law in 2009, he actually started-off in the world of higher education in 2004 at Virginia’s prestigious College of William & Mary.

Majoring at Contemporary Urban Dance Theory at W&M’s Drama and Theater Department, Frey showed-off some of his college educated super-groovy moves while he danced for peace.

Hizzonor also made a point of highlighting his Minor degree, History of Twenty First Century Hipster Haute Couture.

Always the political fashion plate, Frey went full Pajama Boy when he transformed his signature skinny jeans into clamdigger skinny jeans. Eat your heart out, Laura Petrie.

It sure looks like Frey’s $127,000 college debt for his BA was money well spent.

Just to make sure you’re paying attention, this article is satire.

(VIDEO) Statue of Gandhi Vandalized by Peaceful Protesters: Western Media Yawns

Consider this as my knuckling-under to the dictates of the liberal media.

The peaceful civil rights protesters in Washington, DC, peacefully vandalized and defaced a statue Mohandas Gandhi located directly outside of the Indian embassy.

While peacefully desecrating the statue of the man that most Indians consider to be a holy man, the same peaceful protesters fail to see the irony that Gandhi is arguably one of the planet’s most pre-eminent civil rights leaders of the last one hundred years.

It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that maybe the peaceful civil rights protesters mistook the statue of Gandhi-Ji for that of either the notorious (and undoubtedly evil) Confederates Judah P. Benjamin or Stephen R. Mallory.

By the way, Judah Benjamin was the Confederate Secretary of State as well as the first Jew to hold a Cabinet position in North America. Stephen R. Mallory was the Confederate Secretary of the Navy as well as the first Catholic to hold a Cabinet position in North America.

(VIDEO) German Politicians Angry: Trump Ordering Nearly One-Third of US Troops Home From Germany

It sure looks like President Trump has angered certain alleged allies on the European Continent, yet again.

Turns out that The Donald has ordered 9,500 American troops back to the good ol’ US of A. Prior to the order, US troop strength in Deutschland stood at 34,500, mainly US Army and Air Force personnel.

So far, at least two German politicians are quite angry that so many American troops (Read: Yankee dollars) will now be spending their paychecks in South Carolina, Texas, and Idaho, instead of Kaiserslautern, Ansbach, and Heidelberg. Visit free young porn drporn.info.

As reported by Dana Kennedy of the New York Post;

Two conservative German lawmakers as well as Congresswoman Liz Cheney ripped the move, with one German legislator saying Russia and China will benefit from the plan.

Conservative German lawmaker Norbert Roettgen said a troop withdrawal would be “very regrettable” in an interview with a German media outlet, the Journal reported.

Roettgen, a member of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s center-right Union bloc who chairs the German parliament’s foreign policy committee, said he couldn’t see “any factual reason for the withdrawal.”

Johann Wadephul, the deputy chairman of the Union’s parliamentary caucus, said the US decision to withdraw troops without consulting with its NATO allies “shows once again that the Trump administration is neglecting basic leadership tasks.”

Additionally, the everything European Business website EuropeanCEO.com notes that in spite of President Trump demanding that Germany spend at least a paltry two percent of their GDP on defense, the Berlin government consistently falls short.

In the meantime, America still does the heavy lifting when it comes to defending Germany.

Another interesting note, Stars and Stripes newspaper recently cited that nearly half of the Germans polled want American troops gone.

(VIDEO) The New Normal: Cleaning-Off BLM Graffiti is Now Considered Racist

BLM deface and vandalize the Dept. of Veterans Affairs.

Three young ladies seen in the video below have been told their cleaning BLM graffiti off of a building in Washington, DC, as “Not a great way to use your white privilege…”

As of yet, the names of the three in question is still anonymous to the general public, and that’s probably a good thing.

Reported by Tristan Justice of TheFederalist.com, one of the ladies stated they were attempting to scrub away the spray paint “Because this is a federal building…”

In all honesty, this is just speculation on my part, but I get the distinct impression that the trio may not what their hometown end-up looking like a Third World City.

Tread Lightly, Rioters: Flashback to the 1970 Hard Hat Riots

“A lot of us are World War II vets and fathers and Purple Hearts. We’re from a generation that believes the flag over everything.” – Electrician Morty Grutman, quoted in the New York Post, May 9, 1970.

While still running for president, just as soon as President Trump’s campaign rally ended in his recent visit to Minneapolis, masked militant radicals proceeded to physically and verbally attack both Minneapolis police officers as well as the tens of thousands of Trump supporters in attendance.

While no one can definitively state who was behind the violence, Antifa has made noise that they fully intended to disrupt the presidential visit. Continue reading “Tread Lightly, Rioters: Flashback to the 1970 Hard Hat Riots”