Citing Hepatitis B, Austrian Red Cross doctor allegedly refuses Muslim blood

Priding themselves as one of the most reputable news portals on the internet, the Muslim-centric of Istanbul, Turkey has reported on Feb. 12, 2014 that an unnamed Austrian doctor has caused “outrage” among the Turkish-Muslims  by allegedly refusing to accept blood donated specifically by Muslims.

Quoting charity worker Aysun Ozdemir of the IRG Foundation of Austria (Islamische Religionsgemeinde für Oberösterreich/Islamic Religious Community), a yet to be identified doctor associated with the Austrian Red Cross flatly informed her that he refused to accept any blood donations from Muslims due to his fear they have “bad blood.”

A Shi'ite Muslim man uses a knife to gash a child's head during a Muharram procession ahead of Ashura in Amroha
With bloodied and flagellating individuals all around him, a Muslim man uses a knife to gash a child’s head during a Muharram procession.

According to World Bulletin, the doctor works directly for the Austrian Red Cross in the northern city of Linz, where he allegedly accused all Muslims of at least being infected with the potentially deadly Hepatitis B virus.

According to the US Center for Disease Control, Hepatitis B “can range in severity from a mild illness lasting a few weeks to a serious, lifelong illness” and if diagnosed as chronic, ultimately death.

Reportedly, “IRG foundation chairman Murat Baser said that a similar campaign was run by the charity last year in Linz, and not only did it get Red Cross approval but it was also published on the website.”

Thanks, but no thanks.

However, the Director of the Red Cross in Linz, Christian Gabriel did attempt to alleviate any outrage by assuring all that the matter would be investigated.

Gabriel also stated that there is “no religious criteria for blood, with the only requirement being that the donor is healthy.”

Not quite done, Herr Direktor also made note “that while all are welcome to donate blood on an individual basis, the Red Cross has recently been distancing itself from accepting blood from charities, as in many cases bad blood has been turned away.”

A Muslim boy cuts himself with a knife during a Muharram procession to mark Ashura in Mumbai
A Muslim boy cuts himself with a knife during a Muharram procession in Mumbai, India.