Chrissy ‘Fredo’ Cuomo in Vulgar Rant, Threatens Violence

Crazed Chris flips out over Fredo.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo when into complete and total melt-down regarding someone referring to him as “Fredo”.

For the uninitiated, Fredo Coreleone is the role played by actor John Cazale in the first two “The Godfather” series of films. The character of Fredo was portrayed as a none-too-bright and weak-willed brother of the Coreleone crime family.

Ostensibly caught on video by someone’s camera phone, Cuomo took offense to being called “Fredo”, to wit; Cuomo told the unidentified man, “I’ll throw you down these f*cking stairs like a f*cking punk.”

The CNN star also threatened the man by stating “I’ll wreck your sh*t”, presumably a threat to physically attack the man.


Interestingly enough, Cuomo referred to himself as “Fredo” while interviewed by Curtis Sliwa on his AM 970 New York radio program in 2010 regarding if his brother Andrew might seek the Democrat Party’s nomination for governor.