Certain Democrat Presidential Candidates Want to Make Legal NOT to Tell Sex Partners if They are HIV+

There are a lot of various groups of people at risk of transmitting the HIV-AIDS virus. Even then, not all types of activity are of equal risk when it comes to the spread of the deadly disease.

Some actions actually can spread HIV-AIDS, but the chances of successful transmittal is minimal, at best;

  • Breast-feeding mothers.
  • Those engaged in heterosexual sex.

On the other side of the coin, there are certain actions that have quite a good chance of successful transmission;

  • Needle-sharing among intravenous drug users.
  • Men engaged in homosexual sex.

With all that aside, Calvin Freiburger of the solidly pro-traditional family LifeSiteNews.comLifeSiteNews.com eruditely notes, “The quickness with which the LGBT lobby went from ‘our marriages won’t affect you’ to ‘bake the cake, bigot’ shouldn’t have surprised anyone who was paying attention.”

Liberal Western governments, liberal media, liberal entertainment, liberal education systems, liberal advocacy groups, and liberal social media have all done their level best to normalize the same homosexual lifestyle that billions of people throughout the globe consider to be at least as morally objectionable.

Nonetheless, Freiburger notes that “David Hudson of the pro-LGBT site Queerty wrote an article lecturing other gay men for not wanting to go to bed with men they know are HIV-positive.”

Seriously… he really did.

But the intrepid Freiburger also cited that three of the 2020 Democrat Party presidential candidates are actually calling for whatever laws that exist that require those testing positive for HIV-AIDS **no longer be required** by law to inform their sex partners of their condition;

Twenty-twenty presidential contenders Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, and Cory Booker have all endorsed repealing laws that require people with HIV to disclose their status to potential sexual partners. And the candidates who haven’t endorsed it aren’t lifting a finger to push back against it.

Finishing his op-ed piece, Freiburger finishes with a prediction that may end-up as prophetic;

Following the patterns established over the past decade, it’s only a matter of time before “HIV-phobia” becomes a mainstream talking point on the Left, and fearing exposure to a dangerous, life-altering disease becomes just as “bigoted” as following the Bible on homosexuality and biology on biological sex. By all appearances, mainstream national Democrats are prepared to follow along.