Catholic Conservative Leader: Francis’ Paganistic Amazon Synod ‘Apostacy’ and ‘Direct Attack on the Lordship of Christ’

Of good Irish stock, H.E. Raymond Cardinal Burke.

One of the leading voices in the orthodox Catholic world, His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke, former Archbishop of the Diocese of St. Louis as well as the former head of the Vatican’s version of the Supreme Court, has spoken out against Pope Francis’ Amazon Synod that recently convened in Rome.

Keep in mind, regardless of what the liberal Establishment Media tells you, the Pan-Amazonian Synod isn’t simply about clerical celibacy in the Western Church. In reality, the Amazon Synod is more of a case of the inmates running the asylum.

With his ultra-liberal German bishops serving as his handmaidens, Francis is embarking down a path that very well could bring down the vengeance of Saints Peter and Paul.

Sohrab Ahmari.

During the course of interviewing Cdl Burke, Iranian-born and convert to Catholicism, Sohrab Ahmari of the Catholic news site First things received more than a few quotes that were music to any faithful Catholic’s ears… undoubtedly truths that the heterodox poisoning the Church from within certainly don’t want to hear (emphasis mine);

They say that the Amazon region is a fount of divine revelation, and therefore when the Church goes there in her missionary capacity, she should learn from the culture. This denies the fact that the Church brings the message of Christ, who alone is our salvation, and addresses that message to the culture—not the other way around! So yes, there will be objectively good elements in the culture, inasmuch as conscience and nature point to revelation; there are things in the culture that will respond immediately to the Church’s teaching. But there will be other elements that must be purified and elevated. Why? Because Christ alone is our salvation. We don’t save ourselves, either individually or as a society.

When His Eminence was asked of the Sacrament of Marriage;

It was a German cardinal who said the Church’s teaching on marriage is an “ideal,” that not all people are able to realize it, and therefore we need to give those who fail in marriage the possibility of entering into a second marriage. But the fundamental error is that marriage isn’t an ideal! It’s a grace. Marriage is a sacrament, and those who marry, even the weakest human beings, receive the grace to live according to the truth of marriage.

When asked of the legal or canonical status of this particular synod;

Dignity of the Papal Office? Never heard of it.

Many people come to me very discouraged, some people wanting to leave the Church. But it isn’t all darkness. Look at these young people. Look at these vocations, not just in the United States, but even in Germany. You know they talk about the secularization of Germany, but there are still good Catholic young people and Catholic families. . . . I believe that Christ said that he would never abandon us, that he would be with us until the consummation of the age. I believe him. I trust him.

In a 2016 article by Britain’s decidedly left-leaning Catholic Herald, Cdl Burke spoke candidly on the spread of Islam throughout the world;

Cardinal Raymond Burke has said there is “no question that Islam wants to govern the world”, and that Western societies should return to their Christian roots.

Cardinal Burke said that, for anyone “not at peace with the idea of being under an Islamic government”, it was reasonable to be “afraid” of such a prospect.

In the wake of Ireland legalizing homosexual marriage in 2015, Cdl Burke was quoted then by (again) a British screamingly liberal “Catholic” publication The Tablet (noticing a pattern?);

Ireland has gone further than paganism and “defied God” by legalising gay marriage, one of the Church’s most senior cardinals has said.

Cardinal Raymond Burke, who was recently moved from a senior role in the Vatican to be patron of the Order of Malta, told the Newman Society, Oxford University’s Catholic Society, last night that he struggled to understand “any nation redefining marriage”.

Visibly moved, he went on: “I mean, this is a defiance of God. It’s just incredible. Pagans may have tolerated homosexual behaviours, they never dared to say this was marriage.


“Diabolical forces” unleashed to destroy the Church from within.

“100% a pagan ceremony held at the Vatican.” – Amazonian tribal leader.